You've got goals and dreams. But when you think of stepping forward to make things happen, that ugly ol' fear of failure rears up inside.

If that's what you're going through, you're not alone.

So many of us face this very real, and sometimes paralyzing, fear of failing.

Maybe it has you completely stuck, taking no action.

Or maybe you've decided to push yourself through it and do what you can, even though you feel afraid and uncomfortable.

Whatever your situation, I've got 6 powerful tips to give you that I've personally used to overcome fear of failure.

These tips will help you to release the fear handbrake you're experiencing inside, and tap you into a greater, more powerful force to leverage you forward!

6 Tips for Overcoming Fear of Failure

Summary: Going Beyond the Fear

  1. Change your attitude about “failure” – cultivate a new mindset that says, “No one who tries ever truly fails. I can only fail if I never try.”
  2. Accept that the road to success comes with built-in challenges – such as stumbling, making mistakes, jumping hurdles and getting knocked down. All of this is for your learning, which deepens your wisdom and then directly aids you in creating success. All successful people know this, having been through it and come out the other side. “Failure” is just pending success!
  3. Check your beliefs – sometimes fear of failure is a surface level symptom which points to a deeper issue… a belief that you're not good enough. If that's the case, your freedom from fear will come from healing your mind of this limiting belief. It's a mis-perception that you've picked up somewhere, because the truth is that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Train yourself to see the truth in this, and cultivate this mindset every day.
  4. Stop giving a damn about what others think – if you're worried that you'll mess up and fail, and others will judge you, laugh at you or criticize you, then it's time to remember a few home truths. Firstly, most people are too busy caring about themselves to be thinking about what you're doing. Secondly, people who judge you and criticize are not worth your time, energy or concern. They can sit on the sidelines and be negative if they want, while you play fully in life and get the satisfaction of knowing you gave life everything you had! Take the “screw it” attitude when it comes to what others think of you. The only opinion that matters is YOUR opinion of yourself.
  5. Realize you are ready right now to step forward – if you're worried you're not ready, that you're missing something, then you'll always fear stepping up. You might be freaking out that you won't know what to do, or what to say, and you'll crumble. That fear arises when you think “it's all on you” to make things happen and to know what to do, how to do it, and when. But the truth is that you have a powerful force behind you. The life force that created you, the entire Universe that listens and responds to what you “put out” by your intent and mindset and energy. If you hone yourself in the right direction, that energy comes in behind you and supports you. Guiding you. Co-creating with you. Leveraging you forward! Remember this powerful message from A Course in Miracles, that says… “Who would attempt to fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow when the mighty power of an eagle has been given him?”
  6. You are given what you need (by your Higher Power / the Universe), if you get out of your own way – if you step out of fear and into faith, you clear your mind and heart to become a channel for powerful wisdom to download to you and through you. You will always sense, feel, hear, and see what you most need to know on each step of your journey. The Universe is always ready to deliver. Trust. Remember this from A Course in Miracles… “Do not be concerned about your own readiness, just be consistently aware of mine.”

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  1. Just wanted to take this opportunity to “wish you all the best for Christmas” and I look forward to continuing this amazing journey with you and your community in 2017.

  2. Hi B, Are you still doing your daily inspiration videos? Thanks for all that you do. Have a wonderful holiday and a very happy and joyful New Year!

    1. Hi Leslie
      Yes I am still doing the inspiration videos. I did these daily every day for a year, and as of recently we have changed our schedule… we release 1 Daily Inspiration video every Wednesday (on my website, Youtube and other social media). So each Wednesday early afternoon EST time you will get that new Daily Inspiration. We are releasing other free resources throughout other days of the week, including blogs/articles/vlogs on Thursdays via email (so you if are on the email list you’ll be getting that, if not, you can sign up here….https://www.bernadettelogue.com/free-personal-development-tools) and also from time to time we are doing free online classes early in the week (usually Tuesday afternoons EST time). You can stay in touch with updates on those via our email list as well. Thanks Leslie!
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  3. Hi Bernadette. I have been following the Daily Positive for several months now and I really like what you write/have to say. A big thankyou because your words are encouraging. May you have a wonderful New Year. Much good health and happiness.

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