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About Bernadette

Transformation Life Coach & Leader of The Daily Positive

Bernadette, known to everyone as “B”, is a professional Transformation Life Coach and the Leader of The Daily Positive (her global online community). She is the author of several Amazon Kindle best selling self-help books, and an expert in personal transformation. She draws upon her unique skill set and extensive experience – including corporate peak performance and personal development knowledge, merged seamlessly with age-old spiritual wisdom and conscious living practices. 

B founded her Transformation Life Coaching practice and global online community back in 2010. Since then she has been providing private coaching sessions, group online programs, live events and free resources to people worldwide.

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TheDailyPositive.com is B's global online community, where she shares her free resources, blogs, videos, audios, online courses, live events and more. Head on over and get started!

Inspiring Self-Help Books

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Unleash Your Life
Affirmation Audios

Self-Actualization Master Audio Set

40 Audios to Shift Your Mindset, Release Limitation, & Uplift You

Your mind is the most difficult form of entrapment and limitation you will ever experience. It is also the sole answer to your sustainable inner peace, freedom, happiness and success. In other words, within the very problem, exists the solution! Transform your mindset with 40 powerful affirmation, meditation and visualization audios - supporting you in all areas of your life! From health and money, to relationships and career, to confidence, self-love and much more...



Private Personal Growth Membership with New Resources Every Month

EvolveHQ is a private personal growth membership where you get everything you need to evolve yourself and live your best life! Hosted on TheDailyPositive.com, this is your home for ongoing structured personal growth training (practical step by step processes you can easily apply), in a safe and supportive environment, where you get nurtured to evolve into your best self.

You get to enjoy a new hot topic each month – with timeless wisdom, cutting edge perspectives and tools, and most importantly… simple ways to practically apply what you learn in your daily life to get real results! Plus get QA support with B in the members-only Discussion Forum.

Master Your Mind Course

Master Your Mind - Live Online Program

Transform Your Limiting Beliefs & Become the Powerful Person You Really Are

Ready to become the powerful person you are and get what you most want out of life? Your MIND is the answer to EVERYTHING you want. It's the most powerful asset you will ever have. And, while your MIND is the key to all you desire, it’s also the greatest trap and limitation that stands in the way of everything you want!

The “Master Your Mind” 6 week online program is run live only once a year at TheDailyPositive.com (or available on-demand year-round with replay classes). Focused entirely on identifying and changing your limiting beliefs, through this 6 week journey we break down and rebuild your paradigm in order that it works powerfully FOR you in all ways, not against you.

Soul Odyssey - Live Online Program

Make Sense of Your Life & Reconnect to Your Soul Plan and Purpose

Ready to make sense of life and reconnect to your soul plan and purpose? You came forth into life for a reason, with purpose, and your life path has meaning. Understanding the soul aspect of who you are and taking the spiritual vantage point of your life is game changing.

The “Soul Odyssey” 11 week live online program is the pinnacle education program B offers, run live only once a year at TheDailyPositive.com and it's shared through an 11 chapter storytelling adventure. Focused entirely on giving you the spiritual life coaching, perspectives, support and tools to make sense of your life in a whole new way, and to reconnect to key aspects of your soul plan and purpose. When you do, you're able to ALIGN to that plan and purpose, stepping into your highest potential.

On Demand Personal Growth Courses

Online Courses on Hot Topics

On-demand training to leverage you in all areas of your life

At TheDailyPositive.com B offers her community a wide range of online courses available on-demand, to help with creating positive change across key areas of life. From deepening spiritual alignment through to cultivating abundance and a powerful money mindset. From dealing with life challenges and making tough decisions, through to reducing stress and lifting confidence. From goal setting and action planning through to creating inner peace and healthy relationships. This and much more!

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Life Coaching

Private 1:1 Life Coaching Sessions with B

B delivers private life coaching sessions for clients across the world, including the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Coaching is delivered via Zoom video call, with sessions available no matter what timezone you're in.

Click below to find out more about B's coaching method, coaching packages, session availability and rates.