About Bernadette Logue

Welcome! I'm Bernadette Logue, you can call me “B”. I'm a Spiritual Life Coach & Author with over a decade of experience working with clients online, both one-on-one and in groups, helping them to reconnect and align with their soul for a more purposeful, fulfilling, and magical life.

This includes supporting people to navigate their journey through life from the Spiritual Vantage Point, addressing both the soul aspect and the practical realities of their humanity, minds, emotions, bodies and all the “outer” aspects of life faced on this soul adventure – relationships, love, money, careers, and more.

I came to this work as a Spiritual Life Coach following my own spiritual awakening in 2010 which sent me on a mind-blowing and whirlwind magic carpet ride. I left behind everything I knew (my career, home, family, friends and certainty!) travelling the world nomadically and diving deeply into all things soul, spirituality and personal transformation.

Walking that journey was key to my own soul's epic adventure through life, what I call the Soul Odyssey, allowing me to break through life patterns and challenges (soul lessons) and accelerate into living my passions, purpose and calling. Walking that journey was also THE most important key for equipping me with the first-hand lived experience, skills, knowledge and spiritual connection that now enables me to help my clients. 

I live my own life with a deep connection to the unseen aspect of reality. A personal fascination, devotion to and joy for the unseen and the soul journey has brought magic to my life, which I love to share with others. 

I know what it is to courageously say yes to your soul and the life you were born to live, and to navigate that from A-Z. It's an honor to be a mentor and ally to my clients on their own journeys, coaching them through the Soul Odyssey program I run – a deep dive into all 11 stages of their soul's epic adventure, so they too can reconnect deeply to their soul plan and purpose, breakthrough as the hero of their journey and live in the magic of life! 


Over a decade as a life coach and business owner has included helping people with every aspect of navigating their life journeys, incorporating the underlying spiritual vantage point. 

As souls here walking through life, we are subject to the very practical realities of our humanity, our minds, emotions, bodies and all the “outer” aspects of our reality we have to navigate on this soul adventure – relationships, love, money, careers, and more. 

My earlier corporate career (13 years across private and public sectors including consulting, human resources, performance coaching and operational management), along with my left-brained and practical approach to life, enable me to provide spiritual life coaching that addresses and nurtures not just the spiritual dimension of life but precisely and effectively deals with practical issue resolution and goal achievement. 

My spiritual life coaching practice has been built on a foundation that incorporates all this experience plus many modalities I personally practice or have trained in, including my own Unleash Your Life 3-step transformational coaching method, my Soul Odyssey map and framework, my mind healing method (Master Your Mind), my deep connection mentoring (The Great Undoing), energy healing modalities, Psych-K, EFT and more, along with influences from many beautiful spiritual development teachings and tools such as A Course in Miracles, the Tao Te Ching, numerology, astrology, and the Akashic Records. 

Who I Work With

If you are interested in the soul/spiritual dimension of life, either with an initial curiosity or you're well advanced down the path, you're in the right place! 

Myself and my clients love to explore below the surface of life, understanding the deeper meaning, mechanics and unfolding of life, commited to living a life of purpose and joy, and fascinated with connecting to the best parts of ourselves and what life has to offer… intuition, higher wisdom, connecting to the divine source of life and the guidance available to us including the knowingness of our own Souls. 

Personally I was raised in a traditional faith system, and my life and work now is broadly spiritual. Many of my clients already have their own cherished faith, religion or belief system, and these are honored in this work with me. This spiritual life coaching serves to support an expansion and further enhancement for their soul journey, providing additional guidance to breakthrough with life challenges and patterns (including soul lessons), and to accelerate into their gifts, passions and contribution (soul purpose!).

How to Work with Me

There are 4 pathways for you to get started: