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3 Steps to Find 'Soul Clarity' When Facing Any Question or Life Challenge​

PLUS: a powerful 75 question Soul Alignment Self Assessment quiz, so you can also see exactly where you're at on your soul journey right now and clearly see the inspiring soul aligned path forward for you.


Don’t you wish you could consult your soul every time you face a challenge or big decision?

Having coached thousands of people for over a decade, I can tell you it’s not only possible – but quite magical. 

When you can access Soul Answers, an incredible spiritual dimension opens up for you, and you STOP:

And that’s exactly what this Free Guide will help you do. Inside, you’ll find guidance to connect to YOUR Soul Answers for any challenge or dilemma you encounter.
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Hi, I'm Bernadette (you can call me "B")

I’ve been a professional Transformation & Spiritual Life Coach for 12 years, helping clients globally 1:1 and in group programs to live soul-aligned lives, authoring 4 books on this topic and creating 4 exclusive coaching methodologies that generate proven results.

My zone of genius is my deep understanding of spirituality, soul purpose and the soul journey, merged seamlessly with the grounded, practical and methodical application of that wisdom into the realities of your every day life, to create tangible change.

I personally went from feeling a void within, stuck in a life I didn’t love (location, career, lifestyle), not knowing my purpose or living in flow, to discovering my soul, plan, purpose and exploring every aspect of the soul journey from A-Z. As a result I built my own soul aligned life, lifestyle and business from scratch, purposefully honoring my soul calling me into more.

Having created the soul-aligned life of my choosing, I’ve been able to spend over 12 years living my own adventure – moving, exploring, living and working nomadically around the world, which was the freedom I always longed for. From my New Zealand homeland to Bali, Hawaii, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Malaysia, Dubai and more.

Before stepping into my aligned life, I previously spent 13 years employed in corporate business across the public and private sectors, including 6 years in recruitment, human resources, training and performance coaching. I bring a practical, logical and left brained approach to supporting my beautiful community and clients in connecting with their soul, knowing their soul purpose, and living their own fulfilling and magical soul aligned life! And I'm excited to help you do the same.

Bernadette Logue - Spiritual Life Coach