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Create Magic With an 11 Stage Process for Revealing Your Purpose AND Living as Your Authentic Soul Self

Soul Odyssey is a journey into the deepest parts of your soul. We'll activate your highest potential by clearing away any mental and emotional limitations. Step out of fear and into clarity and confidence with the unique Soul Odyssey Map and Blueprint.

Hundreds of people have used the methods inside to understand the fundamental truths about their soul, stand firmly in their authentic selves, and reawaken to life's hope and magic.

Have You Been...

If So, You're Not Alone...

And it's not your fault! All of us get caught in this cycle to some degree, because growing up no one taught us:

When our souls incarnate, at the point of birth we “fall asleep inside the dream” of life, and we completely forget our soul and truth. 

We're then left to grow up and navigate this world without this important soul clarity.

It's like going on a trip with no itinerary, no map, no compass and no GPS.

Aside from not knowing our soul, plan, purpose and what our life journey is really about, the real issue that keeps us stuck is this…

Our minds get CONDITIONED. 

As little ones, we rely totally on the world around us to tell us who we are and what life is about.

From an early age, we are conditioned away from our divine soul Self into limiting beliefs, fears, expectations and society's norms. 

This happens before we are old enough to choose for ourselves.

Our minds are conditioned by our upbringing, education, experiences and the things we're exposed to. This formulates a foggy paradigm through which we then perceive ourselves, life and other people.  

We don't know the truth, see the truth or feel the truth.

We get caught in mental and emotional loops that keep us distant from our soul Self.  

So Your Next Most Important Step Is:

When You Do:

Spiritual Course

Align With Your Soul for a Life of Purpose, Fulfillment & Magic

with Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor Bernadette Logue

Soul Course

The Soul Odyssey program is a comprehensive spiritual and personal development training, guiding you through the 11 stages of your Soul Odyssey – your soul's journey through this life.

You will be shown how your soul journey is playing out in the events and experiences of your life right now, and how to put together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to see the bigger picture of YOUR life from your soul's perspective.

From the very 1st stage, before you were born, when your soul chose to come into life with a plan and purpose, all the way through your life journey to the very final stage of transition.

It will help you to make sense of your life from your soul's perspective, align with your soul and purpose for being here, and support you to confidently live your most soul-aligned life.

This program:

The Soul Odyssey Program, Live Support & Community

The Root Level Solution to Meet Your Needs

In the Soul Odyssey program you will align with your soul at every level as the root solution for:

Results: Here's What to Expect

You can take this Soul Odyssey journey at whatever pace you wish, to suit your learning style and schedule. It's entirely self-paced, with 12 months LIVE SUPPORT so that you get what you need each step of the way, without any time pressure. If you were to go at a gentle pace, this can be a year long experience, but equally you can go much quicker or slower if you prefer.

First 7 Days
You understand soul journeys, your pre-birth planning, and why you incarnated. You see how your soul's plan is aiding your evolution in every way.
Next 30 Days
You see your life as your soul and Source sees it. Your consciousness, mindset and energy are aligned for receiving MIRACLES.
Next 15 Days
You understand the nature of reality and now direct your soul journey within this "dream" of life. You have an expanded consciousness, have HEALED The Separation, recognized and released unhelpful identities and dissolved false ceilings.
Next 10 Days
You are clear about your place in this world, and feel your original SAFETY and BELONGING. You have PEACE about the mindset conditioning you've experienced and how it links with your soul lessons, soul plan and purpose, empowering you to leave the past behind and move forward.
Next 6 Weeks
You have a liberated new soul-aligned MINDSET of powerful beliefs, and you are lovingly leading your mind day by day within a beautiful new paradigm!
Next 15 Days
You have a new SPIRITUAL SKILLSET for facing any challenges in your life. You see the place of challenges in your soul's unique plan, for learning, healing and growth. You are CLEAR, CALM & CONFIDENT, operating from trust and surrender.
Next 30 Days
You recognize and answer the call of your soul and Source, stepping into your higher potential. You are attuned to and trusting in the magic of divine guidance and how it shows up for you.
Next 10 Days
You are equipped to navigate the various stages of REBIRTH of your soul Self, leaving behind old parts of the small self, and HEALING in all the ways that are most important for you uniquely.
Next 30 Days
You have new FREEDOM, having let go of everything that is not you, in order to be what is authentically you and true. You experience DEEP SPIRITUAL CONNECTION with Source, and use that pure loving energy to fuel your life.
Next 7 Days
Your ENERGY field is clean, grounded and your vibrational frequency elevated. Energy blockages are cleared, your chakras balanced, and you have greater mastery in managing your energy body.
Next 10 Days
You are riding on the MANIFESTING magic carpet ride, consciously creating what most lights you up and is aligned to your soul!
Next 5 Days
You are crystal clear on your soul-led VALUES and PRIORITIES, have reset any aspects of yourself and your life that you felt called to, and are feeling deep soul alignment and personal power regarding the practical and physical aspects of your life.
Next 5 Days
You are making INTUITIVE DECISIONS, navigating your journey with a well honed balance of heart and mind. Your choices confidently reflect your authentic soul Self.
Next 10 Days
You are in a deeper co-creative PARTNERSHIP with Source. Your faith, TRUST, presence and allowing have increased, bringing greater flow and peace to your life.
Next 10 Days
You are aligned to your life of PURPOSE, know your unique CONTRIBUTION and are integrating this into your daily life for greater fulfillment. You are an expression of the love, joy, inspiration and creativity of your soul and Source.
Next 7 Days
You have met and merged with your soul's blueprint for highest health, abundance, confidence and wisdom.
Next 10 Days
You TRANSCEND to a higher consciousness beyond ego. You are living with greater mastery of forgiveness, detachment, allowing and grace. Your vibrational frequency further elevates, and life responds.
Next 15 Days
PEACE is yours to enjoy, with the ability to step into peaceful state at any time. The past is gone. You are fully here and now. You are showing maximal love, care, respect and dignity to yourself, your space and all you do. You are able to be with other people and life in whatever state they show up, while staying completely centered in your soul center.
Next 10 Days
You have a new understanding of death that enlivens your life and deepens GRATITUDE. From a position of great reverence for the sacred experience of death, you are fully equipped to live your life FREE of fear and regrets. This freedom is the spaciousness your soul has longed for.
Next 21 Days
You have said YES to your soul, answered the invitation to your most soul-aligned, purposeful, fulfilling and magical life! You have your very own unique Life Map - a design for every area of your life that reflects what you most want, need and love, including soul-aligned goals, and a practical plan for your beautiful path forward.
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I had so many realizations about the challenges I've endured. It created so much clarity about my life. Being able to view life from a spiritual perspective changes everything.

I also did B's Master Your Mind training, which is now part of the Soul Odyssey program. This is a game changer for transforming limiting beliefs, and since beliefs are the drivers of our life, the impact is immense.

I love the monthly live Q&As and the discussions in the forums. The Q&As have been very beneficial as I've been going through a challenging transition. The community is very supportive.

As someone who has taken many courses, Soul Odyssey is one of the best ones out there, and for me, it has been the most impactful.


The Soul Odyssey program has become my daily companion. Understanding the fundamental truths of my soul (which is the bedrock of this program) has allowed me to stand firm in my newly discovered authenticity. Due to B's unrivaled devotion and insight from decades of experience, every aspect of my life has improved.

With new perspectives, I strengthened the bonds with my daughter. My health has improved. I no longer need anti-anxiety medication after 25 years – even during life-altering challenges.

Now I calmy walk in love, knowing where to invest time & energy. My soul purpose is reaffirmed.

I am forever grateful for The Soul Odyssey program and B's practically applied wisdom, which allows me to be filled daily with the wonder and magic of life

I had an incredible experience. I took the Soul Odyssey program because I was desperate for help and soul searching to live my life in a purposeful way. The course was phenomenal! And highly exceeded my expectations. The material was interesting, heartfelt, inspiring, mind blowing and fascinating… The Soul Odyssey program was this re-awakening experience for me.


I was not prepared for the transformation that occurred while going through this process. I’ve always felt like something was missing from my self help journey. Now I know it was this. I feel like I really know myself now, and have a fresh outlook on my life… thank you B for this amazing, eye opening opportunity!

I loved it! You have created a program that is very easy to follow. I am much clearer in my aspirations for my growth, learning, healing and how I want to contribute. Taking Soul Odyssey was one of the best things I have done for myself.


This was one of the most amazing programs I have ever invested in. Bernadette is brilliant and her teaching so accessible to understand and integrate. As a 70 year old woman, who has spent 25 years journeying through the dark night of the soul… Bernadette has put into words (and a structure) everything I lived through. But I believe the perspective, wisdom, insights, and knowledge she shares would be a huge gift to anyone who has started to embark on their journey. She has provided an invaluable map to the life journey!

Thank you, B, for being the perfect teacher for me at just the right time. I am even more committed to doing the work now that I’m understanding what it Is I need to do! This is THE BEST program I have ever been through, and at age 73, I have been through many!


The 11 Chapters of Your Soul Odyssey

Souls Journey

You Will Remember Who You Are!

Chapter 1 - Pre Birth Planning

Before we are born, our souls choose to come for this lifetime. There is a plan for coming – there is reason and purpose (including for learning, healing, growth and contribution). You have purpose, your life has purpose. In this chapter you explore the pre-birth planning stage of your Soul Odyssey and how it supported you to come forth into life with the plan that would aid your greatest evolution and highest potentiality.

+ Accelerator Module: Mindset For Miracles

You Will Heal The Separation

Chapter 2 - Arrival & Separation

When we are born, arriving into this world, it's like we fall asleep into a dream and forget that we're souls here on an epic journey, and we forget what we have come for! We also experience what is called “The Separation”. In this chapter you shed light on this stage of your Soul Odyssey, waking up inside the dream and healing the sense of separation.

+ Accelerator Module: Consciousness Turning Point

You Will Reshape Your Mind

Chapter 3 - Conditioning

As we grow up we try to make sense of who we are, how we fit in and how to be safe and successful. Our minds are constantly seeking to understand and “making meaning” of what we see, hear and experience. We pick up all sorts of conditioned beliefs, some that work for us and some that most definitely don't. In this chapter you'll discover your true sense of belonging, safety and success, and linkages between your prominent limiting mind conditioning and soul lessons.

+ Accelerator Modules: Master Your Mind & Tapping into Freedom

You Will Breakthrough

Chapter 4 - Challenges

Throughout our life journey we face challenges – of all shapes and sizes. Challenges play a very important part in our Soul Odyssey. In this chapter you'll discover the types of challenges within your Soul Odyssey, how to face these from the power of your soul, and how your repeating challenges link to your soul lessons.

+ Accelerator Modules: The Spiritual View, SALVE & Spiritual Surrender.

You Will Accept The Call To Adventure

Chapter 5 - The Call

At key points in our life journey we receive The Call, a stirring to wake up inside “the dream”. This can come about from an inner prompt or from an outer prompt. In this chapter you discover the types of wake up calls that happen on your Soul Odyssey, the timing of these on your path, how you can have multiple wake up moments, plus tips and insights to support you transformation (dealing with side effects, requesting help to wake up, flow on changes that occur).

+ Accelerator Modules: Soul Call, Messages Meant for You & Life Transitions

You Will Shed Old Skin & Spread Your Wings!

Chapter 6 - Reconnection/Rebirth

Following a wake up, we experience our own unique versions of reconnection or what may be called rebirth. This is where we go to a higher level of understanding and connection with the soul we are and with the Source/Higher Power that supports us. In this chapter you'll see the key indicators of this stage, the dying away of old aspects of your small self or life that do not serve you and the birth of new aspects of your soul Self. Plus you'll be supported in healing, living a soul led vs mind led life and receive soothing reminders for this stage of your Soul Odyssey.

+ Accelerator Modules: The Great Undoing & Energy Healing Toolkit

You Will Dance & Play With Life

Chapter 7 - Creating & Conscious Living

With renewed connection to who we really are and the Source/Higher Power that supports us, we awaken our inner power to create our lives in whatever ways excite and inspire us! In this chapter, you choose to live consciously and deliberately aligned to your soul, to create your most cherished goals and dreams. You'll discover you're fully supported to do so! You will be maximising your manifesting and creative potential, seeing how to co-create your life.

+ Accelerator Modules: A Mini Life Reset, The Decision Making Method, Your Heart's Desire and The Universe & You

You Will Put Your Glorious Feathers Up!

Chapter 8 - Contributing

As we harness our inner power to create a life we love, we also seek to go beyond simply ‘getting what we want'. We have an inner urge for a life that matters. We want to live with purpose and make a difference. Our soul is calling us to stand in our magnificence and be a contribution. In this chapter you'll see how contribution fits in your unique soul plan and purpose, how to identify your purpose, and how to step up and shine as your magical soul Self!

+ Accelerator Module: Meet Your Infinite Self

You Will Live at a Higher Level

Chapter 9 - Transcendence

At this stage of our Soul Odyssey we desire to transcend. We want to go beyond our own patterns, ego and fear, we want to live beyond the drama and chaos of the world. We want to experience the peace and love that is our true nature. In this chapter you'll discover how to do this in a world that often displays and triggers the opposite. Plus: you'll walk away with a simple but powerful revelation that liberates you from the complexity of life and the complexity of your mind.

+ Accelerator Modules: Guided by Grace & The Peace Project

You Will See The End is Not The End

Chapter 10 - Transition

This lifetime is finite. Our soul, however, is infinite. We were soul before we were born, we are soul when we are here, and we will be soul after our body has completed it's job of carrying us through this life adventure. In this chapter you'll clearly see what death is, understanding the transition, and you'll bring ease and gratitude to this topic that many people fear, free to live your life with peace and soul power.

You Will Say YES to Your Soul!

Chapter 11 - The Invitation

In this concluding chapter of the Soul Odyssey program, we talk about The Invitation. It is an invitation that exists throughout your life, and at the end of the program you are supported to answer that invitation in a way that feels inspiring, empowering and life affirming to you uniquely. You'll be set you up beautifully to take the learning from the program and live it in your life going forward.

+ Accelerator Module: Your Best Year Yet

The Soul Odyssey program is truly the path towards spiritual enlightenment… I have taken classes and courses and have read hundreds of books, articles and watched documentaries for over 10 years now and this course has truly been the answer.


The Soul Odyssey program was life changing… I found this course to be immensely valuable in filling in many pieces of the puzzle of life… so many aha moments along the way! One of the biggest benefits for me, is as a person who has experienced trauma and hasn’t felt safe in this world, I no longer feel as vulnerable and alone as I did before the course. Instead, there is more of a sense of comfort and belonging. This is a huge shift for me!

This is by far the most phenomenal, all-encompassing program that meets you wherever you are in your spiritual and life journey. B is a masterful and gentle guide who allows you to experience the program at your own pace, ask questions, receive answers, and feel seen, heard, and valued. She provides invaluable resources for anything you may be experiencing, so that you can come out the other side feeling empowered, liberated, and more in control of your happiness.


An amazing program, taught by one of the most insightful teachers of our time.

The fluidity of the program was impressive and easy to understand and work with. B is an amazing, inspirational guide and her personal attention was an added bonus. I would highly recommend this program to anyone, whether a beginner on this path or someone already familiar with it who may need reinforcement. There is something for everyone here.


The course is designed to serve everybody, no matter where they are in life, what they already know or what they are going through. It is super well structured and everybody can tailor it to their need. Nobody can do this course without being profoundly changed.

I really enjoyed the Soul Odyssey program… particularly the live Q&A sessions, when you get to connect with like-minded people from all around the world and benefit from live personal advice from B. I am so glad I decided to sign up for it, as learning to view things from the soul perspective is proving useful in all areas of my life. I am learning to stop living my life on other people's terms and to instead live my life aligned with MY spiritual truth.


The program was an incredible journey that I loved and enjoyed so much! This material totally changed the trajectory of my life for the better. Before Soul Odyssey I struggled with depression that partly stemmed from not knowing my purpose and loss of loved ones and having many important spiritual questions not answered. B's way of structuring the program makes all the difference as she is accepting of people of all various religious/spiritual backgrounds and people generally use what is beneficial and resonates with them.

When You Enroll You'll Also Get:

Setting the Soul Scene & Setting Intention!

with the Introduction Module + PDF Guide


You'll have the scene set for you in this introduction module as a foundation before diving into the chapters, and you'll be able to set your intention for your own adventure ahead!

[Simply utilize the Introduction Module resources, available to you right now so you can get started as soon as you register. Includes: set of introduction videos (also available to stream in audio), plus a PDF exercise].

A SACRED CIRCLE: Live Support & Interaction with Your Mentor and the Soul Odyssey Community

12 Months Live Zoom Group Q&A Sessions with B (Monthly) + Replays

($600 USD Value)

Live Zoom Classes

Get live group coaching and support with me, so that you can get answers to your questions, bounce ideas, chat, share, unpick challenges together, feel supported and support others who are on the same Soul Odyssey journey as you in this dynamic group learning environment. These Q&A sessions help with understanding and applying the training in relation to your own unique situation.

[You'll get 12 Months Live Zoom Group Q&A Sessions (Monthly Video Calls) – 60-120 minutes duration depending on participant needs. Session dates and times vary month to month and are announced at the start of each month. Sessions are focused entirely on Q&A with no set topic, allowing all participants to navigate the program materials at their own pace and to receive Q&A unique to where they're at.]

Express Yourself, Be Heard, Get Answers & Enjoy the Supportive Soul Community Vibes!

12 Months Access to the Program Private Discussion Forum & Community

($600 USD Value)


Get answers to any questions you have anytime (24×7 access for 12 months). Share your voice, questions, experiences, insights or challenges, celebrate your wins, communicate with me as your coach, and communicate with fellow Soul Odyssey participants from around the world. You can get support, give support, and create connection. This is the power of community, having allies on our journey!

[You'll get 12 months access to a private Soul Odyssey discussion forum and community in our online Members Area. The forum provides space for asking questions outside of the live Zoom calls, and for sharing experiences and connecting with others.]

Leverage Yourself with Extra Insights & Answers

Past Program Q&A Replays

($300 USD Value)

QA Replays

In addition to real-time Q&A support that is personalized to your needs in the 12 months of live group Zoom sessions and discussion forum support, you will benefit from coaching and answers to questions other people have asked in the past, further leveraging your learning and journey.

[You receive 33 recorded Q&A classes (3 per chapter), in both video and audio format.]

PLUS: 20 Incredible Accelerator Modules

are revealed within your Soul Odyssey journey at critical phases to BOOST you forward...

Chapter 1

Experience More Miracles

30 Days Alignment to Soul & Source

Mindset for Miracles

Chapter 2

Take a Consciousness Leap

Class & 3 Guided Expansion Experiences

Consciousness Turning Point

Chapter 3

Be the Powerful Person You Are

Transformative 6 Week Belief Rewiring

Master Your Mind

Chapter 3

Embrace Emotional Healing

13 Guided Tapping Sessions

Tapping into Freedom

Chapter 4

See with Divine Sight

Embody Your Spiritual Power in Daily Life

The Spiritual View

Chapter 4

Soothe, Comfort & Heal

5 Salves for Mental/Emotional Unease


Chapter 4

Shift into the Slipstream

6 Steps for Surrender

Spiritual Surrender

Chapter 5

Answer the Call of Your Soul

4 Invitations During Times of Chaos

Soul Call

Chapter 5

Revealing Divine Messages

Connecting with 6 Types of Guidance

Messages Meant for You

Chapter 5

Heralding New Beginnings

As One Door Closes Another Opens

Life Transitions

Chapter 6

Let Go of All that Is Not You

Meet the Oneness & Live What is True

The Great Undoing

Chapter 6

Elevate Your Energy Frequency

6 Tools to Clean, Ground, Manage Energy

Energy Healing Toolkit

Chapter 7

Reset Your Life!

Leverage Your Values & Priorities

Mini Life Reset

Chapter 7

Let Your Intuition Lead

Making Soul Aligned Decisions

The Decision Making Method

Chapter 7

Magnetize & Manifest

Be the Co-Creator of Your Life

Your Hearts Desire

Chapter 7

Tune into the Universe!

Amplify Your Direct Connection

Universe & YOU

Chapter 8

Meet Your Infinite Self

Merge with Your Highest Potential

Infinite Self

Chapter 9

Exude Grace

Walk the World in Ease & Flow

Guided by Grace

Chapter 9

Be a Channel of Peace

15 Days of Infusing Peace in Your Life

Peace Project

Chapter 11

Rocket into Your Best Year Yet

Soul Aligned Goal Setting & Action Planning

Best Year Yet

A Journey Within A Journey
-You Achieve Mind Mastery-

Master Your Mind

As you journey through life, one of the most important foes you will heroically face is actually within you – that of your own mindset conditioning. 

Your mind is not who you are, it is one of the tools you have for navigating this world. And as you'll discover, any mindset challenges negatively affecting your perception of yourself and life are simply because of accumulated conditioning picked up over your lifetime (baggage that does not belong to you!) To fully live your purpose, you will step into mastery over old limiting beliefs, lovingly leading your mind back to the soul truth of who you are.

To do just that, within Soul Odyssey is an epic 6 week accelerator module called Master Your Mind. This is a proven 6 step process for your mindset transformation, to set you free!

A Journey Within A Journey
-You Go Deep into the Oneness-

The Great Undoing

You are a soul connected to everything in the seen and unseen dimensions. But if you journey through life under the illusion of being a “separate self”, trying to navigate this world and “others” just from your body, mind, personality, emotions and perceptions that life is a physical 3D reality and nothing else… you lose your power. You miss the immense unseen dimension of your soulful Self and the Oneness that you are a part of.

So within Soul Odyssey is a profound 6 phase accelerator module called The Great Undoing. This is a deep guided experience to let go of all that is not you (the separate self), so you can live what is true (your soul). You will meet and dwell in the unseen dimension of loving Oneness and it will fill you with the presence, peace and flow from which all of life springs forth. For when you create your life from Oneness, magic happens!

Here's How it Works...

Get Started with the Introduction & Intention Setting


After registering today you receive instant access to our private Members Area online to get started with the Introduction Module, setting the scene and laying a foundation understanding before you step forward into the 11 chapters.

You'll also be invited to set your own intention for the adventure ahead.

Move SELF PACED Through the 11 Chapter Journey

Soul Odyssey Program

(1) Training in both Video & Audio Format – diving deep into each stage of the Soul Odyssey, with on-demand lifetime access to enjoy in the comfort of home or office, at a time that is convenient for you.

(2) Soul Keystone Audios – important keys that provide stability for your soul journey, to listen to in your own time, relevant to that chapter, set to beautiful background music for meditative listening.

(3) PDF Resources – utilize these while going through the training in your own time, applying what you're learning to your unique life.

(4) Q&A Resources – get answers to common questions and extra coaching to help you navigate.

(5) Accelerator Modules – for breakthrough and acceleration on your journey!

Dive into Your Training Videos

Each chapter of the program includes online training videos to watch in your own time, covering one stage of the Soul Odyssey.


Soak Up Your Soul Keystone Audios

Each chapter comes with “Soul Keystone” audios. Soul keystones are central underlying themes, keys and principles that provide stability and foundation for your soul journey through life.
Soul Odyssey Keystones

Apply & Take Action with Your PDF Resources

Each chapter also includes PDF resources to download. These are completely optional to use (to enhance your understanding and help you to apply the learning in your own life) and include:
Soul Odyssey Resources

BOOST Forward with Your 20 x Accelerator Modules


As you move through your adventure in this program, each chapter contains not only the core Soul Odyssey training, but special resources to BOOST you forward…

Chapter by chapter, as you step forward on this journey, special modules will be revealed to you at just the right time to help you breakthrough and accelerate on your journey! This is fuel for your magnificent soul!

Be Nurtured in Our SACRED CIRCLE: Monthly Live Zoom Group Sessions for Q&A and Support

As you move your way through the Soul Odyssey program, chapter by chapter at your own pace (with lifetime access), you will receive Q&A support.
Live Zoom Classes

Your program comes with 12 MONTHS LIVE ZOOM group sessions for Q&A (held monthly). These will be held a different day/time each month, and scheduled one month ahead.

The monthly live Zoom sessions will be open Q&A where you can ask ANYTHING you wish and get coaching support from me, and connection to your peers. This ensures that as everyone moves through the program at their own pace, you get support unique to where you're up to.

If you are unable to attend live, you will receive REPLAYS of all sessions in video/audio and you'll be able to submit questions in our private group discussion forum so that you have full support throughout the 12 months.

You're Always Connected with Our Community, Forums & Helpdesk

As part of your enrollment in the program, you receive:

Self Paced Journey with Lifetime Access

Soul Course

You have lifetime access to the Soul Odyssey core training material and accelerator modules, all within our private online Members Area.

The program is entirely self-paced, so you can move through the 11 chapters and all the acclerator modules in your own time. To pause, reflect, revisit anytime you wish. You also receive email support to help you stay on track as you move the journey.

If you take time to immerse yourself in this journey, it's beautifully completed over approximately 12 months, at a pace that allows you to easily integrate it with every day life. Equally you can move more quickly or more slowly if you wish.

Your Mentor & Ally for this Journey

Spiritual Life Coach
Bernadette Logue
Spiritual Life Coach, Mentor & Author

Expertise and Proven Results

For over a decade I've been helping clients navigate their journey through life, from the spiritual vantage point, addressing both the soul aspect and the practical realities of our humanity, our minds, emotions, bodies and all the “outer” aspects of reality we have to face on this soul adventure – relationships, love, money, careers, and more.

I came to this work following my own spiritual awakening in 2010 which sent me on a mind-blowing and whirlwind magic carpet ride. I left behind everything I knew (my corporate career, home, family, friends and certainty!) travelling the world nomadically and diving deeply into all things soul, spirituality and personal transformation.

Walking that journey was key to my own soul's epic adventure through life, allowing me to breakthrough life patterns and challenges (soul lessons) and accelerate into living my passions, purpose and calling (soul contribution). Walking that journey was also THE most important key for equipping me with the first-hand lived experience, skills, knowledge and spiritual connection that now enables me to help you.

I live my own life with a deep connection to the unseen aspect of reality and know what it is to courageously say yes to your soul and the life you were born to live. Having taken the deep dive, waking up inside the dream of life, answering the call to adventure, having my own Dark Night of the Soul, rebirthing to new levels, making sense of life, and aligning to my soul plan and purpose with magic and joy, I’m devoted to supporting others to do the same. I've poured the most important aspects of what I discovered, learned and experienced over many years into this Soul Odyssey program, to help you find your way to YOUR OWN TRUTH. It's an honor to be a mentor and ally to you on your journey!

This program is underpinned by my exclusive methods, processes and frameworks, including: my Unleash Your Life 3-step transformational coaching method, my Soul Odyssey map and framework, my mind healing method (Master Your Mind) and my deep connection mentoring (The Great Undoing). The work I do also incorporates the beauty of other modalities that I personally practice or have trained in, including: energy healing modalities, Psych-K, EFT and more, along with influences from spiritual development teachings and tools such as A Course in Miracles, the Tao Te Ching, numerology, astrology, and the Akashic Records.

You Make a Difference

A Cascading Effect of Love

Your support as a client directly helps to bring more joy, love, healing, and magic into the lives of as many people as possible. 

I put a lot of effort and care into providing free resources, workshops, and events to help the wider community navigate their own journey, as well as offering a free guiding touchpoint to those who reach out to me for help but are unable to purchase programs or coaching. 

Thanks to your support, I am able to assist not only those who enroll and pay for my services, but also those who need a helping hand. No one gets left behind.

Join Soul Odyssey Risk Free


The Soul Odyssey program comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. I am completely committed to providing you with high quality resources. While you are responsible for how you use this program and the resources, and for your choices and actions, I take pride in offering exceptional client service and providing relevant and targeted content to support you with navigating life. If after your full participation in the first 30 days you are not fully satisfied, I wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us: [email protected]

* Please note our good-faith guarantee is based on your full participation in the program inside the Members Area in the first 30 days and does not cover change of mind or change of circumstance.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Please participate fully in all aspects of the program, marking steps completed as you progress.

Special Bonus for Action Takers

Live With Inner Peace

This is a special enrollment bonus if you enroll within 7 days of attending my Masterclass…

You will also get the “Live with Inner Peace” on-demand course as a beautiful complement to your Soul Odyssey program journey. 

Providing you with over 10 hours of coaching video and audio tools, with practical application for your every day life, to experience inner peace anywhere, anytime, no matter what! 

This course is normally $300 USD. Receive it free as my gift to you, celebrating your action taking!

Spiritual Course

A Life Changing Journey

Here is what you’ll get access to when you register for this game-changing Soul Odyssey experience:

Total Value: $4986

Are you ready to align with your soul for a life of purpose, fulfillment & magic?

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Feedback from People in our Soul Odyssey Community


The Soul Odyssey program was such an amazing, enlightening and gentle journey of self discovery. She helped me remember who I really am, for that I am forever grateful for her. After working with her I truly feel she gifted me with discovering my very own navigational system I use every day.

I hoped that Soul Odyssey would give me a structure to guide my reflection on an almost complete life behind me. It served that purpose beautifully. My mind and being has moved significantly, and I am excitedly putting in place the life from now through the days of my life that remain. Joy and fun now lead the way.


It has been an amazing soul journey. I’m so blessed to be connected to you and be able to go through this journey. Soul Odyssey opened my eyes so much and all your teachings are my salvation. I don’t think in my life time I will ever find the words to express to you how grateful I am to you for this experience. I wish that many more people find you as I did.

Participating in the Soul Odyssey Program has been life altering in such a positive way! Your program is well thought out, flows so well, and offers so many wonderful resources. I'm so glad I've had this opportunity to learn, heal, and grow… I plan to go back and continue using the resources as needed. Thank you for sharing the knowledge you have gained… I am truly grateful!


It’s just what I needed at a time when I really questioned my existence and purpose. Wonderful content and structure for a spiritual beginner like me. B’s enthusiasm and kindness radiate throughout. The live sessions were great – questions answered with the utmost respect. I really got a lot out of it.

It helped me to organize my life experiences and to see that there is a bigger purpose/meaning in life that I hadn't seen before and I wasn't aware of.

I'm more open minded regarding life and trusting of myself than I was before I started the program… led to more clarity and I realized that everything that is a challenge is also something that I'm called to learn, heal, grow and or contribute from.

I'm gravitating towards the things that I denied confronting prior to the Soul Odyssey. In a positive way, I'm seeing myself as me and picking up those parts of me I hadn't healed before and continue to do so.


Frequently Asked Questions

There's no time limit, rush or time pressure. This is your journey to take are your own pace. As a participant in this program, you'll have lifetime access to all of its materials and can begin at any time that's convenient for you. There's nothing you need to “keep up with” – you can progress at your own pace, as quickly or slowly as you like.

Once you're registered, you'll receive the Introduction Module to get started. From there, you'll be guided step by step through the program, with each new step becoming available as you complete the previous one.

In addition to lifetime access to the program, your enrollment also includes 12 months of access to monthly live group Q&A sessions with B via Zoom and 12 months of access to the online discussion forum and community for interaction, support, and connection with your fellow participants.

As part of your enrollment in the self-paced Soul Odyssey program, you'll also have access to 12 monthly live group Q&A sessions with B via Zoom.

These sessions will be held at different dates and times each month, and we'll finalize the schedule approximately one month in advance. Participants will be notified of the Zoom sessions as the year unfolds. The sessions will typically be held at different times to accommodate participants in different time zones, such as daytime ET/PT in the US, evenings in Europe/UK, and very early morning in New Zealand/Australia.

Please note that due to time zone differences and your availability, you may not always be able to attend the live sessions in person. However, you'll always receive personalized Q&A support through the discussion forum and replays of all live sessions.

If you're unable to attend a monthly live Q&A session for any reason, don't worry – you'll receive a replay of the session in both video and audio format.

And if you have questions but can't make it to one of the live sessions, you'll have 12 months of access to the private discussion forum where you can ask questions, share experiences, interact with others, and connect with the community outside of the live sessions.

You receive lifetime access to the entire program, and it is designed in a way that you can start whenever you wish, and you can easily go at your own pace. There is no rush, hurry or timeframe to keep up with. There is no deadline looming. You can go as slowly or as quickly as you wish.

If you were to engage in the program at a gentle pace and dive deeply into all the materials, this can be a full 12 months beautiful experience, including all the core program materials, and accelerator modules, allowing for integration time.

Equally you can move more quickly or take longer if you wish, as the program will unfold for you based on you marking steps as “complete” as you go.


In each chapter of the program you receive a set of training videos on that topic. These videos range in duration chapter to chapter. Below is an indication of the total approximate length of CORE Soul Odyssey video training per chapter (each chapter is broken down into short bite sized videos for easy learning and navigation through the material):

Introduction – 120 minutes

Chapter 1 – 90 minutes

Chapter 2 – 70 minutes

Chapter 3 – 82 minutes

Chapter 4 – 110 minutes

Chapter 5 – 95 minutes

Chapter 6 – 130 minutes

Chapter 7 – 125 minutes

Chapter 8 – 115 miutes

Chapter 9 – 135 minutes

Chapter 10 – 81 minutes

Chapter 11 (conclusion) – 30 minutes


In addition to your core Soul Odyssey training videos, in Chapters 1 – 10 you receive 43 x Soul Keystone audios to listen to as well, which provide themes, keys and principles to support your soul journey through life. These are set to beautiful background music and can be enjoyed like a meditative listening experience if you wish. These are bundled into small sets and delivered chapter by chapter relating to the topic. These audios mainly range from 4-8 minutes duration (some longer). Allow approximately 30-45 minutes per chapter.


The PDF resources are optional to use. They are helpful if you want to bring the training to life in your own day to day experience, giving you helpful prompts and reflections to personalize the Soul Odyssey chapters to your unique life path. If you intend to use these, allow at least 1 hour per chapter.


Please allow 60-120 minutes per Zoom session each month. Duration depends on the number of participants attending live and the number and depth of questions asked. These sessions are entirely for Q&A unique to the needs of all those present. Replays are available in video and audio format for those who miss sessions or wish to revisit/watch again.


Below is a summary of the depth and time for each accelerator module. These are incredible and transformative teachings that BOOST each chapter in the program, and accompany the core training above (videos, keystones, PDFs).

  • Chapter 1 Accelerator – Mindset for Miracles Course (30 Days, 3.5 Hours of Audios).
  • Chapter 2 Accelerator – Consciousness Turning Point Class (90 Minute Class with 3 Guided Experiences).
  • Chapter 3 Accelerator – Master Your Mind Transformation Program (Deep Dive 6 Week Immersive Training).
  • Chapter 3 Accelerator – Tapping into Freedom Resources (13 Guided Videos, 4 Hours Duration).
  • Chapter 4 Accelerator – The Spiritual View Class (2 Hours of Audio Sessions).
  • Chapter 4 Accelerator – SALVE Series (5 Sessions, 80 Minutes Duration).
  • Chapter 4 Accelerator – Spiritual Surrender Course (9-Part Training, 1.75 Hours Duration).
  • Chapter 5 Accelerator – Soul Call Class (1.75 Hour Class).
  • Chapter 5 Accelerator – Messages Meant for You Series (6 Day Series + 1 Hour Q&A Session).
  • Chapter 5 Accelerator – Life Transitions (1.75 Hour Class).
  • Chapter 6 Accelerator – The Great Undoing Mentoring Series (6 Sessions, 12 Hours Duration).
  • Chapter 6 Accelerator – Energy Healing Toolkit (6 Tools, 1.75 Hours Duration).
  • Chapter 7 Accelerator – A Mini Life Reset Class (55 Minute Duration).
  • Chapter 7 Accelerator – The Decision Making Method Training (111 Minutes Duration).
  • Chapter 7 Accelerator – Your Heart's Desire Class (2 Hours Duration).
  • Chapter 7 Accelerator – The Universe & You Training (5 Steps, 1.5 Hours Minutes Duration).
  • Chapter 8 Accelerator – Infinite Self Series (4 Sessions, 2 Hours Duration).
  • Chapter 9 Accelerator – Guided By Grace Series (6 Steps, 2 Hours Duration).
  • Chapter 9 Accelerator – The Peace Project (15 Days, 3 Hours Duration).
  • Chapter 11 Accelerator – Your Best Year Yet Workshop (2 Sections, 2 Hours Duration).

We're here to support you throughout your journey. 

If you have any technical difficulties accessing the Members Area or using the online resources, you can find a comprehensive Support Page in the Members Area with frequently asked questions (FAQs). Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist you. We aim to respond within approximately 24 hours. 

In addition to the Support Page, you'll have 12 months of access to Q&A support through the live Zoom group calls and the discussion forum. If you have any questions related to the training during this time, you can submit them to me in the private discussion forum or attend the live monthly group Q&A sessions with me.

While this is a community environment within Soul Odyssey, there are ways to ensure you have an outlet for private questions. First, Soul Odyssey is hosted inside our custom-built, secure, safe and supportive private Members Area. The group forums are exclusively for those participating. And the live group sessions are a sacred space with loving, open, kind souls all gathering (myself, you if you're joining us, and other participants). If at any time you feel you need to ask me something that is too private and personal to ask in the live group sessions or in the group discussion forum, there are 2 pathways for you:

  • Private message me inside the Members Area using our special “inbox” system and I will reply back.
  • Email to the helpdesk [email protected] where I will attend to your question.
  • If you want even more intimate 1:1 support, there is an option for people already enrolled in the group program to additionally hire me for 1:1 spiritual life coaching and mentoring sessions (where we meet privately face to face on Zoom).

You get lifetime access to all the program training materials (all core chapter videos, keystone audios and PDFs) as well as lifetime access to the 20 accelerator modules – all held within our Members Area online.

You get 12 months access to the monthly live Zoom group sessions and to the private discussion forum for support, Q&A, sharing, and engagement with the community. After your 12 months of live support finishes, you are welcome to subscribe to continue attending live monthly Zoom group sessions with us, and to continue to be involved in the discussion forums and community. This is completely optional. That subscription (monthly or annual options) covers coaching support and administration costs. Irrespective, you retain full access to your program training materials.

If you resonate with the open-minded and open-hearted approach to facing challenges, discovering your inner truth and purpose in life, and the types of resources and information I share in my community, then this program may be a good fit for you. 

If you're unsure, feel free to email me directly at [email protected] and I'll personally review your message to determine if the program is likely to be a good fit for your needs. My highest priority is serving people for whom this program will be beneficial, so if I feel that it may not be suitable for you, I'll let you know. 

This program may not be suitable for you if: 

(a) You're not ready or willing to complete the training steps.

(b) You're not open to new ideas and exploring the journey of being a soul on the human ride called life. 

(c) You have a mental health condition and have not been under the care of a therapist or healthcare practitioner (in which case it's strongly recommended you speak to one first), or 

(d) You have unresolved trauma from the past and have not sought support from a therapist or healthcare practitioner (in which case it's strongly recommended you speak to one first). This is a life coaching program is not a substitute for professional healthcare and it's important to seek appropriate support for any mental health or trauma-related issues.

The types of benefits this program offers can directly influence one's experience of daily life, through shifting the way you look at yourself, other people, life situations and the way you look at life itself (in terms of what life is, why you're here, and how you can optimize your journey).

Here is how you can use the program to enjoy positive shifts in daily life…

  • By seeing and interpreting the events of your life past, present and future (potentials) from a soul perspective, connecting the dots where the bigger picture of life makes more sense.
  • By recognizing key aspects of your soul's unique plan and purpose for coming forth into life – and therefore welcoming the openings for learning, healing and growth (soul lessons) and courageously stepping into the openings for contribution (purpose and potentiality).
  • By being in a deeper conscious alignment with the soul you are, feeling complete in yourself where you stand right now, feeling on track in your life no matter what is going on in your situation.
  • By feeling connected to all of life around you, relating to other people, situations, challenges and opportunities through the eyes of your soul.
  • By considering and sensing that life is actually supporting you to evolve to your highest potentiality even in situations where others would see only challenges and confusion.
  • By being inspired to live each day with purpose, knowing you ARE on an epic Soul Odyssey.
  • By drawing upon the many perspectives and keystones in the program as they apply to your daily life situations, to bring greater faith, trust and peace, no matter what is going on around you – where you are able to rise beyond drama and instead look for true meaning and purpose below the surface layer events of life.
  • By choosing to bravely, boldly and passionately do soul-aligned things with your life that light you up and light up the world around you, because you feel guided, supported, and in touch with the truth of who you really are.

Previous participants have noticed positive flow on benefits affecting their daily life, such as:

  • Truly knowing themselves and valuing their needs.
  • Clarity about their soul plan – soul lessons, contribution and purpose
  • Having the power to navigate challenges and opportunities.
  • Expanded consciousness and vibration.
  • Elevated self awareness and confidence.
  • More intuitive.
  • Bringing the Soul Self forward in every day practical situations (e.g relationships, work, communication, goals).
  • Greater trust in themselves and life.
  • Courage to act upon their intuition, inspirations and passions.
  • Renewed joy.

The Soul Odyssey program honors and respects people from all different faith, spirituality, belief and religious systems and is in no way intended to override, replace or challenge what you hold dear and true in your heart.

The program is a storytelling experience, for spiritual development and personal development, and offers you a new vantage point for looking at yourself and your life differently, to breakthrough with soul lessons and to accelerate into your soul gifts, talents, contribution and wider purpose.

The program training content is delivered “as fact”, to help you immerse yourself in the storytelling adventure deeply. But always remember it is a proposal that you can “try on for size” – taking what resonates and what works for you and adding it to your toolkit for life.

As with anything in personal and spiritual development, where we are dealing with the complexity of your unique life journey, your soul, your mindset as it stands right now, your challenges past and present, and the mix of your own intuition, inspiration, passions and purpose, it varies from person to person how quickly they see benefits flow on from doing this program.

It also depends on the level of your commitment and follow through as an individual in using and applying the program materials, chapter by chapter, and personalizing it to practice/apply in your daily life.

On the basis of fully engaging with all aspects of the program, past participants have noticed personal transformation by the end of the 11 chapters in the program, getting soul clarity, life direction, sense of meaning, new or renewed purpose, higher levels of peace and joy, and much more.

What you receive in this Soul Odyssey program is a complete shift in your perspective of how you view life, yourself, other people, challenges and opportunities. You are given insights and approaches you can apply to every day of your life going forward. The benefits therefore are ongoing and organic. As you shift within yourself and your perspective, you bring that to your home life, your personal life, your work life, your relationships, your goals and project, and any challenges you encounter. Each step of the way as you make choices, you get to bring your soul first and you get to see the place of each moment in the bigger picture of your Soul Odyssey.

I fully believe in walking your own talk, and teaching from first-hand experience. Aside from well over 20 years on the personal growth journey, I spent 9 years of that deep diving into understanding all things soul, soul journeys, spirituality and how to use such insights to optimize my life experience – to live into my highest potentiality. I've have used that understanding personally for myself and I share it with others in my coaching and courses.

I know exactly what it’s like to go from the point of having no understanding of soul and spirituality, and feeling no sense of purpose, through to now understanding my soul, my soul journey and using that to live a life filled with meaning, depth, purpose and happiness! I know what things made a difference, and what insights helped the most.

Having taken the deep dive myself, waking up inside the dream of life, answering the call to adventure, having my own Dark Night of the Soul, rebirthing to a new level, making sense of life, and aligning to my soul plan and purpose with magic and joy, I’m passionate about inviting and supporting others to do the same. I've poured the most important aspects of what I discovered, learned and experienced over those 9 years into this Soul Odyssey program, to help you find your way to YOUR OWN TRUTH.

The Soul Odyssey core program training materials includes:

  • 20 hours of core Soul Odyssey training videos spread over the entirety of the program including the Introduction and the 11 Chapters of the training itself (excludes the accelerator modules, see below).
  • 4.5 hours of Soul Keystone audios (comprising 43 individual audios on various keystones to support your soul journey).
  • 32 PDF resources.
  • 33 past Q&A session replays from previous Soul Odyssey programs (averaging 1 hour each).
  • And 12 monthly Live Zoom Group Q&A sessions, and 12 months access to the private discussion forum for Q&A, sharing and connection.

PLUS: The Accelerator Modules are gold nuggets of treasure additional, all held within the 11 chapters of the core program, and these are revealed to you as you move through the adventure. These alone are a year's worth of deep training. The “Master Your Mind” online program as your accelerator module in Chapter 3 is the most important, and this is a full 6 week journey in itself. Plus, there are over 50 hours of training across all the other accelerator modules.

This is a comprehensive deep dive experience, for remarkable breakthrough and acceleration as the hero of your soul journey, so you can live in the magic of life!

For a full breakdown of program content by by chapter, please see the FAQ further above “How much time does it take each week to complete the program”.

The Soul Odyssey program comes with a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. This guarantee starts from the day you register and is based upon your full participation in all aspects of the program (completing training videos, listening to Soul Keystone audios, utilizing PDF resources and Q&A classes) in order to ensure you gain the maximum benefit available to you.

If after participating in this way, logging in and marking steps completed as you go (within your members area account), you then decide within 30 days that you are not completely satisfied with the experience, we wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us for a refund. We are delighted to offer you this risk-free opportunity.

*Please note that our guarantee is based on program full participation and satisfaction with the materials and service, and does not cover situations where you have not participated in the program (ie. logging in and completing training steps inside the Members Area). The guarantee also does not cover a general change of mind, inability to find time to participate or changes in personal circumstance. This guarantee is for the Soul Odyssey program and does not apply to private mentoring packages.

The Soul Odyssey program comes with a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. This guarantee starts from the day you register and is based upon your full participation in all aspects of the program (completing training videos, listening to Soul Keystone audios, utilizing PDF resources and Q&A classes) in order to ensure you gain the maximum benefit available to you.

If after participating in this way, logging in and marking steps completed as you go (within your members area account), you then decide within 30 days that you are not completely satisfied with the experience, we wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us for a refund. We are delighted to offer you this risk-free opportunity.

*Please note that our guarantee is based on program full participation and satisfaction with the materials and service, and does not cover situations where you have not participated in the program (ie. logging in and completing training steps inside the Members Area). The guarantee also does not cover a general change of mind, inability to find time to participate, or changes in personal circumstance. 

The guarantee applies to the program, and does not apply to private one-on-one mentoring sessions/package.

Payment plans offer the option to enroll in the program and receive full access and support upfront, while paying off your enrollment fee over time in monthly installments.

Please note that enrollment in the program on a payment plan, is not a subscription that can be paused or cancelled. 

Once enrolled under a payment plan and your space in secured in the program, your payments will continue until the agreed number of monthly installments have been paid.

Our payment plan options are offered in good faith to give you full training and mentoring support upfront, with our time invested in your growth, giving you the ability to pay off your enrollment in installments over time. Therefore payment plans cannot be cancelled mid-way through (i.e. ceasing to complete payment for your program enrollment).