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Why Failure is Simply “Pending Success”

My preferred term for failure is “Pending Success”.


Because failure is just part of the journey on the way to achieving anything, and people who succeed in life never do so without bumps in the road along the way!

Success is yours, if you choose to never give up.

After you watch this video, pause and reflect on this…

How many of the people you admire and look up to have achieved their goals and success without adversity and challenges as part of that package?

“Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” – Gena Showalter

Challenges are gifts given to us by life, to help weed out our own blocks and fears, to help us dissolve the negative stories that hold us back, to ask us to dig down inside so that we may see the depth of our hidden reserves of will power, strength, courage and resilience.

For these are all the things we must learn to tap into and master in order to really appreciate our successes, and so we can shine bright and be of greatest service to others and this world we live in!

And, lest we forget, life is not about a destination of “success”. It's about the journey that takes us there, about the millions of moments and steps that add up to make a lifetime, and what we learn about ourselves in the process.

So, if you're ever feeling a little (or a lot) battered by bumps in the road and failure is a label you've ever used to summarize yourself or an experience you've had, then reflect back on this video and ask yourself…

“Is ‘failure' how I would describe any of these magnificent people?”

Highly unlikely! Therefore, remember you're exactly like them. You have the same potential and possibility, in your own unique way. You were born with everything you need to follow your passions and fulfill your purpose in this life, just as they were. The only requirement for you to flourish is that you believe in yourself, and never give up. It's a choice. Change your language – failure is just PENDING SUCCESS.

And finally, to end, a quote that always motivates me and makes me grin…

With love, Bernadette

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