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There is Divine Order in Your Life

Not too many years ago, I had no sense of spirituality or faith myself. I had never heard of Divine Order!

It was not something I was interested in. It was not something I believed in. And basically – it was not something I had EXPERIENCED. So I had no evidence to suggest it warranted my attention.

Then something changed.

Things started happening to me, a spiritual awakening of sorts.

As a result, I became aware of signs from the Universe, synchronicities, and acutely tuned into the way that the Universe was speaking to me and guiding me on my life journey.

As you can imagine, this was quite a shocking and profound turn-around in perspective for me!

This resulted in me starting to live my life with a faith and spiritual awareness I had never had before.

And the most interesting thing about the whole paradigm shift was that I started to notice there was a Divine Order playing out in my life.

I became more aware of the fact that some type of spiritual process was underpinning the surface level of my day to day activities.

My career, my finances, my relationships, my health… there was something else going on that went much deeper. Something that was helping me to learn and grow, pushing me away from situations that didn't serve me and pulling me into situations that benefited.

When I realized this Divine Order and Divine Timing at play, I became much more willing to “go with the flow“.

Instead of getting upset and resisting when things didn't go the way I wanted, I trusted in the universe that Divine Order was happening, and somehow it must be in my best interests.

When things did go the way I wanted, I was grateful for the Divine Order unfolding.

And, one BIG UPSIDE of trusting there is Divine Order in your life, is you become much calmer. Instead of feeling like life is random, chaotic and trying to control it as best you can, you can let go and flow.

I've seen time and time again that this Divine Order is present in all our lives. It is happening in YOUR life. Right now. In this Daily Inspiration video, I invite you to remember…

There is Divine Order in Your Life

I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a message below and let me know how Divine Order has played out in your life. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'd love to connect with you.

Warmest wishes, Bernadette

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23 Responses

  1. I believe that God is sitting in the center of His divine order,it’s all because of Him that everything exists and come into existence by His command.I believe that my purpose on earth is to serve and obey YAHWEH.

  2. B thank you so much for making this video! The days that I remember I am supported are the days I am calmer and more confident! Great reminder! I am reading your “Going out on a limb ” book and am loving it ! I laugh when I read some of it because so many times I have had similar things and similar thoughts. Some of our conversations run through my head when I read it. Like when you told me I want someone to tell me it’s going to be ok. Thanks B ! You are so amazing , one of my soul guides !

    1. Sarah!! Hey lovely, so happy to connect with you and delighted this video was useful for you. Enjoy the book… a bit of a raw truth-fest uh!! Sending big love your way. Bxx

  3. Thank you for your message this morning. Being accepting of your circumstances does help you to be calmer. And keeping in mind that the present will be a part of what tomorrow will bring is hopeful and comforting.

  4. Beautiful message ,thank you, I’ve always been blessed in knowing we are not alone. Although, it took me a while to learn how to go with the flow. You are doing amazing work Bernadette, You are a breath of fresh air ! Thank you ????xx

    1. Thank you Audrey, so happy to have a like-minded soul here in the community with us. Much love! B

  5. Thank you B. As always your words are just the wisdom and encouragement needed to support my soul journey. I am so grateful for the continued healing in all areas of my life. Your resources and audios, affirmations and meditations are changing my life every day. It’s nice to “let go” of the struggle of living and doing life. To just step back a bit and accept where I am each day knowing that things have a way of working out and to pay attention to the lessons that are for my benefit to evolve into the best version of myself. There is a divine order. Still life can be difficult and painful. But the simple beauty of letting go and seeing what stays and finding what is truly meant for me is life changing. It is in the still and quiet moments that my learning is the most profound. Completely the opposite of the loud and noisy version of myself hell bent on finding the solution and fixing the situation and making everyone happy and everything smooth so calm can rule. In truth, life has to get messy and complicated and disordered-just enough for me to say “I release it all and the outcome will be for my highest good.” The calm that is cultivated in creating this mindset is so worth it and something I’ve been seeking for most of my life. “Calm is a super power”. ????Sending good thoughts and kindness to you???? ????????????????

    1. I hear you and agree Louann. For some of us it can take chaos to make us stop, pause, reflect and go closer into our faith and calm (I know that is true for me sometimes, a good learning and reminder to choose to stay more connected spiritually every day and be present and in the flow). Much love, B

  6. OH Yes! There is Divine Love and Order! ( it is the truth, light and the way!) I think that finding you and being a part of the Daily Positive was not a coincidence.

    1. So happy to have you with us Sandy, and to the divine flow for bringing us all together! Love, B

  7. Thank you Bernadette, just the reminder I needed at this moment in time …. yet again proof that the universe gives us what we need at just the right time ????
    Much love

  8. Thank you. I retired 2 yrs ago and I am just relaxing, waiting for a “nudge” in the next direction.

    1. Hey Becky, a transition phase… beautiful. Enjoy the relaxing and unfolding. Much love, Bernadette

  9. Hebrews 11:6 Without faith it is impossible to please him; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is; and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. King James Version of the Holy Bible

    That calmness you’re experiencing is coming from God! He is the Divine Order. Keep seeking you’re on the right path.

  10. Hello B, I’m in a very bad place in my life. Negative Things have been happening to me, constantly now for the past few years only to keep coming and getting worse! I’ve became a magnet for horror and trauma. I’m a recluse alone existing not living. It’s been going on 22 years but the past few years have been worse. I had cancer & chemotherapy in 2016 then found out I have liver cirrhosis stage 4, then Hereditary Hemochrometosis (iron overload) 4 months ago diagnosed with diabetes, high BP, carpal tunnel, I pulled a groin 2015 & have an inguinal hernia, allergies for 2 years now and rash on my upper body, I need neck surgery and now Duprens Contracture, right hand I need surgery for that too I’ve just got off of Oxycodone (150mg day) & started suboxone. I’m on disability & struggling to survive on $1300 month. I’ve come to believe I have brought it all upon myself with my horrible negative attitude, guilt, self hatred from the past mistakes bad decisions, ect. But I don’t get out & just lay in bed. I have no support or love in my life and I’m afraid that I’m going to “think” myself to death! I try so hard to read the positive affirmations I got from you. I need guidance and help because I don’t think I can do it on my own. I have experienced a spiritual awakening in AA 1996-98 but that was just the beginning of the end of my life as I knew it. My wife left with a man she had been having an affair with for 2 years, she didn’t like my change & I got our 2 little girls, house and child support! Through a series of events I ended up with a horrible woman & married. I ended up losing my girls back to their mom & gave her the house back to take care of them after 5 years. I came home to the house I had bought with the 2nd wife to nothing. She took everything I owned and loved and all that was just 14 months. I lost a father mother brother and sister to horrible deaths. Sister to suicide little brother I found after 17 days dead from alcohol & diabetes. Anyway I can’t afford to join your monthly group I just listen to your audios and writings. I do believe it is possible for me to pull out of this depression anxiety PTSD and guilt ridden life! I won’t get up and out I don’t want to be around people anymore and I know that I need good people. But everyone I’ve met lately in the past few years has cheated used or rejected me because of my desperate state of mind. I’m losing this battle due to my negative thoughts I just know it. I hate it and myself for what I’ve become I have no contact with my girls and 4 grandchildren because I failed them when they needed me to be strong and not be with that crazy woman. I turned back to drugs and alcohol after the empty house and lost land, rental property, my business 3 company trucks but all of that means nothing to me. I need to get healthy and I just don’t know how to start alone but I’m trying to change my life in a hurry! March 1st the mortgage is going up over $112 and I don’t have it. Groceries and gas are minimal as it is and faced with all the medical bills coming and past I can’t even do it. Yes I was able to buy a home 14 months ago and I didn’t have to put money up but the realtor & loan officer lied & cheated taxes are double what I was told and the house has major issues all the big ones, roof foundation, leaking basement and everything has been coming head on at me costly problems and I’m afraid to even talk to anyone without setting up another disaster. Can you please get back to me? Just to know someone heard me. I’m so sorry for being weak I just must change my thoughts my feelings about my beliefs and I know it’s possible

    1. Hey Lee. I hear you and acknowledge everything you’ve shared. I also see the light that is in you, that hope that is in you, the strength to reach out and ask for help. Your timing is amazing, because there is something happening starting soon that I think may help you and it’s free, and it’s such a helpful tool to learn that I personally recommend to everyone. It’s called Tapping (also known as EFT). It is such incredible. True self help, you can learn it easily at home, on your own, using free tools online, and you can use it daily to help you deal with releasing the past, releasing pain of old memories and events, releasing intensity of emotions in the present moment, releasing worries about the future and for facing physical health challenges as well. Every year there is a free global online summit for 10 days where the team at The Tapping Solution host experts on Tapping and give free sessions each day for people to learn about tapping and how to use it. The 2020 free summit starts on 24th February, and you can get all the info at http://www.thetappingsolution.com. I listen in every year and recommend it to everyone in our community. While they do have books and courses etc you don’t need to buy any of those things in order to learn and use tapping for great results in your life. I suggest you attend the free summit, and soak up the sessions for learning tapping. I have also put a link to an article I wrote about tapping with info, tips, FAQ in case that is helpful as well.
      Tapping works if you work it, so it’s just a case of learning how to tap, and getting familiar with the process, and then systematically applying it in your life 🙂
      Sending love and best wishes your way.
      B 🙂

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