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What Lurks in the Quiet?

What remains when we remove ourselves momentarily from the bombardment of everyday life? What exists beyond, or perhaps behind, the things we need to do, the places we have to go, the people we need to look after and the questions we need to answer?

We don’t often get time to really be quiet and still (unless we’ve just climbed into bed and are about to drift off to sleep). Many of us have ‘down time’ but we fill it with more noise and doing – pass times, hobbies, interests and entertainment. I’m the first to admit that I like brain candy; TV, movies, music, all the good things that make me laugh, inspire me, things I enjoy. But, I also know that there is something that lurks in a quiet and still space if you let it.

What lurks there?
You do… the true you.

You’ll be amazed at what happens if you put yourself in a quiet place, close your eyes and sit still. Don’t move, don’t fidget, focus on your breathing and watch your thoughts come and go. Our greatest everything lies in there, inside ourselves; our greatest wishes, fears, worries, aspirations, inspirations, concerns and questions, and our greatest intuitive wisdom. If you stop and be quiet, and listen patiently, it will all surface with clarity. When you know what your inner voice is saying, you have the power to answer it and act upon it.

The question to ask is this…do you want to know what’s in there? Do you want to listen to what lurks within?

Many of us are just too busy; busy lives, busy people. We often don’t stop to be still and quiet because life is full on. But equally, many people are uncomfortable with what lurks within. It’s easier to avoid the still and quiet time because ‘things’ could surface. In these cases a choice (whether it’s conscious or subconscious) is made to push it down, to suppress, to ignore, to pretend it’s not there.

I once got given a book called “The Book For People Who Do Too Much”. Hilarious. Good summation of me. Looking back I now wonder if I filled my every waking moment with something because being still and quiet with myself was going to mean I would really hear what was going on inside of me, or whether I was just ignorant to the fact that I had ‘things’ to face.

In relation to being still and quiet, I have heard myself in times gone by saying “I don’t have time for that!” and “It’s boring sitting there with nothing happening” and “I don’t get anything when I meditate” and “I’d really like to, but I need to get all these other things done” and “What’s the point?”

I’m glad I learnt to shut up and listen.

Do you know I’ve actually been known to schedule an official meeting with myself?! If I’m going to hock myself off to the rest of the world, giving my time to everyone else, meeting obligations, adhering to requirements, being a good friend, daughter, sister, wife, being a good whatever…then what do I really think of myself if I can’t / won’t even find 10 minutes of time just for myself.

You might be saying…“Where will I find the time? I never get alone time”. Well, here is a never fail trick… I have been know to lock myself in the toilet if I have too! People don’t know what you’re doing in there, so go for it! No one is going to argue if you need to go loo! You could really be using the loo…or you could be seat down, pants up, just spending 10 minutes being quiet and still!

And remember, I don’t mean just being alone. I mean being alone, and being quiet, and being still, and let yourself listen properly to what is inside you. When you let yourself be in this space, the things that most matter to you will surface – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Now I hear you saying…“Why on earth would I want to let the bad and the ugly bits rise?” Wouldn’t you like to give yourself the chance to go beyond the bad and ugly, and know what life is like when the bad and ugly don’t lurk in the shadows anymore? Alternatively, feel free to take them to the bitter end with you, like a ball and chain shackling your peace of mind. Your choice entirely.

Shedding light on the ‘stuff’ that lies within you is where you get power to move forward in your life with less burden, more freedom, lighter, happier, being the ‘true you’. Emptying your mind, so your soul-self has room to emerge, is a great way to start the process of guiding your own life, instead of being guided through life by what goes on around you.

A wise man said to me “Empty mind means no problem”.

How do you empty it?
Be still and quiet. This gives you access to know what is inside you, the choice to shed light on it, and the choice to release the ‘stuff’ you don’t want or need.

Don’t short change yourself. Meditation is a free gift that gives back a million times over. Book some ‘you time’ soon. Even if it is locked in the loo!

With love, Bernadette

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