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Podcast Episode 31: The Universe is Speaking to You

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Have you ever felt like the Universe is guiding you?

Talking to you?

Sending you signs?

Whether you call it the Universe, Source, God, Creator, Divinity, your Spirit Guides, or any other name that honors your cherished faith…

“They” are indeed talking to you.

Through the mysterious and magical language of signs, symbols, synchronicities.

Through visions, whispers, dreams and subtle messengers.

Through the weaving of energy, messages are reaching out to you…


To awaken you to new levels.
To guide you.
To comfort you.
To nudge you.
To bump you forward.
To show you what you're not seeing for yourself.
To highlight doorways, pathways and opportunities.

To wake you within this dream of life to see who you really are, what your soul wants you to know, what life is really about for you, and to lovingly guide you into your soul aligned lane, your zone of genius, your highest potential and your ultimate growth!

It's truly mind blowing to me.

When I woke to this in 2010, it sent me on a deep dive down the rabbit hole. It felt like a magical carpet ride, as I engaged in a 2-way conversation with the Universe. It was SO profound, that I found myself saying, “pinch me, I must be dreaming”.

In fact I called my first book “Pinch Me”, about tuning into and following divine guidance.

Recently, following a spate of signs and synchronicities, it further reminded me of the magic of how the Universe is talking to each of us in unique ways, guiding our soul journeys.

So much so, it inspired this episode of the podcast, which I hope will stir the magic within you, and place you firmly into curiosity, exploration and connection with how YOU are being guided…

The Universe is Speaking to You

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Soul-Aligned Life

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