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Podcast Episode 26: New Strategies for a New Me & New Life

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There is a new you and a new evolved version of your life, which is MORE expansive, free, magical, joyous, and spacious.

It is waiting for you to step into it.

How do you step into it?

Let's talk about STRATEGIES…

You currently have strategies that you run in your life, whether you realize it or not.

Strategies for how you deal with yourself, other people and life.

Strategies for how you deal with relationships, health, society, money, goals.

You have coping mechanisms for how you deal with challenges, problems, inwardly and outwardly.

You have a modus operandi for your life and that set of strategies got you here, it all got you to this point.

And those strategies, the way that you operate, were most likely completely situation appropriate at earlier times in your life and worked for you to get you here to today, to this moment.

But what got you here… will not get you to the next evolution.

If you want a different output, you have to have a different input.

If you want to go to the next level (a new evolved you in a new season of your life), you need new strategies to take you there.

You need a new modus operandi.

And what most people are not aware of, after doing over a decade of coaching people and also having endlessly worked on my own evolution, is that the strategies that we run (quite often subconsciously) have been picked up earlier in life as mechanisms to self protect, to support us, to get us through (usually from really early on in life when we're children).

And those strategies were totally appropriate back then, and they once worked for us, but if we fail to update our strategies… we stagnate!

If we never upgrade our modus operandi, we land as adults with our child-self running childhood strategies to try to navigate our adult life.

And it simply does not work.

If you want to step into the new you and the new life that is entirely divinely ordered for you and awaiting you, then you have to bless and release the old strategies, and welcome a new chapter of you and your life by embodying entirely NEW updated, appropriate and soul aligned strategies!


We're covering ALL this and more in this episode of the Practical Spirituality with B Podcast. Let's dive in!

New Strategies for a New Me & a New Life

Next Steps

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