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Reset Yourself in Meditation

Want to give your entire ‘being' a RESET that doesn't cost you a single darn cent?

I hope you are screaming YES, I know I would be!

Think of the RESET like taking yourself back to zero/blank slate when you feel out of balance. Let me explain… I was deep in meditation one night recently, the kind where your entire body feels so numb that you can't tell where your body ends and where the ‘external world' begins. I had this type of meditation first in my early 20's when I read “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Now I practise meditation daily but I have to admit (shhhh…) that not every time do I dwell there long enough to really let myself RECEIVE the benefits of the RESET. Until the other night, when I was feeling so far in it (like the feeling of being heavily sedated, non-medically… BOOM!) and I hear the word “RESET”. My mind kicks in a bit wondering about this word, but visually I'm clear on what I'm getting shown. It's about the human mind, body and spirit not being designed to sustain constant thought, constant action and constant emotion. No big surprises right, that's why people love meditation. We engage in all sorts of activities to numb any pain, over-stimulation or lack of ‘balance' in our mind/body/spirit wholeness (our ‘being'). But this type of deep meditation RESET once daily is really all we need to help us achieve the aim. It is one simple thing you can do to reset yourself each day. The benefits are physical (total relaxation state, muscle tension released, healing takes place in that state), mental (mindlessness is a beautiful thing!), and emotional (giving over to healing energy pervading all parts of our being brings our feeling state to one of peace).

This RESET state is a healing one not only because of how WE are allowing our entire being to sit in this suspended state and what that does to our physical body, mind and emotions, but because divine universal energy (which is pure love, with pure and highest healing intention and capability) can ACCESS us more freely on all levels when we suspend ourselves in the reset state. When we are rushing around, thinking, experiencing emotions up down and round about, we leave less opening for healing energy to flow through us. It is our own state that blocks the natural flow of healing energy through us. The energy is designed to be flowing through us always, healing moment by moment, partnering with us in love and co-creation in all we do. Giving yourself a RESET each day is the perfect way to partner up with the energy that is part of you, that is from you, that is where you are from, that is ‘all-that-is'. And… (even better news) the RESET is not rocket science. You may even think… that is too simple and that can't possibly be that beneficial otherwise everyone would be doing it. Well, many people are doing it! You simply have to decide to prioritise this to be a part of your daily routine, or you can ignore it and choose other things. There is no one way or right way to dwell in love, light, healing and well-being.

Here’s how I do my own RESET meditations, to aid healing at all levels of mind/body/spirit. If this resonates with you, give it a whirl and see how you feel!

4 Keys for Ultimate RESET

The pre-requisites for when I do a RESET meditation are:

  1. Quiet room
  2. No distractions which might interrupt me (phone turned off, letting people in the house know that I am having time out by myself)
  3. No pressing need to do something else (which causes an underlying tension or sense of urgency to be ‘in and out’ of the meditation)
  4. Doing the meditation anytime of the day, anywhere that meets these requirements EXCEPT when I am about to go to bed (because it guarantees I will fall asleep immediately!)

2 Keys to Set Yourself Up

Setting myself up for a RESET meditation takes about 30 seconds!

  • Lie down (I don’t do this type of meditation in cross legged seated position, because I want my entire body to dissolve into relaxation, and lying down allows this to happen so much more easily and quickly)
  • Be warm (I cover myself with a blanket)

Simply Allow – No Expectation

There is no expectation of what I will experience or achieve in doing a RESET meditation. I simply know that however it goes, is however it goes. If my mind plays its own game that day, then so be it, I will still get much benefit from physical stillness.

You can set up for a meditation and have intention to benefit from the gifts it offers, without setting an expectation that it will be some zen-like perfect state, and then get disappointed if it doesn’t measure up!

Settle in for Body Stillness

  1. As soon as I lie down I have my head flat on the floor/bed (use a pillow if you prefer) and I have my arms at my side (about 45 degrees out from my body, with palms turned upward (open and upward facing palms is a gesture of openness and receiving)
  2. Use whatever you need to be comfortable while lying on your back (e.g. pillows, blankets). The key is simply this… what feels comfortable to YOU and is best for your body.
  3. I close my eyes and the first minutes or so is always a case of allowing my physical body to come into stillness. Adjusting self, twitching, itches etc all call out making me want to move around, but the more time goes on the more settled the body becomes. This is the savasna state, stillness of the physical body into total relaxation. Whenever the body moves, it breaks what I call “the spell”. The more still we are, as time goes on, the body starts to feel heavier, more relaxed, almost like you feel yourself merging with the floor/bed underneath you. One of the most noticeable sensations is that you can feel the energy in your body. You might even feel the sense of your heart beat pulsing, but pulsing in different areas of your body. Notice pulsing energy in your palms, in your feet, the energy tingling on your skin, your scalp. You might enjoy moving your attention to different areas of your body to feel this energy sensation.

Bring Attention to Breathing

  • Next, once I have allowed my body is settle into stillness, I focus on my breathing. I let my breathing occur in its natural rhythm in and out of the nose, not forcing it. When the body is relaxed in stillness, breathing will more naturally come from the diaphragm, when the belly rises and falls as you breathe. Often we get so used to breathing in a shallow way as we race about day-to-day, where we breathe from our chest. The reason I focus on my breathing, just noticing the air coming in and out of my body, is because it gives my mind something to focus on which is natural, life-giving and brings unison between my mind and physical body.

Quieten the Mind

Tips for quietening the mind…

  1. BREATHING – Everyone when they meditate has or will experience, at some point and to some degree, the “mind wander”. This is when no matter what you do the mind goes off into thinking land (what it does best!). I never make this “wrong” as that just means an expectation exists and as soon as something doesn’t meet expectations, there is a non-acceptance of what “is” and frustration might arise. This never ends well! Rather, I just focus my mind on  my breathing and if it wanders I lovingly bring it back to focus on my breathing again. While all of this is happening, the body is going deeper and deeper into stillness.
  2. MANTRA – A trick I use if my mind is particularly hyperactive, is that I will channel that activity into a mantra, such as repeating over and over, “My body, mind and spirit are balancing” or “Healing energy flows through me” or “I embrace this reset”. Rather than get caught up in the mind not doing what you desire, you can channel it into something that serves you.
  3. COUNTING – One final way I allow my mind to go into stillness is to count 1-2-1-2-1-2… counting in time with my breathing in and out, over and over again for a few minutes, then stopping that counting completely. The mind then experiences a short period of no-thinking when the counting it was focusing on is suspended. The break in counting causes a break in the mind, that break is a window of mindlessness, peace, inner stillness.
  4. THIRD EYE – With eyes closed you might prefer to choose to bring your mind’s attention to the space between your eyes around the brow region, the “third eye” zone, and focus it there.

 3 Step Summary

In summary the 3 step combo I use, which underpins any meditation of course, is:

  • Body stillness
  • Breath focus
  • Quiet mind

The fundamentals of meditation, despite the particular type/practise, might be similar across the world. And yet each person’s own experience of it, and ways of being with it, are different. What works for you might not work for another. What I love, might not be something that appeals to you. So I encourage you to play with it and see what you enjoy and what benefits you notice. I use this reset meditation once a day for approximately 20-30 minutes, usually early evening because that works for my routine. At the end of it, I open my eyes feeling super refreshed. My body feels like any knots have released, my mind feels clearer, more peaceful and I feel like I’ve connected with the divinity within myself. For me, it’s about allowing ourselves to turn inward to be with the truth of who we are, rather than constantly being outward focused on stimulus which leads us to believe “out there” is all there is. Immense healing takes place in this state of turning inward.

Adjust this RESET in ways that work for you, of course.

With love, Bernadette

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks Bernadette!

    Funny but the word “reset” made me want to write to you because it came to me in a similar way it did to you. I am a professional currency trader and it can get overwhelming at times. Managing reactive states charged with emotion is so key! Even the things you know how to do from the experience gained after hundreds, if not thousands of trades may be affected to the point that you can’t believe what you did. Trading is demanding of many things but at the very top the one requirement -taking the cake- is FOCUS 😉 Calm, relaxed, never struggling to be focused, but yes… what I imagine would be -ideally- a zen monk like kind of FOCUS. I’m taking your tips and recommendations to heart. Will be checking out EvolveHQ.. Thank you !!

    1. Hi Julian. I hear you, trading definitely brings is a vehicle for self mastery if ever there was one! Emotions, self awareness, focus, disciplined overcoming of all those factors in the moment. Well done on diving into all things that help you to master your inner world in order to master your profession 🙂 Sending best wishes your way! B

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