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Podcast Episode 9: The Spiritual Mindset That Will Work For You, Not Against You

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A bit of soulful pondering for you today…

Have you ever stopped to consider one of the powerful, invisible forces that guides your life?

It is your mindset, your ever-faithful servant, diligently at work in every moment.

But have you ever wondered who or what it is serving?

When left unchecked, our minds can often end up serving self-limiting beliefs, fear-fueled scenarios, past regrets, societal expectations, or any other agendas that may not necessarily serve our true selves.

But just imagine… what if you could consciously redirect your mind to serve something more profound and empowering?

Imagine if the power of your mind was harnessed in service of your true self, your soul – the most magnificent vision of your life, your tranquility, and your happiness.

Can you feel the potential brewing within you?

This week's podcast episode is all about HOW to harness this.

We delve into the art of shaping what I fondly call “The Spiritual Mindset”. In essence, it's about aligning your mindset with the sublime wisdom of your soul.

Join me for three practical ways to harness your Spiritual Mindset right here, right now. We're going to tap into something beautiful together…

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you B!

    I really needed that! Thank you! You always have such inspiration to say.

    I did not know that you had podcasts. I see this is #9. Is there access to 1-8?

    PS: Your Soul Journey is a wonderful experience.

    Lots of Love,


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