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Podcast Episode 35: 11 Questions to See the Truth & Leave the Past Behind

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The day this podcast is released for you, it's the last day of 2023, the final moment in this yearly chapter of your life story.

We're about to turn the page to a new beginning, the dawn of 2024, a brand new chapter.

And as you walk forward, you want to leave the past behind and surge ahead as your most powerful, clear, confident soul Self.

To do that, it helps to courageously see the truth of your past, your present and yourself, bringing light to any shadows.

So in this week's podcast episode we do just that… with 11 questions to help you see YOUR truth, and leave the past behind.

Get ready – you're taking your consciousness to a higher level, seeing and letting go of inner blocks and the past, so you can enter the new year enlightened and light.

Get a pen and paper to answer the 11 questions in this episode.

Your willingness to honestly answer these questions and to ACT on the inner wisdom of the answers, will equate to how quickly you drop the past and live a life of soul aligned purpose, fulfillment and magic!

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4 Responses

  1. Excellent B ! I have made a small start doing some of this. Thank you for giving me the boot to step it up and really make the difference i have been frustrated I have not been getting Love You !!! Blessings Diana

    1. Awesome Diana! A pleasure to share this with you, Love your energy! Wishing you all good things for the year ahead. Bx

  2. My heart is filled with gratitude for this. This is so beautiful B, I’m glad I didn’t miss this opportunity. The questions are hard, but definitely an important step to really go deeper. Thank you, Love you !

    1. So glad this was helpful Sheila! We’re on this journey together, and it’s great to share what is helpful as we go deeper, to go higher!! Love to you! Bx

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