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Podcast Episode 32: Your Rage is Sacred & Why It Might Be Hidden from You

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It may come as a surprise to know that rage is a healthy emotion, with a specific message, and it is a sacred and liberating process to name it and release it.

And it may be even more surprising (as it was for me) to find a pocket of rage hidden within you that you had no idea was there!

We cover this and much more in this episode of the podcast, honoring the release of rage and the sacred purpose of this…

  • What rage is – the pure feeling of it
  • Your rage, ancestral rage, ancient rage, collective rage
  • Why it's sometimes hidden within
  • What its message is
  • Why it's sacred
  • The price of suppression
  • The gift of expression
  • Why your Soul & Source want you to express it
  • HOW to release rage in an beautiful, sacred, cathartic, healing and liberating way!

Plus I'm sharing examples of the 2 times I unexpectedly met with a ball of rage within me and how I processed it to create more light and space within me and in my life. And how you can do the same!

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