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Podcast Episode 27: Reclaiming Your Power After Losing Yourself

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3 fascinating things happen on our life journey that are integral parts of our soul path.



At some point in our life our soul stirs and we have an awakening. Our consciousness lifts. We start to realize there is something deeper, more meaningful, more divine and more infinite about who we are and what life is.

This will often send us on a path of spiritual growth, personal growth, and faith based living.

On the deep dive to explore all things spiritual and personal growth, it is almost inevitable that we begin to see things about ourselves and our life that do NOT work, that we don't like, things that we want to evolve beyond. 

That might include things like conditioning, limiting beliefs, fears, past pain and trauma, and societal norms. 


And there is a very healthy, natural and important part of this evolutionary process whereby we “rub off the rough edges” of our small self. We seek to go beyond our ego, we want to rise above our mind noise, we want to go deeper into who we really are, and to transcend. We dissolve that which is not true about our core divine nature.

This process is magical, alchemical, beautiful and also can be very painful, confronting and sticky!

We are designed to let go of all that we are NOT, so we can find who we really are. It's natural to lose yourself (the parts that don't serve you), to find yourself (the true authentic soul Self you are). 

Unfortunately there is a trap that is common to fall into, in self help, personal growth, self improvement, spiritual development…. which is that we can get STUCK looping inside the “fixing myself” and “fixing my life” mode.

And… as we dissolve what we don't like or want to keep inside of us, we can also accidentally, at the very same time, start to lose all the parts of us that are soulful, vibrant, expressive and true!  


We are are designed to awaken, dissolve what no longer serves us, and then… REBIRTH and RECLAIM our full divine power and bring forth the fullness of our soul Self.

We are not designed to stay down in the dissolution phase. 

If you feel that you have lost important beautiful parts of yourself along your life journey, parts of you that you haven't been able to bring forth as an adult, such as your gifts, talents, personal power and unique divinely designed strengths, then this episode is definitely for you!

It's time to say thank you and goodbye to the “losing yourself” phase, the “fixing yourself” phase, the “finding yourself” phase.

It's time to say hello to your RISING phase, for rebirth and reclamation of ALL your divine power, including merging the best of what you've learned in personal growth and spirituality, with the best of your HUMAN self (your personality, gifts, talents, strengths and innate traits), with the best of your SOUL self (your divine connection, your big heart, and your conscious awareness).

Let's dive in…

Next Steps

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4 Responses

  1. Wow B, your korero/talk was so powerful. I resonated with EVERYTHING you said. I believe I’m in the looping stage. I have gone through what you have & yes I feel I’ve lost my power, my luster, my energetic happy go lucky, carefree Self. I, too know that I am Very Powerful and have seen it. I wish I could get a 1:1 with you BUT it’s money for Me. I am already enormously grateful for the extension on my course payments. So, I’m thinking, no doubt you will offer this amazing opportunity again.
    Thank you so much for this blessing.

    1. Hey Ruiha! So glad this podcast episode was resonant for you and so excited to have you with us in the Soul Odyssey program. Look forward to being live in our Zoom group calls with you for sharing, coaching and Q&A. See you soon, with much love. Bx

  2. I completely identify with everything you say and I recognise myself in your descriptions…I am unsure though what my strengths are,(i feel from a very young age i have surpressed myself) how do I identify them

    1. Hi Kathy, I hear you, and it’s an exciting time to be reclaiming your true soul Self, your strengths and full expression! Here are 2 free resources to support you with first steps that my work is based on. There’s a free guide, and a free online class, both supporting the overall coming into your soul power and your truest most expressed self! With much love, B
      PS You might also find my book helpful in that regard, coming into your soul aligned life by understanding all of this in the context of your soul journey and purpose:

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