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Podcast Episode 18: Giving Your Power Away? How to Shift from Feeling Powerless to Powerful

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Have you been giving your power away or feeling powerless?

This can happen by accident, without you consciously realizing you're surrendering your power. But it can also happen on purpose, due to conditioned patterns.

In this episode of Practical Spirituality with B, we'll cover:

  • Exactly what we mean by the word “power” so you have an accurate understanding of your personal power.
  • The 3 main reasons we give our power away – it makes complete sense once you see it clearly!
  • The 2 things that must happen for you to shift from feeling powerless to powerful.

So, if you're tired of feeling like other people, situations or life have the power and are running the show, and you're tired of feeling vulnerable, powerless, afraid or uncertain, this episode is for you!

Let's dive in…

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