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Podcast Episode 15: How to Create Change – 4 Steps to More Joy, Love, Success & Magic

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Ready for more in your life? More joy, love, peace, success, adventure, fun, abundance, magic…

But you've noticed that despite wanting more for yourself, you're still not progressing and you're unsure why you're stuck or where to start to create change?

I've got you covered!

In this podcast episode, you'll get 4 logical steps you need to take to create change to bring what you desire to fruition! Including:

  1. The most obvious starting step when you want to create change, and why most people are NOT doing this despite it being so logical.
  2. The myth and misconception that has people stay stuck, stay in victim mindset about not having what they want, and how EASY this is to change.
  3. A simple tip to help you create change RAPIDLY without spinning your wheels, treading water, and looping inside old patterns.
  4. One question to ask yourself that will put you into targeted action to generate more of what you want.

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Bernadette Logue - Spiritual Life Coach

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