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Podcast Episode 13: How to Trust Yourself – 7 Spiritual Keys

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Have you ever questioned your capabilities?

Perhaps you've hesitated over your goals, your aspirations, and your deepest desires?

Or maybe, you've felt overwhelmed by decisions, worrying if you've chosen the right path?

If we're being completely candid, have you ever felt that you lack trust in life itself?

You can likely provide countless reasons for why trusting yourself seems daunting, or why fully embracing life feels challenging.

​​Don't worry, you're not alone. I have been on that very journey myself.

Through until my early thirties, I grappled with self-doubt and distrust in the unpredictability of life. I couldn't comprehend my life's purpose or direction and struggled to confidently steer my course.

I created a strategy to cope with this uncertainty – I never strayed from my comfort zone. I stuck to what I knew, avoiding risks and potential failures. I disregarded my longing for a different lifestyle and shelved my dreams. My primary goal was to maintain control, to keep everything safe, and certain. And, whenever life seemed to be veering off course, I resisted, reacting with fear, frustration and upset.

Consequently, I found myself grappling with stress and anxiety, suffering from physical health issues due to the mental and emotional toll. But this began to change in early 2010.

Around that time, I felt an internal awakening. A calling from my soul and Source began stirring within me, accompanied by divine signs and synchronicities around me. I was unknowingly on the brink of a transformative spiritual awakening.

During this time, a friend suggested that I attend a session with her spiritual advisor. Intrigued, I decided to go. This decision was akin to opening Pandora's box!

During that session, the spiritual advisor channeled a message from my late Nana. Addressing my anxiety and self-doubt, she said, “You're walking around in a suit of armor. It's exhausting. What are you so afraid of?” Her words resonated deeply with me.

How could I place my trust in life when it seemed so unpredictable? How could I trust myself when I knew that I could not ensure my desired outcomes? I was trapped in a constant state of self-protection. This was no way to live.

Gratefully, my spiritual awakening during 2010 opened my eyes, and began a journey towards learning to trust myself and embrace life fully.

This period sparked my curiosity about our existence as souls, about soul journeys and purpose, and how to navigate life with trust and soul power.

​​Along the way, I discovered spiritual keys that instilled a deep sense of trust in myself and life.
That trust supported a profound transformation over the years. Gradually, I shed my metaphorical suit of armor and made dramatic changes – from my mindset, emotional state, and health, to my career, location, goals, lifestyle, and more. All the facets of my life began to align with my soul and Source.

In this episode, I'm sharing with you 7 crucial keys that helped me most on my journey.

These keys will not only help you to trust in yourself and life, but will also aid you in:

  • Elevating self-confidence
  • Making decisions with ease
  • Following through with actions
  • Initiating positive life changes
  • Feeling life's support in every situation
  • Tackling unexpected challenges with calmness and efficiency
  • Achieving significant inner peace

Ready? Let's step forward into greater trust and peace…

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