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You Can Live Your Dream Despite Anxiety, Fear, Worry & Challenges!

This message is to every beautiful person in our community who has fear, anxiety, worry or challenges, and who thinks that other people that are creating their dreams are somehow different to them, and somehow immune to those things…

I hear you. And, I want you to know that I know EXACTLY how you feel.

My coaching clients often look a bit stunned when I privately share my personal experiences with them that mirror their own situation or mirror their own inner dialogue or blocks. Perhaps they think that someone living the life I live, doing the work I do, experiencing the life I have created and continue to create, is somehow immune to these feelings or problems?

That is just not accurate.

And the reason we fall into believing it is because society sells us this ridiculous image of “success” via mass media, marketing, advertising and social media showing this plastic, sanitised and “perfect” version of what a happy and successful life looks like…

You know what I'm talking about… that flawless “got it together” person, walking down the street, breeze flowing through their manicured hair, no stress, no problems, everything they want and wish for, not a care in the world. And then…

You look at YOUR life, and what YOU want to create, and you notice fear inside, anxiety, worry, “what ifs”, and you wonder how on earth you can live that life when that is NOT how you feel inside!

And, because inside you feel differently to the image of the life you want… you assume you're not cut out for it, not able to create it, or that somehow you have to work out how to rid yourself of those challenges inside before you'll ever be the person who can have a better life.

Well – word to the wise… you are looking at a woman who has fears, anxiety, worry and challenges just like you do.

I started changing my life and was riddled with fear when I started. I continuously push my comfort zone, trying new things and following my heart, and notice anxiety arise inside of me as I do so.

Sometimes, before I do something big (like facing a big fear, or jumping up in front of a group to speak, I feel so anxious I want to vomit!). Does it mean I can't do it? NO. Does it mean I wasn't cut out for it, that my intuition was wrong, or that I am not good enough to do this? NO. It means that I saddle up, get out there and do it anyway, and guess what… as I did so, do so and will continue to act this way, my comfort zone expands and expands. I become more and more courageous, more and more able to be with change, uncertainty, new situations, unknowns, new questions, no answers and guess what…

That is called living on the frontier of your life – at the limit of what you know and have previously experienced – which is where ALL POSSIBILITIES LIVE.

Please, please, please – if there is something you want in your life and you have fear, anxiety, worry, unanswered questions, perceived limitations on what you know, can do and have experienced to date, just remember that these are not a reason to stop. These are simply SYMPTOMS of someone going beyond what they already know into new territory, and they are healthy, natural reactions to have.

Giving rise to new creation in your life is not always easy.

Giving rise to goals and dreams sometimes involves facing fear and walking through it.

Being outside your comfort zone puts you under pressure – you start to meet parts of yourself that you may not like feeling/seeing.

BUT… with all that said, it is where MASSIVE transformation becomes available to you.

One life. One heart. Give it all you have and know that EVERY person who has done that has experienced some form of fear, worry, anxiety or challenge along the way.

I love you all, and I wish you every good thing that this life has to offer you! It is all there for you – you simply must fling open your arms, heart and mind to life and walk forward into your destiny.


PS. If you think I'm exaggerating about my own inner experience and saying that I personally know what you might be feeling inside, just ask my husband. If you ever get to meet him in person, at one of my retreats or live events, he will indeed confirm that his wife used to be the MOST conservative, anxious, risk-averse, fearful person he has met on the planet. Is it possible to transform from that energy into courage? And, can you do that simultaneously while also creating your goals/dreams?  YES! I'm living proof!

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Ready for a More Fulfilling

& Magical Life?

Get Your Soul Journey Simplified today: discover practical guidance for understanding & navigating your spiritual path, to live the life your soul came for.

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