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How to Trust Your Intuition

To reach your fullest potential in life requires you to trust your intuition.

It's always there guiding you – nudging you away from what doesn't serve you and drawing you forward into what does serve you.

But noticing those nudges and acting on them are two different things!

Sometimes it can be scary to act on your intuition!

That's why learning to trust your intuition is key.

Once you have trust, that trust counters the fear.

Insights & Tips on How to Trust Your Intuition

In the video below we're covering the following insights and tips to help you…

  • How to know if what you feel is actually intuition vs another feeling.
  • 3 common blocks that might be stopping you from trusting your intuition, and important perspective shifts to help you jump these hurdles!
  • An important way to build yourself up to a state where you will trust your intuition.
  • What to do once you've made the necessary perspective shifts – the next most important step which consolidates that trust.

I'd love to hear from you. Please do share any questions, comments or your own experiences by scrolling down and leaving me a message below.

  • Have you been noticing an intuitive nudge to do something, but you haven't acted on it yet?
  • Have you followed your intuition before, and what happened? What did you learn?
  • Are you ready to step forward with trusting and acting on your intuition?

With love, Bernadette

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6 Responses

  1. I worked a very busy retail pharmacy as Pharmacist. I had 4 Rx’s for a child less than 9 yrs. He had 3 Rx’s in his name. 2 were for inflamed bronchial. One was for adult dose for an anti-inflammatory drug. We were on a metric system that graded your work flow, “Be Fast Like A Quarterback” other Rx’s were turning red due to me taking time to speak to Mother and trusting my gut or intuition. Mom not aware of 3 Rx and I told my staff I needed to call MD. I almost let the Rx go thru due to meeting my evaluation of keeping up with the time. Then I said no! I told staff I have a serious situation on Rx for child. I called md office and it was a mistake. It was not for this young boy. The reply from md was not to fill it. Not admitting to error is what they do. I explained to mother why it took so long to fill Rx’s cause I was checking one that was high dose and would cause problems to his health. I’m so glad I listened and acted on my intuition to do the right thing instead of look good as checking Rx’s like a quarterback to Be Fast. So fast that errors were ignored. Even your employees would rush you as you checked Rx’s so we all would get a perfect score with the metric system for the company. I once was told by my superior to not worry about errors. Just keep up with the metrics. Happy I listened and acted on my intuition.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, and yes we are served so much by listening to our intuition as the most important form of guidance. Wishing you the best. B

  2. I tried to follow my intuition, strongly believing I should relocate so I did. It’s been 12 yrs. I have yet to make any friends. Not one. Haven’t found anyone to date. My job is so very stressful. I get good reviews but I haven’t been allowed any transfers. I look for work elsewhere to move on and nothing. I’m stuck and I don’t know my purpose here at all.

    1. Hey Abigail, thanks for sharing and I hear it’s been a challenging ride. Life can be confusing at times right?! I send much love and best wishes to you as you journey forward. We have lots of resources on the website here for you, that speak to all sorts of specific questions and challenges. If there is anything in particular you would like to dive further into please let me know and I can do my best to point you to specific articles, videos, audios etc that might help you. With love, Bernadette

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