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Having Courage to Follow Your Inner Knowing

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From the moment you're born, throughout your entire life journey, your soul is calling to you to awaken inside the dream of life, to step up and to stand up for what you came into life to be, do and have.

This ride called life seems sometimes exciting, sometimes mundane and often quite challenging… and it is not what it appears on the surface. Something deeply beautiful, magical and miraculous is occurring below the surface of your everyday life. A calling to return to the truth of who you really are, to live your soul plan and purpose fully, and to do that no matter what.

This requires courage to step up and stand out in situations where and when it most counts, which can sometimes require you to walk on the edge, out on a limb, often in a direction that the mind doesn't understand, that defies logic, and that may go against the grain of mainstream thinking!

But you are not mainstream. You are SOUL STREAM, and it's time to jump in! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What is your soul whispering to you right now?

Where is the next obvious unfolding step for you to take to be fully in soul alignment?

Let's find out together in this conversation!

Most people have connection to that calling ie. their inner knowing it nudges them on a regular basis.

What to do.
What to stop.
What to start.
What needs changing.
What to say.

But… many people do NOT act according to that inner knowing (your Soul speaking to you). because…

Self doubt gets in the way.
Negative “what ifs” come up.
Fear of going “against” the grain of what others are saying/doing.
Fear of not meeting expectations.
Fear that it will mess up your well laid plans!
Avoiding the inconvenience of listening and acting on it, and the changes that may result.
And the list goes on for why we get firmly stuck in our own way and nothing soulful and magical unfolds.

Urgh, it's such a MIND GAME, the way we get stuck looping inside these things instead of hearing the call from within and then courageously acting on it.

Do you want OUT OF THAT LOOP?

Join myself and the beautiful Edgewalkers Cafe team in this live Zoom replay. My dear friend Patricia Campanile is part of their team and she facilitated this session where we explore what it is to be TRUE TO YOURSELF no matter what.

Having Courage to Follow Your Soul Calling & Path

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