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To enjoy miracles in your life it's all about having the Mindset for Miracles - being in a state of alignment with your Soul and Higher Power. This 30 day audio training course, with daily lessons containing spiritual/faith messages, will guide you step-by-step into that alignment.

When You're Out of Alignment...

Mindset for Miracles
  • Do you sense that miracles are possible, but they feel like a mystery and you're not sure how to align yourself to experience them?
  • You know there's a higher dimension and divine part to your life (your Soul, a Higher Power) but sometimes it's like an intellectual understanding versus a deep knowing. 
  • You do believe, yet you also question where the guidance is, where the support is, where the miracles are.
  • Your sense of faith or spiritual connection might vary - one day you feel connected and aligned, the next day you can feel adrift and unsure.
  • You want your alignment to your Soul and Higher Power to be strong, consistent, embedded and EVIDENT in your daily life.

A Life Filled with Miracles...

Where do you need miracles right now?

  • Imagine living your life each day DEEPLY KNOWING you are aligned to your Soul and your Higher Power, and trusting that where and when miracles are available you will experience them.
  • Imagine miracles happening right now, where you most need them, and how loved, empowered and supported you would feel. 

What Are Miracles?

Miracles in the context of this course are 2 things:

- OUTER MIRACLES: beneficial events/occurrences in our lives that are not explainable by any means other than divine intervention.

- INNER MIRACLES: critical positive shifts in our own perception, that helpfully dawn upon us.

What is the Mindset for Miracles?

If you want miracles, you need to sit within a mindset that supports that. Such a mindset is ultimately about aligning you more solidly and consistently with your Soul and Higher Power, while at the same time dissolving fearful and limiting illusions that leave you feeling disconnected and distanced.

Miracles are never withheld from you. You are never left out, alone or abandoned. You are always given opportunities to realign yourself with the Soul you are, the Source you come from, to be aligned with your Higher Power. You are always receiving the call to come "home". When you align in this way, miracles are the natural consequence.

Mindset for Miracles
30 Day Training Experience

Mindset for Miracles

How Does this Training Make Miracles More Available to You?

This "Mindset for Miracles" audio course is a psychological training to shift you away from the limitations and illusions that are not reflective of who you really are and which block miracles. PLUS simultaneously, it's a spiritual/faith training to create/strengthen connection - realigning you more solidly and consistently with your Soul, Higher Power and truth (your home-base for miracles).

We enter this training with an open mind and open heart ready to welcome miracles in all their forms - miracle shifts in your perception (about yourself, about other people, about challenges, about goals/dreams, about life itself) AND miracles in your outer circumstances.

* The terminology and approach in this course is inclusive - it respects all systems of belief, faith, religion and spirituality. You can engage with this course from your own paradigm and path.

Here's what you'll get when you enroll in the 'Mindset for Miracles' audio course

  • A 2 SECTION audio training course with lifetime access to all resources.
  • SECTION 1: Welcome & Introduction - 2 Audios (29 minutes total)
  • SECTION 2: 30 Days to Your Mindset for Miracles - 30 Audios (3 hours total)
  • Each daily audio lesson builds upon the last, sequentially guiding you through a journey into an aligned and magnetic Mindset for Miracles.
  • Complete flexibility to enjoy the training at your own pace, and to revisit it any time you wish.
  • Instant Lifetime Access
  • Downloadable PDF Summary List of the 30 Daily Lessons (for easy reference and note-taking)
  • Access to a private discussion forum exclusively for Mindset for Miracles, to ask questions and get support, and to connect with other course participants.
  • A Mindset for Miracles Affirmations Audio (containing all the lessons) for daily listening after completing the course to further embed your miracles mindset.
  • BONUS: 3 "Mantra for Miracles" Audios - Morning Mantra for Miracles with your Goals & Dreams, Bedtime Mantra for Miracles with Challenges, Mantra for Miracles in Relationships.
  • BONUS: 3 "Mantra for Miracles" (as above) in printable format so you can read them out loud yourself.

"This course changed the way I look at life. And it started working in the first 7 days!!" - Gigi, December 2018

Section 1: Welcome & Introduction

Mindset for Miracles
  • Welcome & How to Use this Course
  • What are Miracles & What is the Mindset for Miracles

Section 2: 30 Days to Your Mindset for Miracles

  • 30 x daily lessons (average 5-6 minute duration each).
  • Listen to the daily audio in the morning - reflect upon the lesson, take notes of any insights arising and what it opens up for you!
  • Repeat the lesson mantra to yourself throughout the day and apply it in whatever situations you find yourself.
  • Each lesson builds upon the last, day by day creating your mindset for miracles.

What course participants are saying:



This is a great course! I am already seeing changes in my interactions with people around me, and my energy is better. Thank you, Bernadette!



Everyday I looked forward to this practice as a positive way to start my day. The Mindset for Miracles course served as a great opportunity and daily reminder to connect with my soul.



Very efficient training. You understand how it is so important to see things differently. Everything changes and becomes easier. Life is lighter and joyful despite challenges. Challenges just become parts of the game.




Everything Bernadette creates soothes and aligns me. This Mindset for Miracles course is no exception. I got it thinking it would help me with my clients, to experience shifts, because I have done hundreds of personal development courses over the span of 13 years. So I thought there wasn’t anything left for me. Not that I’m enlightened, but I thought to myself ‘what could this course offer me that I haven’t come across yet?’

Well, I was blown away by it! For someone who considers themselves an intermediate to advanced personal development junkie, this was AWESOME! I love the way B breaks down the miracle affirmations. It was needed for me, as one of the first affirmations on Day One was about being ‘soul first’. Now I’ve heard this before and get it in theory… but to be truthful, it makes me feel a bit ‘woo woo’ and impractical. Well of course she breaks it down in a short, snappy video explanation, that makes the affirmation 100% clear and accessible to my practical mind. I think this course is also great for people not so embedded in the spiritual path, to access miracles too. It's for both the hippies and the logical brains!

The course was packed with really small, bite-sized diamonds of wisdom. It was nice for me as a Life Coach to feel emotionally refilled by someone coaching me, and it has just provided me the massive, creative inspiration and new direction I needed in my life and transformation to date.

I am moving country, and continuing a new business, and this has been like The Universe literally giving me a big hug of support every day. I am no longer fearful… I believe in miracles! I cannot express how appreciative I am that B came into my life with her inspiring material and courses… and that is indeed a miracle too.

Mindset for Miracles Provides...

  • A building and strengthening of your connection with your Soul and your Higher Power - aligning you more fully and consistently.
  • A more open, limitless mindset that makes you readily available for miracles in your life.
  • A feeling of oneness and connection to all of life around you.
  • The deep and unwavering knowing that there is an immensely powerful loving force behind you every day, with your best interests at hand. You will feel more "at home".
  • A peace and trust that everything happening in your life is part of the spiritual unfolding of your soul journey... and that each step is an opportunity to move closer to your Soul and Higher Power.
  • And... more miracles!

Instructor Profile

About Bernadette Logue

Bernadette Logue (known to everyone as “B”) is a Transformation Life Coach, the author of 3 personal growth books, and an expert in personal transformation.

In leading her community with extensive free resources as well as premium content (courses, live programs, and our EvolveHQ private membership), B draws upon her unique skill set and background. This includes corporate peak performance coaching experience, extensive personal development knowledge and life coaching expertise, merged seamlessly with age-old spiritual wisdom and conscious living practices.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

This audio course comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. We are completely committed to providing you with high quality resources. While you are responsible for how you use this course and the resources, and for your choices and actions, we pride ourselves on exceptional client service, on providing relevant and targeted content to support you with real life day-to-day challenges, and if you are not satisfied in this first 30 days, we wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us: [email protected]

FOR BEST RESULTS: Please participate fully in all aspects of the 30 day training.

* Please note our good-faith guarantee is based on your active participation in the course in the first 30 days and does not cover change of mind or change of circumstance.

What course participants are saying:




I have been working with Bernadette for a number of years through private coaching and her courses. But something about the Mindset for Miracles course truly resonated with me on such a deep and permanent level. I know I will never approach life in the same way again.

For so long I have yearned to take that which I intellectually understood, to reach me on a cellular level. And that is precisely what this ‘miraculous’ course did for me. It has literally shifted my perspective on life and how I approach it. It has made me more consciously aware of Who I Am and Who I am Being in all of my life circumstances. It has enabled me to approach my challenges with a new sense of confidence and faith. This course awakened me to a new way to view and interact with people and myself. I am more at peace and feeling more and more powerful every day. I listen to my daily ‘spiritual lessons’ every opportunity I get. And when my ego tries to take over, I pause and shift my focus as I remember that “I am a Soul First and Body Second” (that’s lesson #1 if you haven’t given yourself the gift of listening yet).

Thank you B – you have transformed my life!

Don't wait another moment, NOW is the time to align to your Soul and Higher Power!

'Mindset for Miracles'

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