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6 Things Your Soul Wants You to Remember

Here are 6 things that your soul would want you to remember during this life journey you're on.

It's time to reconnect with what your soul knows, so you can walk forward with more confidence…

3 Steps to Designing YOUR

Soul-Aligned Life

Discover how to honor your soul calling you into MORE! Clarify your soul’s plan & purpose + get ready to break free from those things preventing you from creating a life deeply aligned with who you really are & what you’re here to live!

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7 Responses

  1. What are the names of the 3 books Bernadette has written? I am most interested in a) how to purposely master your mind and b) how to live consciously and c) how to live soul-aligned. I love my Lord Jesus, and I feel these 3 skills would help me hugely in my Christian walk. Thank you for the work you are doing and the advice you have to offer to enhance the lives of others.

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for your message. Wishing you well for your journey! And the 3 books are 1) Unleash Your Life – 166 Spiritual Truths to Unlock Your Inner Peace, Freedom & Success 2) Pinch Me – How Following The Signals Changed My Life and c) Going Out on a Limb – How Signals Led Me Beyond My Limits & Into Truth. I suggest you start with “Unleash Your Life” – it is a self-help guide and covers all the things you are looking for (mind mastery, living consciously and soul-aligned). Here is a link for details and to purchase online in paperback or eBook – Best wishes! Bernadette

  2. Please read this in a non-cranky voice because I’m truly not trying to be snarky. It would be great if you (and many others) could provide a written transcript of your videos. There’s interesting info there, but I can read faster than it takes to listen to an 11-minute video and my uninterrupted alone time is limited. Thanks for listening!

    1. Hey Rebecca, thanks for your message! Totally know what you mean. Would absolutely LOVE to do transcription with every vid, and in future we will hope to do that, and to provide translations to other languages for non-English speakers, CC on vids for people with hearing problems and more. At the moment we have a teeny tiny team, and thousands of people we’re supporting so we’re doing our best to produce a mix of content to help everyone as best we can, including many written articles and resources, some audios, some videos etc We genuinely appreciate feedback as it helps us to know what people want, and in future as we leverage more support in our team we’ll be able to extend video resources in written format too. Love and blessings! Bernadette

    2. Hi Rebecca,
      To listen faster, click on the settings icon at the bottom RH corner of the video. Then click on playback speed & choose the speed you want. I often listen to things at 1.75, which reduces listening time. Alternatively, you can put the playback speed on number 2, which will halve the time, but may be too fast to hear properly, but if you turn on the written captions, you can then read those quite quickly. Switch to full screen view if the captions are too small to see clearly & mute the sound if it interferes with your reading.

  3. You are a perfect example of a soul expanding and making a massive contribution. God bless you ‘B’ for sharing this with us.

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Bernadette Logue - Spiritual Life Coach

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