'Unleash Your Life' Book

By Bernadette Logue

Unleash Your Life

166 Truths to Unlock Your Inner Peace, Freedom & Success

Unleash Your Life is a power-packed, practical self-help book to guide you into your inner peace, freedom and success. 


Based upon  Bernadette’s exclusive 3-step Unleash Your Life© method for achieving personal and professional peak performance, you will be guided, step-by-step, into profound positive change in your life.

unleash your life book

A Message from B

You came into life to be the full and unique expression of who you are – uninhibited, unapologetically, and without judgement. This is your purpose.


Along the journey in life you accumulate a fog that clouds you in and suppresses that unique expression. The fog consists of limiting beliefs, expectations, fear and societal conditioning – none of which reflects your true nature and all of which dilutes your precious efforts to live the life you truly want. The fog begins to form from the day you are born and creates a limiting and illusionary paradigm (a warped model of reality) through which you see yourself, life and the world around you.


Your job is to awaken to this fog and to clear it. You do so by discovering the truths about who you really are and what life is really about, forming a new limitless paradigm from which to live, so you can fully let your soul shine out into this world unencumbered.


Through this natural process of awakening, consciously choosing to clear the fog, and blossoming into your unique expression, you achieve two remarkable and critical aspects of your soul journey. Firstly, you face and overcome your limitations and blocks, thus learning and evolving as a soul. And secondly, you feed that learning into all you choose to do personally and professionally going forward, thus making an impact upon and contribution to this world. This ongoing cycle of learning and contribution is the foundation of your life journey.


This is what success looks like in the New World. It is choosing and then living from a limitless and truthful paradigm, which fully reflects your true nature as a conscious creator of your own reality. It enables your soul (previously barely heard deep below the fog) to rise up and speak to you, and through you, more clearly with passion, inspiration and intuition. Your soul does this to guide and support you in achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations here in this human life experience.


Now is the time to unleash your life from the inside out, to let that beautiful unique expression touch this world in a way that only you can and will ever do – achieving your very purpose for being here.


Shattering any illusion you may have been living within, opening up a whole new paradigm for you, this book contains 166 age-old truths to support you to create a solid new foundation of understanding from which to live. Be ready to give away any limiting view of yourself, others, life and this world, and exchange it for a radical new limitless one.


From that new foundation of understanding, you will be guided through 7 simple yet powerful exercises to support you to let go of whatever is blocking you – whatever contradicts your true nature and the vision you have for your life. These exercises are accompanied by downloadable resources and tools to embed the shifts in your daily life.


And, finally, standing on a foundation of truth, free of limitation, you will be guided to create your own Unleash Your Life action plan via a series of clarifying and empowering exercises so that you have a clear vision and a road map with which to implement any changes you seek to make in your life.


All of this is combined with over 850 written affirmation statements, and 17 free downloadable audio mantras and practical exercise templates.

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What Readers Are Saying

I have just started reading your book “Unleash Your Life” and I am absolutely blown away by it. It is so powerful and wise and makes so much sense that I would love everyone I know to get a copy. I know for sure that this book along with all your blogs, videos and wisdom is going to turn my life upside down completely and is already changing it for the better. This is information I have been searching for for such a long time. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work and for sharing this treasure with the world. If your books have not been translated yet I really do hope they will be available in other languages soon as this should be like a “manual for life” every person on this planet should have in their possession. Thanks again and keep on inspiring the world! – Iris

As a perpetual student of spirituality and enlightenment for most of my life, I think this book tops any other book I’ve ever read – Mel

This book is absolutely amazing! – KC

Just a note to express gratitude for the power and growth I’ve experienced from my short telephone work with you and for the good that’s unfolding in my life as a result of working with your Unleash Your Life book for the past several months… My life has a very sweet glow to it. – DR