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Understanding Vibrational Frequencies

In this fascinating session with Elena Bensonoff & Alejandro Ferradas from Wholistic Inc, we talk about vibrational frequencies, consciousness and the nature of reality.

Elena and Alejandro specialize in reading and analysing the vibrational frequencies of people, places, companies, information and sharing this to support self understanding, growth, healing, love, unity and evolution.

Dive in with us as we cover:

  • What is a biofield? (you have one!)
  • The vibrational frequency scale, from 0 – 1000
  • How they use 30 categories of frequencies to understand individuals (plus 4 new categories of frequency reading they have recently added to their work)
  • How you can use vibrational frequency understanding to bring light and awareness to any shadows and make conscious choices that elevate you
  • Vibrational frequencies of geographic locations, sacred sites and what is going on when we feel personally called to specific locations on the planet
  • How the collective energy of all human beings / society affects individuals (impacting your own personal vibrational frequency)
  • And as Alejandro points out… EVERYONE has the power to tune in and access the biofield, Higher Self, frequency information and higher frequencies.

Understanding Vibrational Frequency

About Elena & Alejandro

Elena Bensonoff & Alejandro Ferradas are the co-founders of Wholistic Inc.

Elena Bensonoff is an award-winning holistic practitioner, consultant pharmacist, author and the founder of Wholistic, Inc. As a pioneer in the fields of functional, regenerative and Quantum Medicine, she has been sharing her gift for healing for over 20 years. Using her clinical skills and medical intuition, Elena has been able to support clients in healing. She is also a guest instructor at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, and board certified as an advanced fellow in anti-aging, functional and regenerative medicine.

“Elena Bensonoff presents an account of the mechanisms by which environment and consciousness create the conditions of our bodies and the character of our lives.” -Bruce Lipton, Phd, Stem Cell Biologist and Bestselling Author

“The unique value Elena brings to the field of holistic healing is that she truly understands how everything is connected.” -Nassim Haramein, World Leader in Unified Physics, Founder of the Resonance Science Foundation

Connect with Elena & Alejandro

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