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Your Choices in Life – Are You Spiraling Up or Down?

Life’s not static, right? It’s always changing. It does not stand still.

We create our lives, because we are not static. We are always changing, never standing still, always moving, thinking and feeling in every minute of every day. Even when we are asleep in bed, we are breathing and dreaming. Our environment is constantly evolving, our bodies change, our thinking changes, our feelings change. These facets make up our life, so vis a vis, our life is always changing.

My sister came up with this awesome analogy. She said to me, “Remember B, life is like a spiral. You are either moving up and up, or you are moving down and down. There is no standing still on the spiral.”

So I pondered this analogy, being a true lover of analogies. If we are on the Spiral of Life, and it is impossible to stand still on the spiral, then how do we ensure we are always moving in the upward direction on that spiral? Because I sure as heck don’t want to be spiraling downwards!

It's our choices that drive our direction on the spiral. It is not the events of our lives or the circumstances we are experiencing, that determine our direction on the Spiral of Life. Instead it is our reactions to those events and circumstances that drive our direction.

And might I just add – THANK THE LUCKY STARS FOR THAT!

The reason I am ecstatic about choices driving my direction on the spiral of life, is that means I can actually somewhat control/create my direction in life regardless of what is happening around me. I am not at the whim of life – and neither are you.

Let’s get some visual imagery happening, to cement this idea. Please envisage the spiral looking like a GIANT corkscrew standing upright. Now envisage a little image of yourself holding onto the giant corkscrew in the middle, with your a little arms and legs wrapped around the spiral.  Hang your head back, hold on tight, plaster a big smile on your face and let your choices and positive reactions spin you around that corkscrew flying up and up that spiral. Alternatively, if you prefer, you could envisage yourself clinging on for dear life, arms and legs wrapped around the corkscrew, clutching on out of pure fear that you may fall off, and bury your head into your hands, your brow furrowed, grimacing as you plummet down and down the spiral.

Here’s the point – the spiral isn’t moving, you are. And what’s more… your own choices (the way you choose to react to the events and circumstances of your life) are the fuel that drive your movement up or down the spiral. So if you don’t like the downward ride (and who would?!) stop and choose a different reaction, and watch how your downward plummet suddenly slows, and then reverses direction as you glide upwards. Your life circumstances can be challenging and you can still be moving up the spiral based on the way you choose to perceive, think and feel in response to life.

It’s free will. Choosing in every moment which way you are going to travel on the spiral. For example – You choose your reaction to a flat tyre. You choose your reaction to a compliment. You choose your reaction to an opportunity. You choose your reaction to someone passing a snide remark. You choose your reaction to a relationship break up. You choose your reaction to the promotion you get at work. You choose your reaction to being sick. Choose positively and move up, choose negatively and move down. Up, down, up, down, up, down… or preferably, just move UP UP UP UP!

Every moment you have the option to make a conscious choice about your reaction. Note the words “OPTIONS” and “CHOICE”. These are the keys to riding on the spiral of life. Your choices in life are what create your experience of life.

I’ll leave you with this image…

You have just entered an amusement park. You purchased a ticket at the gate. There are only two types of tickets available for purchase because there are only two thrill rides at this amusement park. The two rides are called The Spiral of Demise and The Spiral of Joy.  Look down at your ticket. Which ride did you buy a ticket for? If you accidentally bought a ticket for the Spiral of Demise, don’t worry, I heard you can easily exchange it at the ticket counter. You just have to choose.

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