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6 Signs That It’s Time to Change Direction

One thing about life is for certain – change is a given! So the sooner you accept the need for change, as a healthy and inherent part of life, the more fluidly and peacefully your life will unfold.

The problem many people have is that they linger too long in situations when change is exactly what is needed – not changing directions either because they don't realize that it's time to change or they resist the change that's needed, preferring to stay with what is familiar – even if that familiarity is painful and not working!

We're strange ol' things us human beings!

A valuable life lesson I've learnt on my journey so far, is that you're far better and wiser to take control of your own life and situation by knowing when it's time to make positive changes, and then proactively making that change happen for yourself. Because if you don't, life has a funny way of FORCING change upon you!

In this article are 6 signs that it's time to change direction. That “change in direction” might be a major change – in your health, finances, career, relationships, what you do, how you do it. OR, it might be a minor change, e.g. a small adjustment in the way you're approaching something.

If you know the signs it's time to change, you can quickly get on-board and ride with the natural flow of your life, instead of being oblivious or resistant (which only ends up leading you into suffering).

Grab a pen and paper, and take a note – which of these 6 signs below are you currently noticing in your own life right now, because these are helpful ways to understand when it's time to change directions…

1. You're Forcing & Nothing's Happening!

If you've been pushing and forcing something, and it's just not working, it's time to stand back and reassess.

Often when we're heading down the wrong path, and it's time to change, we will realize because it feels like banging our head against a brick wall. The dead end is trying to tell us something.

You'll notice nothing seems to be happening, no matter how much energy and effort you put in.

You'll notice yourself frustrated, and trying to do more, push harder and yet still nothing's happening or working for ya!

STOP. REASSESS. It might be time to change directions completely, choosing a whole new path. Or, it might be that you're just going about things the wrong way – meaning your direction is right but you need a fresh, new approach (a slight adjustment in what you're doing and/or how you're doing it).

2. Things Are Falling Apart Around You

When it feels like everything is falling apart around you, like a perfect storm is happening, have faith.

This is often a sign that it's time to change directions.

It can feel like life is beating down on you, but remember…

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together” – Marilyn Monroe

You might not be able to see it from where you stand right now, but life might just be helping you to clear away what you no longer need, in order to make room for something else.

Even when it's painful and you're losing circumstances, resources, things or people you really want… there is a divine order in your life.

This divine order comes into play when it's time for you to flow onwards and evolve to the next level spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

3. You Consistently Don't Feel Good

Bottom line – life is about how you feel.

Irrespective of what is going on around you, everything is a feeling experience.

If you feel peace and happiness, you're on track.

If you consistently don't feel good, it's time to take note! Often people are so used to not feeling good, it becomes “normal.”

You'll know it's time to make an adjustment in your life if the only time you do feel good is when you're “escaping” – e.g. going on holiday, drinking, drugs, zoning yourself out in whatever ways you might do with “numbing habits”.

If this is the case, be conscious not to judge yourself or get down about it. We all go through times in life where this happens. You're not alone. But it really is time to stand back and say… “I need to get real with myself, and make some changes so I can create peace and happiness as my new normal.”

4. You're Getting Signs from the Universe!

Sometimes the Universe sends you signs trying to get your attention, asking you to make a change.

(Note: “the Universe” is often referred to by people differently, using different words but with shared meaning. e.g. life, Universe, Creator, Source, Divinity, God – where a higher power, something bigger than all of us is calling us forward to live with more ease, grace, faith and flow, in greater alignment to that which we inherently belong).

When you get these signs, it's not necessarily that there is something “wrong” with your present situation, but rather that something else is awaiting you… something important, something better, something for your soul journey to go to the next level.

It might be for your career, health or wellbeing, your finances or relationships.

Simply pay attention to…

  • Recurring “themes” showing up – if you notice patterns in daily life, like something is trying to get your attention
  • The same types of words, messages, ideas coming at you (from anywhere – people, what you hear, or what you see around you)
  • Coincidences and synchronicities happening.

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5. Your Intuition is Nudging & You're Ignoring

There's no doubt about it – if your intuition has been telling you something needs to change, then it's 500% time for change.

The trouble is… most people don't like change, and try to avoid it. But resistance is futile.

Change is part of your inherent nature as a human being, and all of life around you is constantly changing. It's the way of the Universe. So you might as well go with it…

Your intuition (also known as gut instinct, nudges, your inner voice, or hunches), is part of how you are guided on your life journey.

You are guided out of what doesn't serve you and into what does.

If you don't like what your intuition is telling you, chances are you are running from it, ignoring it, and maybe even arguing with it. You might be rationalizing your way out of it – convincing yourself it's not right, or you're too busy to address it, or one day you'll get around to it.

WORD UP… follow your intuition now and you'll save yourself unnecessary delays, pain and suffering.

Your intuition is never wrong.

6. Your Body is Reacting

When something isn't right in your life, your body might react.

Think about it… when it's time to change, chances are you're not 100% settled or happy in your mental and emotional state. Hence why it's time for change!

And your mental and emotional systems are contained in the vessel of your body. It's like your body is the container, and your thoughts and feelings are like energy cycling around inside the container.

Difficult thoughts and feelings, e.g stress, fear, anxiety, worry, upset, tension, doubt, unhappiness, are disruptive energy, and your body does its very best to try to COPE with these disruptions.

But your body is smart! It will start to give you warning signs that something isn't right. You may start to notice things “going wrong” in your body.

Stand back and question… “What is my body trying to helpfully tell me?”

It could well be that something “random” happening in your body, while seemingly unrelated to your thoughts/feelings and seemingly unrelated to some situation in your life, is actually DIRECTLY RELATED.

Perhaps your body is just reacting as it tries to cope. This is a handy sign to call your attention to the need for positive change.

By mastering your mind, taking control of your thoughts, learning how to process your feelings, and/or making outer changes in your life situation, you can also support yourself into better health and wellbeing at the same time.

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Take Action

If you've noticed that any of these signs are applicable to you, it's time to reflect, bolster yourself and make some positive decisions for your life.

  • Write down which signs apply to you.
  • Notice what particular areas of life these signs apply to – what specifically in your life needs changing?
  • Is it big change – a complete direction shift?
  • Or are there small adjustments that need to be made to what you're doing and how you're doing it?
  • What action could you take to start making positive change happen?
  • Think about the most obvious FIRST step in terms of action… don't worry about the whole path and everything you'd need to do in order to create the change…

To make change happen don't worry about ALL the steps that you'd need to take. Don't focus on the WHOLE path. Just take 1 small step forward

I'd love to hear from you, so head on down to the comments section below and leave me a note! Let me know what you've got going on in your life right now, and any questions you might have. I look forward to connecting with you.

With love, Bernadette

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21 Responses

  1. Bernadette – I know you have heard this many times before, but your post and your words are speaking directly to me, and to how I’m feeling these days. I feel a massive life change is in store for me, yet I am lost in the what-if’s and can’t seem to get myself unstuck. I am eager to read and learn more from your insight, because I am just itching with the change that I KNOW is about to happen to and for me!

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. Great to hear you’re on the verge of positive change, exciting times. I’m glad the resources are helpful for you at this time. I have LOTS of videos, articles etc freely available on the website about creating change, dealing with “what if” and fear. Here are a few…
      I also just hosted a free class last night online about “Create the Life You Really Want” – if you missed that, the replay will be on the website within approximately 48 hours so you can watch it if you wish.
      If you want a private coaching session to get personalized support and a plan to leverage you forward, you are welcome to book in at the link below.
      Best wishes!

  2. Hello
    I am going through tough times right now financially..I lost my job and I am unable to find anything, even dollar store. My bills are getting higher and higher and I am about to lose my car and my apt. I am so scared. I try opening my business and I kept running into road blocks, from my printer breaking to everyone is saying no to me. I dont know where to turn or what else to do. I was at my job for 12 years and about to lose everything I worked for.

    1. Hi Cesar, first of all I just wanted to acknowledge that it’s a really tough situation you’re in and I understand completely that you’re feeling scared and overwhelmed. My suggestions would be to, as best as possible, get yourself into a calm state. From calm we are often able to see more clearly, choose more intuitively and act more productively. Not only that, but whatever way there is forward, will flow and unfold better if you’re in calm. To help you, I recommend meditation and deep breathing, and EFT/Tapping (if you know that technique?). These will help to calm your nervous system and clear your mind, and reduce the emotional intensity. I have put 3 links below to 3 free resources, one meditation for stress, one breathing meditation and a free guide to EFT/tapping. I suggest using these every single day as a ritual and in response to any emotional distress. Then, continue to actively seek job opportunities, even though it seems so far that nothing has been working out… those were not the right places for you for some reason. We have to trust in that. I have also put a link below to a surrender article and free audio for you, to help you. I send love and best wishes, Bernadette


  3. Bernadette, Thank you! I use to believe everything happens for a reason. I believed in God. I believed in hope, happiness and love. I have lost that. I have lost my way, I have lost myself.

    I have been going back to church and getting back with God. In the last few months I have been praying and praying for answers and some of my problems to be resolved. Until I read this article, I didn’t realize the answers were right in front of me. Church has been preaching exactly what I needed to hear. I just thought it wasn’t directly for me; and now that I’m looking back. It was exactly what was needed.

    Simply pay attention to…

    “Recurring “themes” showing up – if you notice patterns in daily life, like something is trying to get your attention
    The same types of words, messages, ideas coming at you (from anywhere – people, what you hear, or what you see around you)
    Coincidences and synchronicities happening.”

    I’m constantly not feeling well, I’m in a state of stress most days. Anger and frustrations on other days. I try to focus on the positives, however everything has been falling around me. My gut empowers me and tells me to MOVE ON!!! But my mind keeps me holding back and questions my intentions. This change in my life is super scary, but I know it is for the best.

    Thank you, for your article. I KNOW what I NEED to do. Now, I’m going to do it.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience and I’m glad to hear this article was helpful for you. I send you the best of wishes for your journey and changes! Bernadette 🙂

  4. Hi, Bernadette.

    I’ve been searching for things like this. Me and a friend have idea to create something for helping peoples, for then stay attention with us mental health, wellness, etc. Reading this article, I think that is really important. Everyone deserves to know that they are sufficient, essential. I myself have a daily struggle to keep my mind healthy and well-being adequate. I changed my diet and habits. I try to keep positive thinking and to be close to what brings me good. I send to you this message ’cause i really want to know if you have tips for me. Not just for myself, but for others. If you have time and patience to help me know more than things that can help in the subject matter; to enlighten me with a little of his knowledge, you will make me very happy and eternally grateful. Send me a e-mail, if you can.

    A great kiss and, once more, this article is very brilliant.

  5. This just got to me. I blog as well http://www.motivatedandfree.com sometimes I feel am not been heard, I need to change the way I relate with my readers. I read a lot online to improve my blog. But my mind keeps pushing to do more of video blogging. Am not an outspoken person but I do that more in writing. After reading this, I will step back to train myself well in speaking to my audience. Bless you

    1. Sending best wishes for what you’re doing and trust in your own intuition, it will not lead you astray 🙂

  6. These days of my life have been so destructive and debilitating within …I am suffering so much my soul is dying by the day the trauma and empty feelings of no hope have taken over my life….I am so distant and lost …unable to ground myself or even love anyone or even feel any type of joy I’m in need of someone to realise where my state of emotional wellbeing is….

    1. Hi Kel, I hear you, and I acknowledge your state right now. You are NOT ALONE. We are here for you. Are you in our community email list already? We would love to send you free daily emails of inspiration and love to support you. There is a large global community here you can be a part of. Also for your wellbeing, do you have anyone locally in person you can talk to, a friend, family or a professional (often there are free support services in the community for people to go to and just talk about how you feel to get that listening and understanding). With much love, Bernadette x

  7. Dear Bernadette,

    I write all the way from Singapore. I love the things you share. Today’s article – the one that stuck with me is- Recurring Theme. It’s something that’s been happening. I seem to just connect with individuals who are going through some challenges in their Life. It’s funny… I just get this feeling to call, send a text message to someone and the next thing I get is a response, thanking me for the Encouragement. Your messages are meaningful and so encouraging too.

    Thank you and your Team for what you do.

  8. Bernadette,
    Thank you so much for this! I’ve been following you for about 2 years, and I’m sure I’ve listened to al of your video at least once. Recentl, I returned to this article and video. It hit the nail on the head!
    First off, I had worked so hard for the last 15 months on one particular area of my life. Harder than I ever had in my 64 years on this planet. I made great strides technically and audience wise. But I was still broke. Seriously broke. But I kept on. Recently, I made some small amounts of money from my work and I was encouraged finally.. But then…
    It all stopped. A complete dead end. I realized that 2 of my biggest supporters were manipulating me for their own purposes, and in the last 2 weeks, I cut them out of my life because I felt their behavior was entirely unethical and toxic. It was the end of 2 important long term relationships.
    Then, due to a computer malfunction, my entire work of the last few years disappeared off of my laptop. Gone! I managed to restore all of it 2 days later. And then, another malfunction, and it was all gone again. I managed one more restoration again and… BAM… Gone forever.
    And then… My phone died! With all the information stored on it, also gone.
    Then, I realized, I had picked up the habit of having a couple of drinks every night. Totally out of character for me, but had gone on for over a year.
    Sound familiar?
    After letting most of this subside, and getting calm about it all, I realized another part of me really needed expression, and really needed to be heard. My intense focus on one area of my life had thrown me completely out of balance.
    The information you provided here was everything I needed to hear to alter my direction, to help me get back on course to a hopefully more fulfilling life.
    Thank You!

    1. Hey Richard, lovely to connect, great realizations to have had! Wishing you well with getting back on the course that serves you and for your positive journey from here. Love and best wishes! B

  9. Hi Bernadette
    Your daily positive is a real inspiration. Thank you so much.
    I have been stuck in the middle of a marriage separation. Living apart but both of us not wanting to let go. Almost 2 years now. I have been working on self thoughts etc but the biggest issue has been making firm decisions about whether to move forward or try again with my wife.
    Being convinced of my decision has been the hardest issue. It’s a 3 C mind cycle where I have arguments for both sides. Trying to keep everything afloat to keep options open. Fear, doubt, lack of confidence in the way ahead.
    Do you have any suggestions about seeing a clearer way ahead?
    Thank you. Geoff

  10. Greetings, B! I can definitely relate to your story. Three and a half years ago, my Mom could no longer live alone in her own home; yet, no one in my family was taking action to help her. We looked at assisted living facilities, but my Mom and brother both vetoed this idea due to cost. (I was in favor of the assisted living, and could see she needed it.). The problem remained unaddressed for a full year until one day Mom fell, and hadn’t been found for 2 days. She could have died. At that point, I brought her to live with me, with no more discussion.

    After 2 years of her living with me, in a big city, with high costs, things were literally falling apart around me, just like you described. So after much thought, we sold my house in St. Paul, Mn to live in her tiny house in a tiny town. We returned the newish leased vehicle and trade for a used car with a gazillion miles, but it was paid off. Since last fall, we have lived here together, in her tiny house and town. (This is a more remote, rural area just outside of Albert Lea, Mn.). I remember waking up one morning after the move was complete, and thinking, “I did it!” ” I can’t believe it, but, we really did it!” It was SUCH hard work. I was completely alone for much of the packing and heavy lifting. It literally felt like we were moving a mountain, one stone at a time. But we really did it!

    For a full year, I did not work a full-time job, because I was exhausted on every level. I needed to rest and to heal. We also endured a bitter financial battle within the family, which left me so emotionally wounded. I was “the little train that thought it could”, and did almost all the work alone. Then, I was attacked by my brother and accused of financially taking advantage of my mother, when I was the ONLY one doing anything to help her. It was so horrible; but that was a year ago. That was the roughest part.

    Lawyers, social workers, and many financial advisors later, here we are, and I still marvel that we came through all that we did. I am currently taking an online training to become a Medical Transcriptionist Editor. This is a 6-12 month training course which will allow me to work completely from home, taking care of Mom, while still earning some income. I wasn’t ready for this step last year, because I sincerely needed time to rest, and heal. But now, I am ready and my course-work is going very well.

    My Ultimate Dream is to produce my original musical on stage in its entirety. Now, with a slower pace to life, and setting up a fully work-from-home income, I feel that my musical dreams will fall in place too; but first I had to set up the conditions for the peaceful life, the way you described. I’m just writing to show you that your perspective and ideas are rooted in truth. Yes, these huge leaps take faith and hard work. But if you are earnest, with a pure and loving heart, Lord God Above will hear your cry, reach into the stormy pit of life, and guide you to find the Peace that passes all understanding, Sincerely, Rita Rae, Teacher, Care-giver, and Writer of Beautiful

    1. Rita! Thank you so much for sharing this with me and the rest of the community here. What an inspiring message, and so much respect to you – for caring for your mother in this way, for all the changes you have made, for doing the hard yards and facing all that such change required… it’s no small feat. And that you gifted yourself that time to settle and to heal, and now you embark on this new career path with the flexibility to then be able to work at home, caring for your mother and caring for your self… it’s a beautiful thing. THANK YOU so much for sharing, and sending big love your way. Bx

  11. Dear Bernadette, your description of when it’s time for a change – that’s me!
    I am a nurse and I worked as the head nurse of the unit.
    For 2 years I worried so much that my body lost its immunity, I was just unhappy – I lost interest in the surroundings, didn’t go out,I felt lonely for all time.
    I’m devorced so I need money, but also time for my sons. I saw them very little – due to traveling to and from work and my relationship with my partner almost fell apart too.
    The regrets came and I felt worse. It dawned on me that something was wrong and I had to do something about it or it would all end badly.
    So I started thinking about change and what to do for it.
    From that moment on, the first signs began to appear that I had made the right decision. Suddenly it was here! Job offer in the city where I live for very decent money, warm attitude of superiors.
    The school where my son goes is almost „next door” to the hospital where I will work, and the kindergarten for my younger son was arranged for me „without batting an eye” by my future boss.
    My partner was excited just by the idea of me making the change too.
    (He stood by me in bad times and I love him very much for that.)
    I have definitely made up my mind.
    I thought it all over again and suddenly it made sense.
    From that moment on, everything felt as if it all was „tailor – made” for me.
    I saw a glimmer of hope and took advantage of this chance, with my head held high I follow happiness.

    Now I know.. Everything gonna be alright 🎵🎶

    Thank You for Your words.
    You speak to me from the soul and from the heart.

    1. Adela! What a beautiful message to receive and read, thank you for being so open to share your experience here. It is INSPIRING! You chose what you needed and what was and wasn’t working, and life responded by opening the pathway, and you also said YES when the opportunities presented. A fabulous example of how rapidly things can change. Sending love to you and your partner and children for this new year ahead. Love, Bx

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