Dr Damon Silas, clinical psychologist, joins us to talk about the healing power of EFT Tapping for anxiety, grief, loss, PTSD, trauma and more. Plus we do a round of guided Tapping with Dr Silas in this video to support your healing journey.

About Dr Damon Silas

Dr. Damon Silas is a clinical psychologist, published author (From Mourning To Knight: Overcoming Loss, and What’s Your ACTION Plan? 6 Powerful Ways To Get Unstuck In Your Life Now), speaker and teacher. In his 20 years in the field of psychology, he has worked with a wide range of populations and issues including but not limited to anxiety, grief and loss, and trauma. He is currently a Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC) helping service members and their children adjust to and thrive within military life.  He is also, along with Alyson Stoner, the co-developer and co-facilitator of Movement Genius, the holistic fitness program that reconnects mind-body-being through creativity. He is one of the co-founders of Black Tappers United, a collective of Black EFT Tapping practitioners whose goal it is to bring tapping to the black community in a safe, affordable and effective way.

Dr Damon's Books, Courses & More

Visit his website here – www.damonsilaspsychology.com

Additional Tapping Resources

The Healing Power of EFT Tapping with Dr Damon Silas

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