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Take a Leap of Faith – Tips to Help You Confidently Step Forth

There are points in your life when you are called to take a leap of faith.

  • You want to do something that is positive for your life, but you're afraid.
  • You're afraid in case it doesn't work out the way you want.
  • You're worried you don't know exactly how to do it.
  • You don't want to make a mistake.
  • You don't want to risk anything.
  • You want a crystal ball, to ensure you're making the right decision.

And yet…

Critical “Pivot Point” Moments

Can you recall one of those times in your life when you've had a gut instinct that you needed or wanted to do something new, but you felt hesitant?

Maybe there was uncertainty or risk involved, going outside your comfort zone. Maybe you were worried that your gut instinct might be wrong, questioning yourself.

These are critical moments. I call them “Pivot Points”.

They are times in our lives when our inner voice is asking us to make change happen, and if we do, then our lives can elevate to the next level.

But fear often rears up so intensely that it threatens to kill that possibility!

I remember this only too well…

The Leap of Faith I Almost Didn't Take

In 2005 I was in London, and preparing to move home to New Zealand. I reached out to a few contacts back home to suss out work opportunities.

At that point in my career, I had been doing office management, events and project co-ordination. That was all I knew. And I was bored of it. I knew I wanted to do something new and interesting, but I had no idea what.

Back then I didn't particularly like being outside my comfort zone. Well, the truth is, I HATED IT! I preferred doing what I was already good at, and being as perfect as I could be. It was easy. The formula worked for me.

But the Universe had something different in mind.

One of the people I knew in New Zealand offered me a job in their HR consulting firm, as a Recruitment Consultant to build and deliver a new part of the business.

This entirely freaked me out. I would have to “put myself out there” with clients, do sales and business development, and work out how to sound and look like an expert with clients I was assigned to help.

None of that sounded like fun to me. All of it sounded risky. Potential for failure. Uncertain and icky.

But while part of me wanted to sprint in the other direction, another part of me had this strange and clear inkling that this job could be a powerful new trajectory for me.

I had this tug of war – between my fear and my inner voice.

I remember thinking to myself, “I will never know what could come of this unless I give it go.”

It was obvious what was required. This situation called for a leap of faith.

I think I even said to the man hiring me, “I'm not sure if this is for me, but I'm willing to give it a go and see what happens. And if I don't like it, I'll leave.” Nothing like a bit of honesty!

Lucky for me I did give it a go. I took a leap of faith. I invested trust in my inner voice and put the fear and questioning aside…

I decided to give the job 6 months as a test and signed the contract.

And then I cried. A lot.

I was freaking out that I'd made a mistake. Terrified of having to manage clients and do sales. Me? Heck no!

I felt sick in my stomach. A few times I considered changing my mind and running back to my comfort zone.

But my inner voice kept whispering, telling me to walk forward.

And, as it turned out, that decision to take a leap of faith was the BEST decision I made in my career to that point. 6 months turned into 6 years.

I'd never learned so much, laughed so hard, made so many contacts, adored so many workmates, and been so well treated in a job as I was during those years.

Moral of the Story – Sometimes you just gotta know when to leap.

New Perspectives to Help You Take a Leap of Faith

To support you, I'm going to give you my tried and true approach for taking leaps of faith.

I've used this approach many times, not just with this career decision.

I used it again 6 years later with knowing when to leave that job to start my own business, with selling our home and going to Hawaii to write my second book, and with later moving to live in Bali (having never even visited there before!)

In this video and article below I'm sharing a few facts about taking leaps of faith, to help you see “leaping” from a new perspective. We'll be covering…

  • The main reason most people don't take a leap of faith when that is exactly what the situation calls for
  • How to know you're ready to leap
  • What taking a leap of faith is REALLY about, i.e. why it's called a leap of “faith”
  • Why leaps of faith don't have to involve ONE BIG dramatic leap off a cliff!
  • The “out clause” you can tuck under your belt when you jump
  • The mindset and attitude that is essential for you to leap with confidence
  • The key as to whether things will work out for you

You're Never Going to Have ALL the Answers

When it comes to doing something new in your life, you prepare as much as possible. You research and gather information. You analyse the possibilities. You plan it out.

But, there is only so much preparation you can do. There comes a point when you've prepared, and prepared some more, and prepared even more. And then you realise something that scares you…

You realise there are some questions that you will NEVER get answers to.

For example, “What is going to happen?” and “Will this work out?”

We all want to predict what comes next, and define our exact path and outcomes. But that just isn't how life works. We can define what we want and how we want to go about making it happen, and then we have to give over to the uncertainty of life. We have to…


Here's the dealio. A leap of faith is NOT blind faith. There is nothing blind about it!

A leap of faith is intuition. It's an innate, deep knowing that won't go away. It's a whisper that keeps calling to you. It's a passion, or an inspiration that draws you forward.

And once you've prepared as much as you can, and you notice you still have unanswered questions (questions you might never get answers to), then it all comes down to trusting yourself.

You invest in faith, not fear. You trust yourself.

We're funny ol' creatures as human beings…

  • Have you ever noticed how willing you are to trust other people, and the advice of “experts” or authority figures?
  • And have you noticed how you would trust other people more than you would trust yourself?

Often people relegate their intuition to the bottom of the pile and ignore it, hoping someone else will tell them what to do.

One of the lessons you learn on the personal growth journey, and particularly on the spiritual journey, is that instead of pinning your faith on other people and advice outside of yourself,  you are being asked to put your faith in yourself.

It's time to remember who you really are! You are powerful. This Universe helped to create you, and it supports you. The Universe is mirrored in every cell of your body. You have powerful life force energy flowing through you. You are intricately connected to everything in this Universe and the wisdom that underpins it.

And your intuition is other worldly. It whispers to you on purpose, with feelings, telling you what to step away from, and what to step into.

It's all about trusting this.

💫 How To Trust In The Universe – Your Comprehensive Guide >>

A Leap of Faith is Not Always a Literal Leap

One helpful thing I discovered on my journey, which I hope you will find useful to, is the realisation that taking a leap of faith doesn't mean you leap off a cliff.

I used to think that leaps of faith always involved big change, big risk and dramatic decisions. But that simply isn't true. It's not diving into the abyss.

A leap of faith can be one small little step forward. Followed by one more small step forward. Followed by another. And over time you realise that your many little faith-based steps add up cumulatively to create a leap of faith.

So challenge yourself on what you think a “leap of faith” is, and what images these words conjure up in your mind.

Then train yourself to see it as nothing more than small, safe steps in the direction that your intuition leads you.

If You Leap & You Don't Like the Result

I like to keep things real. So let's address your worst fear.

You fear that things won't work out. You'll take the leap of faith, and regret it. You won't like the new career, the new location, the relationship. You'll look back and wish you hadn't done it. You'll feel upset at yourself, regretful or whatever other “worse case scenarios” your mind likes to come up with.

Well guess what…

If you do something in life and it doesn't work out… CHANGE IT, DO SOMETHING ELSE, KEEP JOURNEYING.

You have the right to try as many things as you want, to play with life. And at any time when it doesn't feel good and you prefer something different, you have the right to choose again.

There is no failing when you leap. Someone who leaps is always a winner. Someone who follows their intuition is FULLY ALIVE.

Whether you get the external “result” you want or not, you are succeeding in your soul journey.

You are one of the few that is tuned into your inner knowing. You are connected with the life force around you and flowing through you.

What keeps most people stuck is worrying about failing, risking something, losing something, and what other people will think of them.

My attitude (which can be your attitude too if you wish!) is this…

  • Things I do might not work out, but that never makes me a failure. Being a failure is only possible for people who believe in that word and choose to have it in their vocab. So just delete it from your dictionary. Free yourself. When things don't work out, you're awesome regardless.
  • If you're thinking about taking a leap and you risk losing something, you have to be clear on what value that “something” has. There are very few things in this life that are truly, deeply valuable and irreplaceable. Be conscious of what you're placing value on, and whether it's more important than your happiness and the greatest possibilities for your life.
  • With regards to what other people think – who freaking cares! People who have time to sit around and judge you are not people worth worrying about. They can sit in the stands and think what they want. You're too busy living life fully to worry about that.

The Big Question

“But, if I leap, will it work out?” – the big question that plays over and over again.

Ultimately, if you want to know if things will work out for you (with anything in life), it all comes down to whether you BELIEVE it will.

Those who believe are in a powerful position to create the optimal outcomes available. That doesn't mean things go exactly accordingly to your predefined plan. But it means that if you've prepared thoroughly, followed your intuition, and you've paid attention to how life is guiding you, that you will be lead into your highest potential.

You will experience exactly what life knows you need at that time – for your learning, for your healing, for your growth, for your contribution to this world, and for your happiness.

I would love to hear from you, so do leave a comment below and let me know what's up with you!

  • What you are considering leaping out of or into?
  • What leaps of faith have you taken in the past, and what did you discover as a result?
  • What mindset adjustments do you know you need to make?
  • What action will you take?

With love, Bernadette

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28 Responses

  1. Bernadette,
    I’m not typically the reader/listener/viewer that responds back. However, I just have to stop and take a moment to thank you for all you have meant to my life. I’ve been through some very difficult times over the past few years and I’m so thankful and grateful God brought you into my life when I had no one I could turn to. Your free content you so lovingly share has had such a positive impact on me. I actually came to depend on it for many months. I’m in a better place now, however, life continues to serve up challenges and I continue to look forward to finding comfort and support from your material. I so want to participate in your Master Your Mind event, but unable to do it now. I will make it happen one day though, I’ve promised myself! God has gifted you with a special ability to love and care for others, and you fulfill His calling daily with grace and compassion, you truly are a model for all of us. I hope to meet you in person one day and look you in the eye and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Much love,
    Mandy Scorcio

    1. Hi Mandy, thank you so much for your beautiful message. I am so grateful to hear that the resources I share have made a meaningful difference in your life. I hope to meet you in person one day too, that would be wonderful! Until then, I had an idea of something else to share with you, so I have sent you an email! With love, B

  2. Dear B,
    Thank you so very much for all of your insight and work. You have touched me and others into inspired action.
    Thank you from Canada….

  3. Bernadette, this couldn’t have come at a better time… thank you so much!! I’m so glad I decided to log onto the computer and take time to check this email I subscribed to your content with. I normally don’t do that. Everything seems to have synchronicity lately… lots of “ahas” … all these posts, things I’m reading, people I’m surrounding myself (even if it’s only online, they’ve had an awesome impact on my perception/awareness)… all of this is helping me to be who I truly want to be. Free spirited, quirky, kindhearted but take no crap, not caring what people think, ambitious Ebby again. You have made such a difference in my life. I will share you with friends and family because you are are such a special unique person. I wish you the best! <3

    1. Hey Ebby, so lovely to connect with you! I’m so pleased these videos and resources are helpful for you. And thank you so much for sharing these things with your own friends and family, it helps us with reaching people we want help. Sending you love and best wishes to rock it out on your life path as ambitious, free spirited Ebby!! Bx

      1. Thanks for your message. A great question! For each person it’s unique, as we all have unique inner blocks, fears, limitations. My suggestion is to listen closely to your intuition/heart about what you feel is right for you, and seek to understand that deeply (why it’s important, what motivates you, what the leap and your faith offer you if you go beyond any blocks and step forward… all of this helps to build courage and confidence), but also look at what stops you (what is the voice inside that says no, is it helping you, is it intuition, or it is fear, is it limiting beliefs, is it concern about the unknown), and then address those concerns directly. Releasing fear can help (e.g using EFT/Tapping is helpful). Also making a plan can help to soothe our minds… so we “leap” but actually what is really is… is a well thought out plan guided by intuition and supported by logic and planning. I wish you the absolute best! B 🙂

  4. Hi there,
    I wish I had read this article two weeks ago! I took a leap of faith and signed up for a grad school program I have been considering. After a few weeks, I still couldn’t shake that anxious “this is not going to work out” feeling. I decided to leave the program and am now dealing with that choice. I am grateful for the lesson it taught me, the same one explained here. My advice to others is to go for it. Fight through the anxiousness with positive thoughts and know that you can do it!

  5. This really resonates with me. One of the things I have learned through some pretty big leaps of faith is that something can appear to be a disaster at the time; and then later with the perspective of time the reason for that particular part of the journey becomes apparent (e.g. that had to happen to get me from there to here).
    Many thanks for your company through the years B.

    1. Yes! So true Pip. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, because we can’t see the fullness of our life journey or “all the moving parts” from our narrow perspective at the time of the event/s. And there is no way we could! We only have what our mind knows, what our eyes see and what your intuition tells us in that moment – and that’s actually all we need! Sometimes I marvel at the fact that most likely in some situations we wouldn’t take action at all, or leap, or follow our intuition, if we already KNEW beforehand what the challenges are that we would face, or the detours, twists and turns it would involve. Our fear and comfort zone would keep us stuck. Luckily we can’t see all those things at the time, and yet going through those challenges IS what unfolds our life journey and ends up being for our highest good in the long run. It’s beautiful to look back and see in reflection the value of those things. Best wishes!! B

  6. Bernadette
    I recently found your site and find your words helpful. Your taking the leap of faith article made me really think about my life. I have been making soy candles for years and have been attempting to turn this into a business. Everyone raves about my candles and I have recently made an inspirational line. I just can’t seem to move the business forward maybe due to fear and lack of confidence. I see other businesses do so well but mine seems to be stagnant. I look forward to reading and watching mire videos. I believe this will help me change my way of thinking . Thank you

    1. So glad to share the resources with you, and I send you lots of good vibes for your business moving forward positively. If you need any help reach out, I do private coaching and it would be a pleasure to help you nail that fear and lack of confidence so you can thrive and the biz can thrive too! Best wishes, B https://www.bernadettelogue.com/life-coach/

  7. Well said! I recognise this very much.

    I got stuck in a rut in my job last year when my pivot point came. I joined a local startup course, got creative, wrote a book, made a plan, quit my job 6 months later. Now ready to crowdfund my creation in Feb 2018. Just starting this process has opened so many doors that I would have never experienced if I would not have taken the plunge.

    Would be awesome to see some more examples and/or interviews with people who had these pivot points, and who have experienced the positive effects.


    1. Awesome Joppe! Exciting about all the inspiring changes you’ve been making. Wishing you well with your ventures. And yes it’s a great suggestion… more examples and interviews of others who have had pivot points and taken leaps with positive flow on effects. We’ll be sure to include this in our plans for future blogs and events. Thanks! Best wishes, Bernadette

  8. Like so many of the other commenting peeps–this is such a timely post for some very specific areas of my life–mainly my career. Something has been weighing on my heart and soul to try and I’ve been setting things into motion. This just solidifies that I indeed need to take that LEAP OF FAITH (and maybe sooner rather than later!) Dana 🙂

    1. Hey Dana, so glad this was timely for you, and I send you warmest wishes for the changes you are going to make. Love, Bernadette

  9. Hey Bernadette!
    No matter how one may be feeling, you’ve covered everything one could potentially ask for. Thank you thank you thank you thank you so much! I am so grateful to have come across your wisdom and love.

  10. B~At what point do we need to take our age into consideration? I don’t know how much longer I will be able to gain full-time employment. If I make a move across country and take a job, it might be too late to move anywhere else. When do you stay put simply because you have more life behind you than in front? Thanks, T

    1. Good question Tracey, well I guess it depends on a few factors. If you are still working and able to work, until such time as you retire, the question is can you do that work anywhere? Once you retire you’re retired and you choose where to live. So while you have working years ahead of you, you could choose where to spend those years… focusing on creating/attracting work that you enjoy and which suits you in whatever locations you most want to live. If you want to do things with more certainty and security, then you could focus on securing employment in whatever location you want before you end up moving there, that saves you moving somewhere with no job and the stress of not knowing if you’ll get employment once you arrive there. Is there ever a point where we’re too old to make new choices, to move, to change our plans? I’m not sure! I have seen people in my own social circle and family in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s moving locations, changing focus of their work, generating new income streams, working out ways to adjust their finances, choices, lifestyle and activities to suit their evolving life journey. If you have multiple moves you want to make, as it sounds like that is the case (? Wanting to move across country and take a job, and then wanting to move somewhere else before it’s too late?) then you might need to plan more in advance for what places you want to go, what work you can do, how long you ideally want to live/work in each place. Let me know if this makes sense or if it invites more questions you are welcome to reach out! Thanks Tracey. Love, B

  11. Hi B! I’m Aditi. I’m in the process of making a huge career change, which has caused ripples in my familial and personal space as well. It’s tough; emotionally, mentally, as I’m working towards a dream that only I can see. Today, I wanted to take a leap of faith, but I also wanted to lay my fears to rest, so I turned to Google for help. I found your article “Take a leap of faith – Tips to Help You Confidently Step Forth” on the daily positive website. It’s such an amazing article!!

    You have written about all the doubts I have. And I loved the personal touch your experience added to the article. It was especially relatable since I’m also making a career change. I’ve read many articles about taking a leap of faith, but none of them have addressed the part about ‘never having the answers to some questions’ like you have. Thank you so much for making me feel better.
    You’ve written about faith so clearly; I honestly think I absorbed some from the article! The parts about the Pivot Points, and about how to deal with the not-so-good consequences of our actions deserve a special round of applause☺️
    I’m so glad I found your article. It has helped me today and I’m sure it will quell my anxiety in the days to come. You’re a great writer! Namaste, and take care!

    1. Hi Aditi
      Thanks for reaching out and sharing where you’re at on your journey, so glad this resource helped you! I’ve replied to your other message 🙂
      Big love!

  12. Reading this does ease my thoughts a bit but I still wonder should I do take the leap even if I have limited skills needed for that particular job? Should I try even if I’m probably the worst of the bunch? What happens if your fear far outweighs your courage?

    1. Hi Jessica, if you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, listen to your heart and go for it! You can keep your current job for security and still explore other job options. Even if you feel like others may be more qualified, just the application process of submitting a CV, explaining your interest/experience, and having an interview can be a massive benefit in growing and learning as part of your path. Imagine if you got the job?! Imagine if you got another even better job. You don’t have to leap as such… keep your security and what you have already in place so you feel safe and have something reliable, and then enjoy exploring new options at the same time. This makes an easier transition if that resonates with you. Listen to your own wisdom first and foremost 🙂 And it’s normal to feel fear when we do new things or go outside of our familiar zone. So you might try using meditation, journalling, breathing, affirmations and/or EFT/Tapping to help you calm the fear and stress response, and find peace within to support yourself when taking action. Best wishes! B

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