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22 Life Changing Stress Management Tips & Resources You Can Use Immediately

If you're looking for stress management tips, welcome and settle in…

Because I've collated for you here on one page a library of popular tips, talks, tools, vlogs, articles, audios and meditations for dealing with stress.

The reason I've done this is… when you're already stressed out and looking for help, the last thing you feel like doing is trawling lots of pages, blogs and websites, searching for what you need!

To save you time, I've created this happy little corner of BernadetteLogue.com website where you know you'll always be able to find instant relief, using things you can immediately apply to bring you out of stress and back to a calm center within.

You're about to take a journey through different viewpoints on stress and ways to create relief, including stress management tips based on science, psychology, mindfulness and spirituality.

We all resonate and respond to different things, and I'm confident you will find something powerful here that uniquely works for you…

#1) What You MUST Know to Escape Stress – in 60 Seconds

#2) 7 Steps to Take Back Control When You're Feeling Stressed

Here is my 7-step Action Plan for helping you reclaim control of yourself and your life when you're feeling stressed out…

#3) How to Stop Worrying in 7 Steps

Worry is a major contributing factor to stress for a lot of people.

Understanding your pattern of worrying and how to interrupt it will significantly reduce your stress.

Here's how to stop worrying in 7 steps…

#4) The Secret to Stress-Free Living with Eckhart Tolle

In the simplest of terms, why do we get stressed?

A common question…

“If stress is because I want something to be different to what it actually is in the present moment, and I'm meant to just accept the present moment in order to have peace, then how will things ever change? How do I know when to accept things as they are, and when to change things?”

Eckhart's answer, simple and true…

#5) 4 Things to Lower Your Stress & Relax

#6) How to Make Stress Your Friend – TED Talk by Kelly McGonigal

Could your PERSPECTIVE about stress be a primary factor in how much stress impacts your life?

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘When u change your mind about stress, u can change your body's response to stress' @kellymcgonigal” quote=”‘When you change your mind about stress, you can change your body's response to stress'”]

#7) How Stress Affects Your Brain – TED-Ed by Madhumita Murgia

What's going on in your brain when you're under chronic and sustained stress?

Take a look at the first 3 minutes of this fascinating TED-Ed lesson for understanding what goes on inside your brain.

And, if you're freaking out about what stress might have been doing to you, please be sure to watch from point 3:30 onwards, for 2 awesome, simple and powerful solutions to reversing the effects of stress!

#8) The Art of Stress-Free Productivity – TEDx Talk by David Allen

Want to know why the intense stress of a crisis can produce a profound and effective state of CALM?

Want to know what's really most important in terms of zoning in and getting important things done?

That and more in this TEDx Talk on stress-free effectiveness and productivity…

#9) Got “Too Much to Do” Stress?

If you've got “too much to do” stress, tune in for this stress management tip below.

It's one thing you want to STOP doing immediately.

It's the one thing most of us will unconsciously automatically do (by accident), and it only serves to escalate our stress levels.

By bringing awareness to this and eliminating it, you make an immediate shift in the right direction…

#10) “Trying to Be Everything to Everyone” Type of Stress?

In a world where most of us feel like we have to be superman/superwoman, and do it all, let's be real…

We only have so much time and energy every day, and we have to choose wisely what MOST aligns to our souls, and focus on that.

You get to choose your priorities, and you get to be bold and unwavering in saying WHAT and WHO is most important to you, and if appropriate… removing what isn't.

#11) When Every Little Thing Seems to Stress You Out

If you put lots of tiny pebbles into your backpack that all add up collectively to weigh 100 pounds, OR you put one big rock into your backpack that itself weighs 100 pounds, aren't you still carrying around 100 pounds of weight on your shoulders in both scenarios?

Yes! Of course you are.

Point of the example… lots of little things that irritate you add up to create big stress. In fact, it can be just as bad as having one major thing you're stressing about.

And life is FILLED with little triggers, challenges, difficult people and situations that are ripe for sending you into little reactions of anxiety, fear, worry, stress, frustration and any other array of difficult emotions day to day.

Don't ignore your stress over little things. Instead, learn how to NOT stress about little things by realizing most of those things JUST DON'T MATTER

Let it go and go with the flow.

It pays to not care about most stuff, and just reserve your energy for the things that really count…

#12) 9 Stress Management Tips for Work

To manage a busy and demanding job, you have to be smart.

I don't mean intellectually smart, I mean savvy… as in don't work harder, work smarter!

Whether it's long hours, high workload, complex relationships, intense challenges… work stress is a big issue for many people.

You want to be strategic about HOW you go about your daily work life in order to not only survive, but thrive.

There are certain practical things you can do each day that will support you to be productive, effective and calm…

#13) Have You Gone Beyond Stress into Full-Blown OVERWHELM?

Being overwhelmed can be like having your head only just above water and feeling seconds away from drowning (in your own emotions or in the enormity of your situation).

Most people who come to me for coaching who are in this state simply don't know where to start or what to do in order to create positive change and get themselves back on track.

That because overwhelm tends to be paralyzing and confusing. It's like our nervous system gets fried and our brain gets scrambled!

If that's where you're at right now, then you're in the right place and I'm so happy to help you. Click here for my free practical guide with a step by step process, including stress management tips: Everything You Need to Know to Get Out of Overwhelm

#14) Affirmations to Train Your Mind into Calming Perspectives

#15) Guided Meditation to Relieve Stress & Promote Calm

#16) How BREATHING Will Radically Change Your Stress

#17) Conscious Breathing Practices for Immediate Relief

Click here for 7 types of conscious breathing rituals you can use to relieve stress and train your mind and body into calm.

#18) Guided Breathing Meditation Audio – Plug In & Follow Along!

#19) Start Conscious Breathing Right Now…

Match your breathing rhythm to the expansion and contraction of the image below. Breathe into calm.

stress management tips

#20) Changing Your Entire Outlook on Life & Stress

There comes a point in life for some of us, when we go beyond wanting to find ways to reactively manage our stress, and instead we actually say, “Enough is enough”.

Enough of what?

  • Stressing out
  • Buying into high levels of stress as being normal
  • Feeling like stress and pressure is somehow definitive of a successful life
  • Thinking stress is an unavoidable part of being successful
  • Thinking being busy and being stressed go hand in hand
  • Thinking being stressed is a badge of honor to talk about, “I'm so stressed/busy”
  • Thinking that having peace, calm, relaxation and balance means you have to give up other things in your life
  • Rationalizing that stress is because of your outer circumstances

When you start challenging your beliefs, and stop buying into your previous perspectives about life and stress, you then have the POWER to create a whole new reality for yourself…

#21) Maybe, Beyond De-Stressing Yourself, it's Actually Time to Change Direction?

When you're stressed out, there are 2 things you want to be considering:

  1. How can I immediately reduce my stress response? (See above all the powerful stress management tips and tools!)
  2. Once I'm out of stress response, is there something I need to change in my life in order to avoid getting back in that situation in future?

Sometimes, no matter how well you learn to manage your stress response (within yourself and your way of being, or within your current life situation), you come to realize it's actually time for you to change directions more markedly.

You might see that something in your life isn't quite right, and you've known it deep down but haven't done anything about it.

Or maybe you've been getting signs that it's time to create change and you've ignored them.

Here are 6 signs it's time to change directions, and be more powerful in re-aligning yourself and your life for greater balance, wellbeing and fulfillment.

#22) EFT / Tapping – Your Escape from Stress is (Literally) in Your Hands

And finally, one of the most powerful, radically life-changing tools I've used for releasing stress (and any other difficult emotion) and actually rewiring your mind and body in a positive new direction is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This is popularly known as “tapping”.

It is a merger of ancient chinese wisdom and modern psychology, and involves tapping on energy meridian points on your body, while verbalizing your specific issue (in this case the details of your stress). In doing so with a very simple and structured tapping process, a couple of quite remarkable things happen…

  • You send a signal to your brain to promote calm, and your brain and body respond.
  • Your emotion (e.g stress, worry, overwhelm, fear) reduces in intensity.
  • You train your mind and body into a new perspective and emotional state about the specific issue you're focusing on.

Tapping is highly effective, simple and puts the power in your hands.

You can learn it self-guided or with a practitioner.

Love and warmest wishes, Bernadette

PS. If you've found this library of stress management tips and tools helpful, I'd love to hear what your main takeaway points (or “aha” moments) are. Scroll down to leave me a comment below, and I'll reply back as soon as possible.

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