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How to Stop Worrying – A Powerful Guide to Letting Go in 7 Steps

For your sanity, health and well-being, it is ESSENTIAL that you learn how to stop worrying.

I'm passionate about helping you with this, because I spent most of my life as a master worrier. I remember people lovingly referring to me as a “Worry Wort”.

The more time went on, the more life experiences I had, the more I seemed to worry! And it stole the joy from my life.

To me it felt like life was so uncertain and unsafe, there were SO MANY variables and things that could go wrong. I spent a lot of my energy gripping on tight and trying to control things.

I'm sure you know, if you're experiencing worry, how exhausting this is.

Plus, it's super negative for your health. When I began mastering my mind and emotional system, and learned how to stop worrying, my health improved remarkably!

I finally felt free and at peace. Everything changed.

I want that for you too.

So I've put together this powerful guide for how to stop worrying in 7 steps, supporting you to let go, let be and let live!

In the article below, is a practical process which you can start implementing today. It's time to do your mind, body and soul a favor, let's dive in…

1. Recognize Your Worry is About Something Unreal

Worry is a perception that something bad might happen at some future point – whether in the next 5 minutes, or next week, or next year.

Similar to fear and anxiety, worry is a PERCEPTION issue.

Understanding this helps you to realize that worry is not being caused by your circumstances and life around you.

Circumstances are just circumstances, and life is just being life (sometimes crazy, sometimes unpredictable).

The CAUSE of your worry, is your mind.

Luckily your mind is within your control to manage, direct and retrain.

You were born with 2 important gifts to help you master your mind and therefore to change your perception at any moment to work in your favor.

  1. Awareness (of yourself, of your thoughts)
  2. Free will (to change your thoughts to something better)

2. Acknowledge that Worry is Wasted Energy

Worry is wasted energy.

The Universe doesn’t want you to worry about yourself or anyone else.

Sometimes we get caught up in thinking that by worrying about something or someone, it shows that we care.

If we weren't worried, it would be like we don't care. So, we conscientiously show concern, and focus on the issue, and worry about it… as that is what someone who cares should do. Right?


Worry doesn’t mean you care. It means you fear!

It is entirely possible to care deeply about something or someone, and want the best, and desire solutions, WITHOUT WORRYING.

It's a wake up call to realize that by worrying, rather than being responsible and caring, it's actually just a plain and simple case of projecting negative energy.

3. See that Worry is a Denial of One’s Capability to Get Through Anything

When you worry, what you're really saying is that you don’t believe in your own capability, or another person’s capability, to get through whatever is being faced.

It’s a denial of the fact you (and every other person you know) are unstoppable, unbreakable and powerful.

FACT – Life can try to beat you down, but you will not be broken.

Worry weakens your view of yourself and of others, and that projection doesn’t support powerful outcomes.

Instead, replace worry with the remembrance that you have everything within you that you need to face whatever life throws at you.

And this is also true for every person you care about. Instead of worrying for them, remember how powerful they are.

4. Cultivate Faith

The presence of worry means the absence of faith.

You can’t worry and have faith in the same moment.

In the act of worrying, in that mindset and energy, faith is missing.

And, when you have a moment of faith, worry is missing!

So if you want to not worry, cultivate faith.

The more faith you have, the more you feel faith in each moment, the less room there is for worry.

It's about having faith and trust in your own ability. Knowing that you are able to get through all challenges and to rise, and that a higher power/life/the Universe supports you when you let go of worry.

5. Surrender!

Remind yourself that you can only do what you can do.

You can only control yourself and your own inner landscape of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and your own choices, behavior and action.

Beyond that, it is insanity to try to control the uncontrollable. Instead, surrender all the things you can’t control.

You know your preferred outcome. Now give it up… give it over… give it to the Universe and ask to be guided to the best possible outcome.

6. Get into Good Feeling/Energy in Any Way You Can

The more good feeling you can create for yourself, the less you will worry.

You can train yourself into good feeling states.

It’s such an important step in your personal growth to realize that every day you can CHOOSE to consciously put yourself in good feeling and energy. Not only will it diminish your inclination to worry, but your energy is powerful…

You are an “energy being” living in an entirely energy based world.

Remember how the Universe operates – it responds to your energy.

If you consistently bring worried, fearful, negative energy to your days, life/the Universe simply mirrors your energy and responds. Like attracts like.

  • The more negative your energy vibration, ie. the worse you FEEL, the more negative your energetic influence is upon the world around you.
  • Thus the more issues, drama, problems and negative people you will seem to attract.
  • Problems magnify and negativity spirals.

If you instead bring faith-based, calm, trusting energy to your days, on a consistent basis, then life/the Universe simply mirrors that.

  • The higher vibration your energy, ie. the better you FEEL, the more positive your influence on the Universe and your circumstances.
  • Therefore, the more positive things you magnetize into your experience.
  • Things will flow more easily into solutions and outcomes that are of the highest good for all involved.

So, HOW can you get yourself into a good feeling and positive energy state each day?

Have a daily morning ritual that you do consistently, to set yourself up for success. Start each day as you mean to go on. You might consider using things such as:

  • Music
  • Affirmations
  • Exercise or being active in any way
  • Gratitude
  • Being in nature

7. Visualize Positive Outcomes

This final step is SO important…

On a daily basis visualize the positive outcome you would like to have happen.

You're very clear on the negative projection of what might go wrong, and when you worry, you are rehearsing for disaster – using your imagination to daydream about those bad things happening. That has the power to generate those outcomes you are thinking about.

Proactively break that cycle by doing a 5 minute visualization every morning focusing on something better happening. Imagine what you would like to happen – see it, hear it, and play it like a movie inside your mind. Make it as real as you can in your mind, projecting that possibility and FEELING how peaceful, relieved and happy you are in that scenario.

This will not only replace the worry with faith and positive powerful possibilities, making you feel better, but it will literally broadcast to the Universe what you want.

If you worry, you broadcast to life that you want more of that (not at all because you say you want it, but because we get what we are! We get whatever we focus on and whatever our consistent FEELING vibration is).

If you do positive visualization, you broadcast that positive intent to the Universe, and the good feeling and focus of your attention makes that outcome more readily available to you.

Life then knows what you want and starts to mirror it back to you – offering you pathways, people, solutions, breakthroughs and unseen helping hands to carry you forward into whatever outcome is best and available to you.

You Have Everything You Need to Stop Worrying

You are more powerful than you realize.

Using the above steps, and practising them on a daily basis, you can release worry and step into faith and freedom.

I did that and I'm no different to you. You can do this!!

I’d love to hear from you, so definitely head down to the comment section below and leave me a note or ask any questions you might have. I’ll reply back as soon as possible.

With love, Bernadette

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18 Responses

    1. Hey Sam, so glad this article is useful for you. We also have audios and meditations free to stream online on the website to support relaxation, for a calm mind and body. You might enjoy those too. With love, Bernadette

  1. Thanks a million for all this support and wonderful tips. I would like to hear a piece of advice on how to strike a balance between visualisation of the positive outcome (which is supposed to be specific) and surrendering to the Universe ( which often means avoiding anything specific). The most painful is the realisation that the Universe does give you what you need and not what you want. This makes any visualisation a sort of a pitfall. Thank you for everything!

    1. Hey Lara, I have a few vids on this topic on the website. One link below. Remember – you DO create your life and you get to choose, visualize, manifest and ACT to create that reality you want, but you also get lots of awesome helpful learning opportunities along the way, and divine order/divine timing at play which helps you to reach your highest potential and evolve (which sometimes means we get what we want or something better, but maybe not always in the exact way we think, or in the exact time we think, but in retrospect always incredibly useful and per a bigger picture we don’t always see). It’s important to see the Universe as your partner and friend, and that anything that happens is for your highest good 🙂
      Here is what I do… I go all out on what I want, I play big, and put it all out there and fully play my part. I accept totally that beyond that things are outside my control, and I trust in whatever timing and events unfold, knowing full well that something bigger is at play in my life and that whatever happens will be for my highest good. That is “creating” and “surrender” married together.
      I hope that helps!

  2. Dear B,

    I just wanted to take a moment to say that you are such an awesome person. I read this article about worrying. You wrote with so much conviction and truth, it’s wonderful what you do. I pray that you will always be blessed with good health and love so that you will never stop reaching out and touching the hearts and minds of those around you. I can just imagine how awesome it would be to meet someone like you. Thank you so much for doing what you do!

    I live all the way in Singapore and though we are so far apart please know that you have touched my heart with all these beautiful things you share.

    Bless you!

    1. Oh Rose, what a beautiful message, thank you so much! It really made my day. I send much love and blessings your way too. Bx

  3. Thank you B, this is just what I needed today. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer last week and the worry has been CRUSHING me. Has it spread, is it going to get worse, how will I endure these treatments, all the questions and uncertainty are just overwhelming me. I’ve printed this out to keep beside my bed and bookmarked it to come back often to replay the video. I’ve also been reading through your book series. Very helpful. I remember a quote from the most unlikely source – the rapper Fifty Cent – he said “You can worry or you can pray – don’t do both!”. Very wise.

    1. Hi Adrian, sending big love your way for this healing journey you’re on, you are strong, you are wise, your body is incredible and intelligent and may you have everything you need come to you and cross your path, supporting your highest wellbeing. That quote is super awesome, YES! Turn to prayer, listen to your inner voice, nourish yourself, and know you are healed and whole.
      Much love

  4. Hi Bernadette,
    Your 7steps have really changed my life I by listening to it daily for months it changed my mind and thinking. I am very grateful for this and really appreciate your videos.

    Best regards

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