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Spiritual Life Coach

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1 Simple Tip for Receiving Spiritual Guidance

Here's a simple insight and tip that I've learned on my journey so far that has helped me immensely with receiving spiritual/divine guidance.

We're all being guided, there's no doubt about that – guided by whatever we personally call that higher aspect of life. You might call that your Higher Power, or God, or the Universe depending on your personal belief/faith.

And that guidance we're receiving is designed to help us navigate life with ease and grace, so we can heal, grow and fulfill our highest potential.

So it's not a question of whether we're being guided, it's more about whether or not we NOTICE that guidance…

A Simple Tip for Receiving Spiritual Guidance

With love, Bernadette

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7 Responses

  1. So true and such a wonderful reminder about stillness! Sometimes we stop moving physically, but our thoughts just keep going. It can be quite difficult to hear the inner voice of the Divine if we don’t take the time to still the mind. What I am working on is how to get to that place of stillness more often and how to carry it with me throughout the day. The best thing I have found is during those quiet moments when my thoughts are quiet, I savor it. I feel it. I record it in my heart and my mind and my whole being. It gives me a point of reference to use when I check in to see if I need to simmer down and find that inner peace again. Remembering what that stillness feels like and intending to go back to it, will often bring me to that place again. I needed that reminder today! Thank you!

    1. Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing this. POWERFUL! Yes, it’s all about how we can learn to carry it throughout the day as you said. And I LOVE your way of imprinting that feeling of stillness, “recording” in your heart and mind so that when you need it again your whole being has memory of it and can return them more readily. This is great for others in our community to practice too. Thanks for sharing!! Love, B

  2. B, thank you. I will listen to your Morning Ritual as well. I can tap into the Spirit of the Universe by slowing down, praying, and simply being “quiet” between the ears. That awareness is the beginning of making positive changes and having gratitude. Sort of like happiness which is already in me, I just need to know that i already have that and choose that.

    1. Beautiful Sarah! Yes, awesome, you “already have that and choose that”. exactly. Have a great week ahead! Love, B

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