For self esteem building, listen to this short interactive audio on a daily basis. Listen and repeat the statements, building a new mental frame of reference about yourself.

Affirmations for Self Esteem Building

You are capable
REPEAT – I am capable

You are good enough
REPEAT – I am good enough

You have a good heart
REPEAT – I have a good heart

You are a good person
REPEAT – I am a good person

You are worthy
REPEAT – I am worthy

You are valuable
REPEAT – I am valuable

I value you
REPEAT – I value myself

I see you in positive light
REPEAT – I choose to see myself in positive light

I acknowledge you have good traits
REPEAT – I acknowledge my good traits

I accept you exactly as you are
REPEAT – I accept myself exactly as I am

You are allowed to be exactly who you are
REPEAT – I am allowed to be exactly who I am

I accept you
REPEAT – I accept myself

I love you
REPEAT – I love myself

You are doing the best you can
REPEAT – I am doing the best I can

You are doing a good job
REPEAT – I am doing a good job

You are right on track
REPEAT – I am right on track

I see you
REPEAT – I am seen

I understand you
REPEAT – I am understood

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you so much Bernadette!
    I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.
    A big warm hug to you from India🤗

      1. Thank you B
        I needed these reminders.
        Life has been somewhat stressful these last two years and in the middle of coping and adjusting it’s easy to lose myself. Bless you.

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