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10 Powerfully Positive Perspectives for a Better Life & a Better World

Being positive is not about denying difficu​​​​​lties in life, rather it’s about choosing to be empowered in the face of them. Here are 10 powerfully positive perspectives you can use to support a better life for yourself and your loved ones, while also contributing to a better world for all.

♥  Gratitude

There are many blessings in my life, if I’m willing to actively look for them. Gratitude is the gateway to my peace and happiness, and so I say to myself…

I am grateful for the blessings, large or small, that I see around me each day.

♥  Self Love, Self Belief & Confidence

I know that when every person is born they are beautiful, whole and complete, including me. So I say to myself…

I deeply love, accept and believe in myself.

♥  Connection & Love

I know there is a flow to life, where I’m drawn to the people who may love and support me, and who I may in turn also love and support, and so I say to myself…

I am drawn like a magnet to where I belong, and those I am here to connect with are drawn like magnets to me.

♥  Relationships & Conflict

I know from a higher perspective that there’s an optimal outcome in every situation for all involved, even if I can’t see it, and so I say to myself…

May the highest good be done for all.

♥  Acceptance & Understanding

I appreciate that while some people are different and I may not agree with their beliefs or behavior, we can co-exist peacefully if we choose to, and so I say to myself…

I give other people the space to be themselves, and accept them as they are.

♥  Forgiveness & Letting Go

I know that to have freedom and peace means to forgive and let go of the past, and so I say to myself…

I forgive all that has gone before and I wish only peace, health and happiness for myself and others.

♥  Peace During Change & Uncertainty

Whenever unexpected or undesirable things happen outside of my control, I acknowledge that this is part of life and I have a choice about my emotional response, so I say to myself…

This is happening and I choose peace.

♥  Through Deep Adversity

I realize that the moments of deep adversity in life are when I’m shaped into the person I’m destined to be, and so I say to myself…

I accept what I’m going through. This adversity will be the making of me. Diamonds are formed under pressure.

♥  Patience & Trust

I trust in the universe and I trust in the unfolding of my life, that I’m always right where I need to be and so I say to myself…

I choose to live each day with ease, grace and flow, knowing with certainty that I am on track.

♥  Empowerment for Positive Change

I recognize that I have the power to create my life and any positive changes, and that this starts from within through what I believe, think and choose, and so I say to myself…

I consciously and proactively create my own reality.

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16 Responses

      1. This a gift from God that I received this valuable info act this crucial moment in my life. Recently my life has taken a nosedive. But after reading “10 powerful” I can get my life back on track. I used to know all this, but when I put it away and don’t think about it for a while, life can sock me the gut. Life is great when I practice the “10 powerful.” Thank you so much for this.

  1. Thanks B for your work. I recently came across your article on 32 Facts When People Don’t Support You and found it fantastic for me. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi B! Your work is a living grace and the very miracle of who we really are. Thank you for awakening the slumber in me and to pose the question “who am I”.
    All the more we are blessed to have you.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Tony for your beautiful message and for being a part of this community. Love and blessings, Bernadette

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