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Podcast Episode 3: Your Spiritual Journey – The 11 Stages You Go Through

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Did you know that you're going through 11 incredible stages in your life, which all have deep spiritual significance for you and which support your enlightenment?

If you don't know this, then the events and unfolding experiences of your life over the decades can look random, but it's not random at all.

You are a magnificent soul and you are here in life on a journey, with a purpose. You are constantly being beckoned forth into higher levels of your consciousness and potential.

In this episode we explore these 11 marked and purposeful stages of your journey, helping you to see:

  • How this is playing out in the actual events of your life
  • Which stages you're at right now
  • How to optimize each stage so you can thrive.

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5 Responses

  1. What happens when all you’ve known is suffering, and you’ve tried many/ numerous approaches to healing, and nothing works? You’ve tried many approaches over decades. What happens when the only way forward left to you is survival mode, so there’s no scope for spiritual evolution? This results in being mentally shut down. I’ve come to the conclusion that the death of hope, is spiritual death.

    1. Hi Jean, thanks for your message. I hear you. And particularly the pain of having tried many approaches to healing and nothing working for you. Please know this… while I know it feels so true that the only path forward is survival mode, that is not the only path. It can be so exhausting trying many paths to find a way to heal and to be free, to thrive, and it can be so deflating when nothing seems to work. But there is always hope, and always a way. Survival is an important get through strategy and it’s what we have to do when we can’t do anything else, when we have nothing left in our tank for anything else, and/or we have no answers. We shut down out of exhaustion and necessity to cope with daily life. And indeed, that sense that there is no hope, feels like an inner death for our beautiful spirit. But there is always a way. Each of us have a unique path, and what works for one person may not work for another. Reach out via email to me at [email protected] if you want to, and we can work out if any of the resources here are going to be a good fit to support where you’re at right now. Sending love your way. B

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