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How to Overcome Fear – The Ultimate Guide

You're no doubt sick and tired of fear, and the way it runs you.

You probably know the life you want to live and how you want to feel. But fear keeps getting in the way.

It stops you from going after the things you want.

It keeps you walking on egg shells.

It's the voice in your head that comes up with all the worst case scenarios of what could go wrong.

And it's exhausting to live with fear.

If you want to conquer your fears, you're in the right place. We're going to nail this in a step-by-step process, showing you exactly how to overcome whatever fears you have.

I have personal first-hand experience with how to overcome fear and I'm going to help you do the same.

I've used these steps myself to overcome fear of the ocean, and ended up having an amazing experience scuba diving! I used the same tools to overcome fear of public speaking, and now embrace speaking and love it!

In this guide for how to overcome fear, we'll be covering all the important points in the lists below. You can easily skip to any point in the article by clicking the links, BUT…

BE AWARE – If you're serious about wanting to know how to overcome fear then it's extremely important you understand your fear in a whole new way.

Section 1 below will shift your mindset about fear, giving you the perfect foundation required to take back your power.

Section 2 gives you practical tips for HOW to overcome fear in daily life.

SECTION 1: Understanding Your Fear

The Foundation for Taking Control

  • Types of fear – what type are you?
  • Fear helps you – strange but true!
  • Fear is communicating with you – are you listening?
  • Separating fact from fiction – essential for reclaiming your power
  • The source of your fear – this might surprise you!
  • Your “point of power”
  • The 3 Cs which perpetuate your fear
  • New perspectives to counter the 3 Cs
  • The 3 dimensions of “reality” which influence fear – which reality are you living in?
  • 2 factors that determine the intensity and extent of your fear
  • 1 absolutely essential requirement for how to overcome fear

SECTION 2: How to Overcome Fear

13 Ways to Take the Bite Out of Your Fear

  • Conscious Deep Breathing
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – Also known as “Tapping
  • Rehearse for Success
  • Mind Calming with Meditation
  • Mind Retraining with Affirmations
  • Fact vs Fiction Exercise
  • State Interruption
  • Communicate with Your Fear
  • Regress Your Fear
  • Create Partnership with Your Fear
  • Fill the Fearful Gap – Educate Yourself
  • Use the Power of Your Logic
  • Use the Power of Your Intuition


  • Keys to Remember for How to Overcome Fear
  • Related Free Resources to Support You to Overcome Fear
  • Events, Programs and Personalized Support for You


The Foundation for Taking Control

Types of Fear

Here are 3 types of fear:

  1. Mortal danger fear (where your life is under threat)
  2. Situational “contained” fear (where fear is linked to a specific object, activity or situation)
  3. Pervasive “bleeding” fear (a generic sense of fear present across your life)

Make a note of what type of fear you are experiencing:

  • What does your fear relate to?
  • When do you experience fear the most, and about what things specifically?
  • What are the common triggers which cause that fear to stir within you?

Shocking but True… Fear is Helpful

All types of fear are helpful in some way, because…

Fear is always an invitation to shift.

Fear asks you to literally shift externally i.e. move your body out of danger (fight or flight mode).

Or when you are not in mortal danger, and you experience fear, you are being asked to shift internally i.e. shift your paradigm (what you believe and think). Fear is pointing out a limitation within your perception and interpretation of “reality”. It is highlighting negative beliefs and thought patterns that you need to evolve beyond.

In these ways, fear is supporting you.

Fear is either fuel for your safety or fuel for your personal growth.

Fear is healthy and natural. In itself fear is actually not a problem.

The problem is when your mind takes over and buys into fear. It feeds on the fear, generating more thoughts that support and magnify the fear. This only makes things worse. In this situation, your noisy mind gains momentum and starts to own you.

This causes fear to escalate beyond being an invitation to shift. The fear becomes “overcharged” energy that paralyses you.

So while fear is healthy and natural as an invitation to shift, what is not healthy is letting it escalate out of control and stop you from living.

Fear is a Messenger

Fear, like all feelings, is just a messenger.

If we don’t understand the message it's sending and how to respond to the message, we get stuck.

The way out of fear is to understand the message it's giving you and to have tools available to respond appropriately.

Fear is an invitation to shift, either in what you are doing or how you are being.

When fear comes from a limiting paradigm, it always precedes possible expansion. In this way you can celebrate your fear, because it means you are facing a doorway into breakthrough.

Fact or Fiction

Fear can be in relation to either fact or fiction.

What does this mean?

Fear can be a direct response to evidenced fact. You fear something in “reality” in the present moment.  i.e. a genuine REAL threat is ACTUALLY playing out.


You have fear about a PERCEIVED threat. Merely the idea and possibility of something playing out makes you fearful (i.e. something not real yet. Something that is fictional and created in your mind).

In most situations, the fear people are experiencing is the latter – fear of perceived threat, fear based on fiction.

The fear does not actually originate in any way because of the actual situation or thing you think you fear!

Rather, the fear arises because of your mind’s distortion of that “thing” and it's clever way of making up scenarios of things going badly for you.

Make a note now of what your fear relates to – fact or fiction?

  • Am I fearful about something that is fact and happening right now? Is it literally already playing out around me? Am I under threat right now in this moment? Or…
  • Am I fearful of something that might happen? Be it in the next moment, hour, day, week, month or any time in the future.

Fear Source & Generation

So on that basis, it's much easier to see now that…

  1. Most fear is generated by thoughts you are having about “X” i.e. a specific thing, situation, person, problem. The fear is NOT based on evidenced fact. It not a response to “reality” in the present moment. Rather you're having an emotional reaction to an internal dialogue in your mind.
  2. Most fear is generated specifically by thoughts that are future projected – about something that might happen.

If you logically understand that future projected thoughts are the root cause of most of your fear, you have found your Point of Power! Because…

  • Thoughts can be changed, and
  • The future has not occurred yet, so it is not “reality”

Your Point of Power

This is exciting, because…

  • Fear has its foundation in your paradigm – the unique way you view life because of your beliefs. What you believe and how you perceive the world around you, and the interpretation you give to everything, drives your thoughts and feelings.
  • Your paradigm is in your control. You can proactively rewire your beliefs, and you can consciously manage your thoughts.
  • Therefore fear is in your control.

For more on dealing with fearful thoughts…

“The 3 Cs Mind Cycle” Which Perpetuates Fear

All fear is fed by what I call the “3 Cs Mind Cycle”…

  1. Certainty – you have a desire for certainty, in a world where all things are inherently uncertain. This sets you up for challenges. As you notice the uncertainty in life, it makes you uncomfortable and you want certainty even more. So, you do all you can to create that certainty. You do this via…
  2. Control – you have a desire to control whatever you can in order to feel more certain, safe, empowered and stable. All of this in a world where you do not have direct control over life, other people and situations. Instead, what you do have is powerful energetic influence. Having healthy, accurate, positive beliefs and empowered thinking, absolutely makes a massive difference to the outcomes of your life! This positive influence, however, is VERY different to fearfully trying to control things. As a result of trying to directly control things, and that not working well for you, it often leads to…
  3. Catastrophizing – you feel powerless in the face of the inherent uncertainty of life, and upon realising you can't control everything, you experience inner chaos. Your mind goes into a negative train of thought – catastrophizing about what is going on around you and what bad things might happen next. This results in you falling into an even greater and more desperate need for certainty. And thus the 3 Cs cycle continues.

If you understand this, you can more easily catch your mind when it goes into the cycle.

Whenever you notice yourself searching for certainty, trying to control things, or catastrophizing, you can interrupt your mind.

You have free will and the ability to interrupt yourself. You can say “NO” to those thoughts!

You can direct your mind to new perspectives that benefit you.

As you do so, you weaken the cycle of fear, and strengthen awareness and courage. This creates a paradigm shift.

You can get started right now with shifting your paradigm…

New Perspectives to Counter the 3 C's

  1. Uncertainty is not bad. It is actually the breeding ground of all great possibility. When everything is certain and locked in, there is less available to you! Uncertainty actually serves you.
  2. The reason you don’t control life, people and situations is because you don’t need to. Energetic influence is what you were born with. You have the ability to master your own beliefs, thoughts and feelings, with awareness and free will. This is all that you need. When you master your mind, you improve your energy and this positive inner shift impacts life around you. Your power in this world is as an “inside out creator” – your inner energy influences your outer experience of life. If you hold positive beliefs and thoughts, your positive energy paves the way for things to unfold naturally in your life. You get in alignment with the flow of life and the Universe.
  3. When you know the truth of the above 2 points, you don’t catastrophize any more. You understand your energy is powerful and you can influence life, people and situations. You know cultivating a healthy paradigm (positive beliefs and accurate perception) is what allows you to flow with life (not fight it!). You are then able to be cope with the natural ups/downs and uncertainty of life much easier.

The 3 Dimensions of “Reality” That Impact How Fearful You Are

Every person has their own version of “reality”.


Because we have all walked totally different paths to this point. We were each raised in unique ways, across different cultures and countries. We've all had a difference collection of interactions, relationships and experiences.

Our paradigms (what we believe and perceive as “reality”) are shaped by this. Therefore, if we have slightly different life paths, we have slightly different paradigms.

7+ billion people on the planet. 7+ billion slightly different paradigms. 7 billion versions of “reality” going on at once.

We could roughly categorise the types of reality people are living within as…

  1. Fiction
  2. Fact
  3. Higher Reality

Which “reality” you spend most of your time in will impact the level of fear you experience.

Fiction is living in a reality that is entirely formed within your mind, and has little to do with what is really going on around you. You live within your mind's story about what is going on. Your life is defined by limiting beliefs, driving skewed perception and interpretations, resulting in difficult thought patterns and feelings of discomfort (including fear!).

Fact is living in a reality that is based on the physical world you see around you and the evidence of what plays out. It is what it is, and that's all it is. There's no added mind-created story on top.

Higher Reality is living in Universal truth – a knowing that goes beyond the mind and what you see in the physical world around you. It instead draws upon intuition, higher intelligence and the quantum field of possibilities. Higher Reality is not bound by the fiction of the mind nor the facts of the physical world we live in. It encompasses the power of quantum reality you belong to (sometimes called The Universe, or Energy Field, or Source). Higher Reality is the “unseen” part of life – the power of the soul you are.

NOTE – you can be experiencing all of these “dimensions of reality” mixed together, but usually one will dominate.

The more unaware you are (unconscious, living from limiting beliefs and caught in negative thinking), the more “fiction reality” dominates.

The more consciously aware you are, the more “fact reality” and “higher reality” dominate.

2 Factors that Determine the Intensity/Extent of Your Fear

  1. The % of conscious awareness you have
  2. What you “lock and load” your focus on

Conscious Awareness vs Mind

  • Being consciously aware means you observe your own thoughts, versus being lost in them.
  • The more conscious awareness you have, the more you can notice thoughts that don't work for you, interrupting and changing them. You shift your thoughts from fictional to fact, and then fact to higher reality.
  • For as long as you are lost in your head and buying into all of your thoughts, you are living in the fictional world of those thoughts and fear is bound to bite you.

What You Lock & Load On

  • In any given moment your focus can be on any particular thing or scenario, on a spectrum from negative to positive.
  • Wherever you “lock and load” your focus, determines the nature of your thoughts and the resulting feelings.
  • Lock and load on negative scenarios and you get crippling fear (this is called rehearsing for disaster)
  • Lock and load on positive scenarios and you get no fear or manageable, empowering fear (rehearsing for success).

1 Essential Requirement for Overcoming Fear

Awareness is absolutely essential for overcoming your mind's negative story which drives fear.

EVERYONE has awareness. EVERYONE has the ability to strengthen their awareness.

It's just like going to the gym to build physical muscles. You practise building your conscious awareness “muscle” on a daily basis.

How? With awareness you observe your own thoughts. You watch what your mind does. You catch your mind coming up with all sorts of unhelpful perspectives and scenarios. You then choose better thoughts in that moment.

The more you practise using your awareness, the more you realise you are not your thoughts. You realise you really are the conscious awareness that can observe your own thoughts. This creates distance between yourself (awareness) and those thoughts. In that distance, you are no longer owned by your thoughts.


  • If you exercise no awareness, then you become identified with the fearful thoughts. You then get lost in the fear. You think you are it. You become stuck in a closed loop and it seems like there is no way out.
  • Awareness is the doorway to going beyond the fictional reality in your mind, to more plainly see the facts of the situation.
  • With awareness and distance from your thoughts, you can then provide leadership to your mind. You can guide it away from those fearful misperceptions, and train it to believe and think in new ways that free you of fear. You shift into a higher reality that works for you.

Own your mind or it will own you.

Let Fear Functionally Fuel You

When fear gets out of control, like an over-amped electricity supply, it can short-circuit!

I'm sure you know what that feels like. When you're frazzled with fear like you're going to blow a fuse.

The fear courses through your body. You feel it in your heart-rate, your chest, your breathing, your muscles, your stomach. It constricts you.

It can feel like there's no way to tame that fear energy inside, and you become paralysed as a result.

Remember – while fear is healthy and normal, and we want a good relationship with it so that we can use it to fuel us forward, we have to be functional! The fear has to be at a manageable level in order for us to operate effectively.

The key with fear is to be charged up enough to act, but not so overcharged that you short circuit!

If you plug a 9 volt battery into a 9 volt power source, everything functions optimally. If you plug the battery into a higher voltage source, you fry it. Harness a healthy level of fear as fuel, and discharge any excess fear with conscious, practical rituals.

With that said, here are 13 practical tips for taking the bite out of your fear. You can disempower the fear so it's less intense and more manageable. You can then use it as fuel to help you move forward in a positive and functional way!


13 Ways to Take the Bite Out of Your Fear

1. Conscious Deep Breathing

Also known as belly breathing (or diaphragmatic breathing). Conscious deep breathing calms you and reduces the negative impacts of fear. It signals your brain and body that you are safe and ready to shift to relaxation response.

If fear is showing up in your body as symptoms (nervousness, anxiety, sleep interruption, muscle tension, stress symptoms), deep breathing is your first “go to” practise. It is powerful when used regularly.

Every day practise slow, rhythmic, deep breathing. Mouth closed, breathe in and out your nose, letting your belly rise naturally and gently on the inhale, and let it fall on the exhale. Do this proactively in the morning to start your day in balance (2-3 minutes minimum), and you can reactively use it anytime you feel fear arise.

For more support with breathing to help you overcome fear:

2. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – Also Known as “Tapping

EFT/Tapping is a profoundly effective mind/body technique for releasing distressing emotions and rewiring your mind. It is simple to learn and easy to use, and the best thing is – it puts the power in your hands. Once you know how to use EFT/Tapping, you have a tool to use any time, anywhere, for the rest of your life.

EFT/Tapping is popular worldwide. You can learn EFT through books, online tutorials and resources or with an EFT practitioner. Click here for our guide on EFT.

3. Rehearse for Success

Consciously choose to visualize scenarios that you desire, using your creative imagination.

Lock and load on these possibilities. Run these successful outcomes in your mind over and over again, conditioning yourself to feel that as real. You hone your mind and body in a direction that works for you.

People who know the truth about mind power are using visualization to create success. That includes successful business people, professional athletes and sports teams.

If you use your mind in this way, it will become conditioned to this pattern, instead of running riot and rehearsing disaster.

4. Mind Calming with Meditation

Fear runs riot when given too much airtime. That is, when the mind is left unmanaged.

It is vital that you calm the noise in your mind on a regular basis, and cultivate awareness beyond your noisy thoughts.

Meditation is the most powerful and accessible way to do that.

A simple 10 minute (minimum) per day practise is essential for mental and emotional wellbeing, especially if you are experiencing fear regularly.

  • Sit in any comfortable supported position.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe gently in and out through your nose with mouth closed, following the natural rhythm of your body.
  • Focus all your awareness on following the breath coming in and out of your nose and lungs. Observe it.
  • Whenever your mind wanders and starts thinking of other things, return your awareness to focus on your breathing.

The more you can bring in awareness through a meditation practise like this, the more you reclaim space and power above and beyond your noisy mind, and the less fearful thoughts will control you.

5. Mind Retraining with Affirmations

Fear loves negative self-talk. It feeds on it.

Negative self-talk and fear directly impact your self-confidence and self-belief.

As your sense of self erodes over time, your negative self-talk and fear only further escalate and take over.

This cycle causes you to question your capability and personal power.

In order to have a healthy relationship with fear, it is key that you have a healthy relationship with yourself!

You need an accurate perspective of who you really are and how capable you are. You need to talk to yourself in an empowered, loving, uplifting way.

Affirmations are statements of truth that uplift you to remember how powerful you are. If you consistently, repetitively feed your mind with positive affirmations, your mind begins to absorb and align to what it is hearing. This starts to change your self-talk conversation, lifting confidence and self-belief, while simultaneously disempowering fear.

The key with affirmations for mind retraining is to create powerfully positive emotion to support the words you are saying/hearing. Really invest in the words and feel the power of them. Put conviction behind it. Hear it, say it, mean it, feel it!

Positive affirmations audios are an immensely helpful tool to support your own spoken affirmations.

6. Fact vs Fiction Exercise

Watch for fear-based dialogue in your mind and then journal the following steps:

  • Complete the sentence, “What I am specifically fearful of is _____________”
  • Write down what is fact about that statement – focusing only on pure, proven, factual evidence in “reality” right now. Be brutally honest with yourself.
  • Next write down what is the interpretation you have layered on top of the facts (i.e. What is your projection of what you think might happen, or what is your “story” about the facts)
  • Now write down all the helpful, accurate and positive perspectives you could possibly choose in this situation as an alternative interpretation (creating a new story).

7. State Interruption

Have you ever seen a child throwing a tantrum? They are crying and screaming. But then something distracts them for a split second and their pattern stops. They lose their “place” in the tantrum and get confused for a moment.

Or have you seen someone emotionally distressed? Then someone tells a joke to support them to feel better. The person smiles or laughs for a brief moment, and their upset pattern has lost steam compared to a few moments before.

In these situations the person's unhelpful mental and emotional cycle has been interrupted. You can do the same for yourself, interrupting your fear state.

Here's how – while in full blown fear, you purposefully disrupt yourself, in order to break the pattern your mind/body is caught in.

The keys to successful state interruption are – BE BOLD, LOUD, COMICAL AND SHOCKING to create a break in your mind's train of thought. This causes it to lose momentum.

Here are 2 ways use state interruption:

  • Pick something you can say or do for yourself that is loud, bold, comical or shocking. It must be quick, simple and easy to use any time, anywhere. Whenever you notice yourself in fear, you use that statement or action to interrupt your state. (For example, I like to say BULLS**T in a loud, funny voice, mimicking a movie scene I love. This language shocks me out of the fear pattern, combined with the fact that the movie scene makes me laugh. Shock factor and comedy disrupt my fear state).
  • Team up with someone close to you that cares about you, e.g a partner, family member or friend, who is around you often when you go into fear pattern. Tell them a statement they can use or action, or ask them to come up with their own. Give them permission to shock you out of your fear whenever they see it. (For example, I get my husband to yell “BABOON” at me if he says me caught in fear state. This totally disrupts my fear momentum, because it shocks me when it comes out of the blue, and that word is hilarious to me! Baboons just make me laugh).

If interrupted enough, your mind/body fear pattern will be unable to run in the same way.

As soon as you've created a state interruption, you can immediately begin saying affirmations to yourself. This way you not only disrupt your fear state but you create a new and more powerful energy in its place.

8. Communicate with Your Fear

Write a letter to your fearful mind.

The “you” that is writing, is your aware self – the part that can watch your thoughts and realise they are not true or helpful.

In the letter, write what your soul would say to your fearful mind.

If you are not sure, close your eyes and sit quietly for a few minutes. Then ask, “Soul, what do you want to say to my fearful mind right now?”


  • Write what you know your fearful mind needs to hear, in light of all you have learned above.
  • Share with your fearful mind some fresh new viewpoints.
  • Guide your fearful mind. Provide leadership to it.
  • You can share empathy and love, or you can “whip it into shape” if you wish.

Notice that you are letting your TRUE SELF rise up in this exercise. You are letting your higher awareness, what some call the “soul self”, be the communicator in charge.

9. Regress Your Fear

To take the bite out of your fear, you are going to make your fear harmless.

You will do this by regressing it from this controlling, paralysing fear “monster” that keeps you stuck, into something innocent.

For example, imagine your fear as a little child who is not educated nor aware of Higher Reality. That little child as a result has become lost and confused.

Or, imagine your fear as a harmless furry little animal, who is unsure of their surroundings and has become panicked and needs helps.

Once you associate your fear with something harmless in your mind, you immediately have more empathy. You might feel more understanding of your fear. You naturally take on the job of “caretaker” because of your inherent compassion.

The caretaker helps the innocent child or harmless furry little animal to realise that there is nothing to fear and guides them forward into expansion. The caretaker reassures them everything will be okay.

This is one of the greatest lessons to learn on your personal growth journey, that…

YOU are the one to reassure yourself that everything will be okay, rather than needing others to tell you or relying on life to reflect it to you. You instead turn within.

All you need is within you.

10. Create Partnership with Your Fear

A step up from regressing your fear, if you feel inclined, is to see your fear as your partner for a positive life.

You understand it is strong energy and it shows you (as a signpost) where your greatest points of expansion are. In this way it serves you.

Fear doesn’t wish to keep you small or stuck. It is simply a messenger, as all feelings are, helping you to understand yourself better and to navigate life.

In many situations, your fear is a powerful guardian and protector, helping you to remain safe physically and to know what is good for you and what is not. It truly IS your partner for a positive life!

So, in relation to whatever you want to do in your life, whenever you believe fear is your enemy, you can shift your relationship to it. Ask your fear to be your partner for a positive life…

  • Imagine in your mind’s eye that you are holding out your hand to fear, and asking it to walk forward into peace, power, possibility and positivity with you.
  • Imagine walking arm in arm with it.
  • As you sit with eyes closed, you might literally hold out your hand and imagine fear placing its hand in yours, clasping your hand back with love.
  • Agree that you will live together in an expansive life.
  • Thank fear for helping you, and agree to listen to its messages with accurate perception.

As you move forward in your life, fear will be moving forward with you, because it is a healthy and natural part of who you are as you expand. So rather than resist it, welcome it, in this partnership model.

When you steer clear of your fear, you are not living a fearless life, nor a free life. You are living a life inside a constrained comfort zone where you purposefully avoid your own expansion.

11. Fill the Fearful Gap – Educate Yourself

Sometimes fear arises because you simply don’t have all the facts, data and answers you need.

In that void of knowledge, your mind doesn’t deal well with lack of information and so therefore may “make things up” to cope as best it can.

This doesn’t support your peace and power, instead it feeds fear unnecessarily.

Lack of information is fuel for the 3 Cs cycle. No information means more uncertainty. More uncertainty drives a need for control. And when control doesn't work, and you are still lacking facts and clarity, your mind may start catastrophizing.

Therefore, in some situations, if you know your fear is because you are without necessary information, and you are instead blindly coming up with worst case scenarios, it may be appropriate to fill those gaps with research.

Reach out for help. Ask questions of the right people and places in order to gather data.

The more informed you are, the less of a void there is for a fearful mind to step in and “make things up”.

It would be unusual not to feel nervous when you try something new or enter uncertain, unfamiliar territory.

Never forget that fear is healthy and normal, and it doesn’t stop you from doing what you want, instead it fuels you forward.

12. Use the Power of Your Logic

Considering what you are fearful about, draw upon the power of facts, rationale and your logic to calm yourself.

A fearful mind will often be erratic and uncontrolled, so proactively bring structure to your thinking…

  • Journal all the facts you know about the situation you are facing.
  • Journal all the logical and rational perspectives about it.
  • Reflect upon these things. Match these up now against your fearful thoughts.
  • Can you see the divide?
  • Can you see where your mind has run off into its own tangent that is not in alignment with fact or logic?
  • Can you see the sanity in the logic and see the insanity in your fearful thoughts?

Lean on logic as a lifeline if fear has put you off-balance.

13. Use the Power of Your Intuition

In some situations, your gut instinct will be telling you something, leading you to move in a particular direction.

This hunch or nudge, this pull forward, is part of your intuition guiding you.

Your intuition is a compass. It is one of the most reliable sources of wisdom you will ever access in your life.

Sometimes it will call you in a direction to expand your comfort zone, which also simultaneously rears up your fear! Remember, if fear is a signpost to expansion, and your intuition is also pulling you in that direction, it's a signal that something powerful exists there for you!

  • Spend time in silence with your eyes closed, focusing your awareness on your breath. Sit for 5-10 minutes.
  • At the end, with your eyes still closed, say “Intuition, what is best for me right now?”
  • Remain in stillness and silence as you listen.
  • Feel in yourself what you know is the best thing to do.

Keys to Remember to Overcome Fear

  • If your life is in danger, run away! Otherwise turn, reflect, learn, breathe, and walk in.
  • Change your relationship to fear – it is not an enemy. It is a messenger, inviting you to shift.
  • Fear can fuel you forward when you know how to work with it.
  • You are less fragile than you might think.
  • Even if things happen that you feared might, you will still be okay.
  • There is no way around, over or under fear. You go through it.
  • “The obstacle is the path” – Zen proverb
  • Fear is healthy and natural. In itself it is not a “problem”.
  • Fear only becomes a problem when it escalates and you do not live your life fully.
  • There is no such thing as “fearless” as long as you are a human being. You are simply fear-conquering in any given moment when you use fear to fuel your expansion.
  • Paradigm-based fear (i.e. any fear that is NOT because you are in mortal danger!) always precedes possible personal expansion, inside yourself and in your outer life.
  • You are designed to expand on your life journey, so fear becomes a helpful signpost to guide you forward. It shows you where you are limiting yourself. It highlights that you have limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that are ready to be changed.
  • Fear does not originate because of the “thing” you fear, but because of your mind’s distortion of that thing.
  • Where you “lock and load” your attention is what creates either crippling fear or empowering fear. You have awareness and free will. You can choose where to lock and load your focus.
  • Your courage naturally expands when you take control of your mind (rewiring your beliefs and thoughts to work for you, not against you).
  • Courage then amplifies further when you act despite your fear, walking with it and through it.
  • You have the power within you to overcome fear.

Not meeting your fear is not living. Fear can enslave you or motivate you.

I hope this guide serves as a useful resource to help you overcome fear on your journey!

I would love to hear from you, so please do share your comments below.

With love, Bernadette

3 Steps to Designing YOUR

Soul-Aligned Life

Discover how to honor your soul calling you into MORE! Clarify your soul’s plan & purpose + get ready to break free from those things preventing you from creating a life deeply aligned with who you really are & what you’re here to live!

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4 Responses

  1. Morena Bernadette,

    I came across your book Pinch Me, or should I say it jumped out at me whilst perusing the bookshelves at the library. Your book spoke to me and I have passed it on to my friend and they their friends. I love your stuff as it so makes sense.

    I am in a Transitional period having relocated from Napier to Auckland and working towards a more positive way of life.

    Once settled I will connect, so in the meantime I love to check in daily or time permitting to your web site and see what “daily lessons” I can practise in my life.

    Kind regards,

    Connie Wright

    1. Morena Connie!! Lovely to get your message. Thank you. Awesome to hear that “Pinch Me” resonated with you, and it’s great you have shared the book with others 🙂 Congratulations on your relocation to Auckland, and the positive life you are creating and living. I look forward to hearing more and staying in touch. Enjoy all the daily resources and reach out to me any time! With love, Bernadette

  2. Hi B,

    I cam across your youtube channel and from there I found my way to your book and I have to say, it is simply brilliant and I couldn’t put it down, it’s like nothing ever written in self-help because you are authentic and you are speaking from a place of knowing and authenticity. I look forward to connecting with you personally.

    1. Hi Soumaya, thanks for your message, and it’s lovely to know that the book has resonated with you. So happy to share the journey. And look forward to connecting too and having you in our community. Love and best wishes, Bernadette

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