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Not Giving Up on What Your Heart Really Wants

There are certain things your heart really wants.

But it's possible you have given up on those things or shut down, thinking:

  • It's not going to happen
  • It's not possible
  • I'm not capable
  • I've tried and it never happens for me
  • I'm too old
  • It's too hard
  • Or an endless array of other perspectives that shut down your heart and your life.

It's possible that beyond your beliefs and thoughts, you may have big painful feelings that are have felt too much to deal with.

Such as emotional pain from not yet having what you so deeply want.

Big feelings because maybe you did have your heart open and got disappointed, hurt or frustrated.

Maybe you tried hard to “figure it out” and things didn't work out the way you wanted.

It's no wonder people give up on what their hearts really want.

But the heart wants what it wants, and there is no convincing the true heart centre of you to not want it (be it loving relationships, a soul mate, healing, abundance, success).

You'll never silence the soul you are from singing for what it came here for!

So… let's talk about solutions, a pep talk, and an easy “no commitment” invitation right now to REOPEN yourself to all your heart yearns for…

Not Giving Up On What You Yearn For

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When you yearn for something, be OPEN to it being possible, and be OPEN to it arriving, but also…

MOST IMPORTANT: Be open to it showing up in some variation of what your heart yearns for. Your mind doesn't need to dictate exactly what it looks like.

Life, The Universe, God, Creator… knows what is most harmonious for you that will help you to learn, grow, heal, feel, contribute, expand and experience all that your Soul is here for.

So don't be surprised if you truly open your mind and you open your heart and then something shows up in your life that is either what you want OR a variation of it or something even better aligned for you.

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4 Responses

  1. Bernadette,
    I am absolutely exhausted with trying, trying to figure out what my purpose, trying to have the life I want, trying to surrender, trying to be present, trying to clear trauma, trying to be patient. I feel like my life is on perpetual hold, and I don’t know what to do while it unfolds itself-it’s been years of limbo land. I want to trust but I can’t help thinking I must be doing something wrong. I want to be of service, but I don’t know what I’m here to do. I just don’t even feel like getting up in the morning because I don’t have any focus, any place to direct my energy. I’m tired of taking webinars, classes, trainings, etc. etc. I just watched your video, and I’m sitting here crying, judging myself for feeling so powerless, not being able to get my act together. God, I’m just exhausted.

    1. Hi Laura
      I so hear you, and completely understand. That point of totally exhausted and being done with “figuring it out”.
      If you get this reply, you can email me directly at support@bernadettelogue.com and I’ll send you back some suggestions that might help.
      With much love

  2. Dear B,
    What if what I want will hurt a loved one / family? In my case I want the freedom to travel on my own from time to time or to have lovers (which I could have) – but it would hurt my husband, whom I still love and respect. So I stop myself and I suffer from it. Shall I still do it? Hiding from him? I wouldn’t feel good either.
    Are these things that my heart wants? Are they justified?
    Thank you for your advice.

    1. Hi Nina, great question, and in any case no matter what your heart wants, it’s about how to live in integrity with both what your heart wants and your relationships with others. People may not like our choices or agree with them, and in those cases it doesn’t mean what you want isn’t okay, it simply means you have to navigate the impact of that on a relationship and find a way forward that is the highest good. In relationships, it doesn’t work to hide things, to ignore the other person, or to do things that leave our own selves feeling inauthentic or not good as a result of being unable to be honest. So, like anything, it’s about communciation, values, priorities and choices. If you want an open relationship, and your husband doesn’t want an open relationship, then it’s a case of finding a way forward. That might mean one person compromises, or that the relationship ends. In life things are rarely clean, simple and easy, and it’s rarely all “ideal”. Relationships are about learning how to navigate together, and learning about the changing seasons of our needs, wants, how to live authenticially as individuals, but also how to live in harmony together. Relationships include compromise, and they require us to ask what our priorities are. Sometimes we may want something, but we want something else more. E.g you may want to have an open relationship, but you may want to have a harmonious life long companionship with your husband more, such that if he wasn’t willing, you might make choices that factor this in. Vice versa, if you value an open relationship more and that’s more important, then that would influence your choices. What our heart wants is valid absolutely. That doesn’t mean that it’s always easy and it means we have to make choices about the impacts. E.g I may value freedom and travel, but if I have a job I love and the employer won’t give me time off, I may have to choose to not travel, or I may have to choose to leave the job I love. Neither is ideal, but life is not ideal in lots of cases. Or I may value a friendship and I value speaking my mind, but if speaking my mind upsets the friendship, I may have to choose… do I value my freedom of expression more or the friendship more? In any case, no one else gets to say what is right for you and no one can tell you what is “right” to do for your situation. Your own intuition is your greatest guide. You might consider talking in a loving safe space with your husband about where you’re at in your life and in your heart and what you most value, and how you want to move forward in life together and what you would like that to look like. You might ask him to hear you with open mind and heart and to see where you’re coming from. And then in return, you would ideally be open to hearing his version of that for where he’s at, what he needs/wants, and then relationship is all about finding the harmony in the middle 🙂 I send love to you for your journey forward!

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