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Join the “New World” Model of Success

It seems there continues to be a massive gap in terms of businesses/companies really walking the talk when it comes to creating environments that allow people to thrive both professionally but also personally in a way that is balanced, authentic and sustainable.

I call it the Old World model of success versus the New World model of success.

The Old World Model of Success

In the Old World model of success the focus has been on:

  • Productivity and profit as the driver
  • Competition rules over collaboration (lack of perspective for the bigger picture)
  • Perfection over progress
  • Success and outcomes based on how much you work, how hard you work and how high you climb on the ladder
  • Personal life and professional life are separate, “leave your personal life at the door”
  • Desiring innovation and creativity, but only so long as it fits within a constrained set of rules

The New World Model of Success

My passion, to the point of joyful obsession, is supporting more and more people, and businesses, into the New World model of success, where people are:

  • Understanding that it's HOW you work, not how MUCH you work that creates your outcomes
  • Unleashing their professional capabilities and peak performance, by intuitively navigating decisions and challenges
  • Giving their talents and gifts into the world authentically, showing up in their work feeling able to be who they really are (fully self-expressed!)
  • Operating in balance and well-being – making physical, mental and emotional health a high priority to ensure they are able to bring all their energy and insights to their work
  • Understanding that there is no “personal life” and “professional life” – there is just one holistic life and it is not benefiting anyone if we encourage people to leave part of who they are at the door and become some other version of themselves from 9-5
  • Being present and conscious in all their interactions with full integrity, leaving ego behind and bringing empathy in
  • Building collaborative relationships for mutual benefit, where one thrives all thrive
  • Being peaceful in the face of problems (knowing how to respond to triggers and situations peacefully, versus painfully and from ego)
  • Tapping into their dormant potential, knowing how to further expand their existing strengths and how to transform their development areas simultaneously
  • Empowered to be the leader in their own lives and bringing that leadership mindset to work no matter what level they sit at within any formal hierarchy
  • Unleashing their creativity, innovation, success and abundance

Translating Knowing into Action

I sense that most people these days know intellectually that “success” in our modern world no longer equals “how high on the corporate ladder you have climbed”, nor is it the size of your house, job or bank account. Nor is it putting on a façade of being perfect, knowing everything or having a life that meets society's standards of what “success” should like look, as portrayed often through mass media and subversive conditioning that many people are subjected to throughout their life, particularly in the western world.

Likewise, I sense that most people would agree, in theory, that success is firstly about the balance, health, well-being and joy that you experience, about how you carry yourself as a person in all areas of your life, and about the way in which you create your outcomes personally and professionally as you express your passions and inspirations into the world. That is, it's about the energy behind what you do.

Often people know what is good for them, but don't practise it… and I see more and more that is partly because they are surrounded by others who are all buying into (or leading!) the Old World model, and it's challenging for an individual to start to set new boundaries, to make new decisions, to model new behaviour and to change habits, when their external environment and relationships all remain “as is”. While this is completely part of the process of personal evolution for all of us, to grow in the face of challenges and to go beyond them, it would also help everyone immensely (individually, families, communities, businesses and the planet!) if more and more companies got behind the transition and really committed to walking the talk with new ways of operating.

I particularly love this quote below, because the way vulnerability (lack of) and ego (over supply of) occurs in work environments is a large part of this challenge…

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change – Brene Brown

It fascinates me that this quote is completely true, and yet professionally many businesses/workplaces embody the complete opposite of this… people feel the need to wear a mask and hardened exterior, to look like they have “got it altogether”. There is no vulnerability, there is little to no space for people to fully be who they are and express themselves authentically. There is no desire for people to stop and invite open-hearted conversation. There is fear about engaging with each other at a deeper level, personally and professionally, for fear of what that might uncover and fear of our ability to be with it, work with it and to know how to harness it. So many businesses, big and small, deny these things – like somehow this would take away from what many people believe is the primary reason for a business being in existence – productivity, results, profit. When in fact, this Old World model suffocates innovation, suppresses intuition and the ability to act upon it, dilutes creativity, and hides all possibility and potential (all of which are the inherent gifts within each person, the most valuable resources of any business) and thus directly impacts the one thing that most businesses/workplaces are looking to achieve – optimal bottom line results.

This is completely and utterly fascinating to me! And completely and utterly resolvable for those that wake up to this and decide to be a stand for the New World model of success, to represent a different choice.

Represent a Different Choice

That choice is one where we model in our personal and professional lives:

  • Ego replaced with vulnerability
  • Needing to be the “know everything” person replaced with being willing to learn more every day
  • Wanting to be more successful replaced with wanting to be of greater valuable service and to make a contribution (from which success naturally flows)
  • Stress replaced with balance
  • Being lost in the mind replaced with presence
  • Struggling to find answers replaced with intuitively creating powerful solutions

When will the time be right to own this truth and make a stand for it? The answer is yesterday!

With love, Bernadette

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