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The Money & Me Online Course will guide you through a step-by-step process to uncover and replace your limiting beliefs about money, allowing you to live the abundant life you deserve.

Feeling fearful, stressed, anxious or frustrated when it comes to money?

  • Don’t have enough money, and you’re stressed and fearful?
  • Or maybe you do actually have enough money but it never FEELS like enough, so you end up anxious?
  • Or perhaps you’re doing pretty well financially and you want to get to an even higher level of financial success, but you’ve hit a ceiling and can’t breakthrough?
  • Tired of the viscous cycle of knowing you need to be positive about money, but the evidence of your circumstances keeps triggering you into difficult thoughts and feelings?
  • Already taking action to create positive change in your money mindset and money situation but something doesn’t feel right, like somehow you’re blocking yourself?
  • Know you’ve got limiting beliefs about money that are handbraking your abundance, but you’re not sure exactly what those pesky beliefs actually are?
  • Or maybe you do know all your limiting beliefs about money but you don’t know how to change them?

The Catch 22

We need to have a positive mindset about money, in order to be in a psychological and emotional state to effectively act and create, as well as to energetically attract, the financial results we want.

But there are certain patterns that play out for many people when it comes to money. Pattern which create challenges.

  • While you may know that you need to be positive about money in order to create positive results, it can be really tough to be positive when you’re facing evidence in your daily life circumstances that trigger you to feel fearful, stressed, anxious or frustrated. You end up trying hard to think positively, but seeing too much of what you don’t want in your life situation, and once triggered you get sucked back into the vortex of negativity!
  • You hold your focus for as long as you can on positive things, holding the vision of better money outcomes, and a better future financially, but when you don’t see results in the timeframe you need or want, it’s easy to become impatient or frustrated, to lose faith, and to start focusing on the negative again.
  • You think, “If only I could just catch a break and get some more money, resolve a few money issues I’ve got, use the extra money to make some positive life changes, then it would be SO much easier to believe, think and feel positively about money, and everything would be fine.”

All of these challenges arise because we get caught in an “outside in” model of reality – which says that the outer world experience creates my inner thoughts and feelings.

  • If I see what I don’t want – I think and feel negatively.
  • If I don’t see what I do want – I think and feel negatively.
  • And unless I can get what I want externally first – I can’t think and feel more positively.

But, you are not an outside-in creator.


You have an “Equation for Creation” that goes like this…

Beliefs + Thoughts + Feelings + Action + Point of Attraction = Results.

What you BELIEVE drives the majority of your recurring negative thought patterns.

What you negatively think about repetitively gives rise to certain types of feelings.

How you feel influences the choices, behavior and actions you take, which create results in your life.

And what you believe, think and feel adds up to your energetic vibration, which is your point of attraction.

If you want to SEE different results in your outer life, it has to start from within you.

It has to start in the root of your Equation for Creation… with your beliefs.

With limiting beliefs about money lurking in the shadows leading you to think, feel and behave with unease, and without a genuine abundance mindset, the cycle of money challenges tends to continue.

Your access point to lasting transformation in your relationship with money and your experience of money, is to change your paradigm of beliefs about money.

  • What do you believe about money?
  • How do you identify your limiting beliefs about money?
  • How do you change those limiting beliefs about money?

It’s amazing what happens when you’re given the support and process to take control of your money mindset so you can identify and resolve limiting beliefs about money, effecting real change from the inside out…

Get Your Abundant Money Mindset

  • You absolutely can transform your relationship with money, no matter what has happened in your past and no matter what your present circumstances are.
  • You already have the 3 things essential for being able to create that abundant money mindset – awareness, free will and the desire for positive change.
  • Your mind is changeable! With the right perspectives, approach and process, you weaken old limiting beliefs about money and replace them with an abundant money mindset.
  • When you believe, think and feel positively, then you’re more inclined to choose, behave and act in ways that will create better results in your money situation.
  • Plus from a true abundance mindset, having cleared limiting beliefs, you will consistently hold the energy vibration of abundance and expansion, and the energetic Universe responds.

Let Us Show You How…

Money Mindset

On Demand - Online Course

Money and Me Course

With Bernadette Logue - Transformation Life Coach

What You'll Get Instant Access To:

  • A 4-section online course (video training) guiding you to transform your relationship with money.
  • The course focuses on:
    • (1) seeing money differently – challenging your existing paradigm about money 
    • (2) identifying your specific limiting beliefs about money and weakening those
    • (3) designing a whole new money mindset that suits exactly what you uniquely need, plus training those new abundance beliefs into your mind
    • (4) ongoing training of your mind on a daily basis and ways to expand abundance from the inside out
  • The entire course in downloadable audio format as well, for listening offline.
  • Belief checklist (PDF exercise) with over 250 limiting beliefs about money, to help you rapidly get to the core of what is blocking you, identifying your belief programs.
  • Belief trigger statements (PDF exercise) – over 50 statements to trigger and uncover any unique additional limiting beliefs you have about money.
  • 2 PDF action guides to create your new abundant money mindset, to train this into your mind and to caretake your mind on a daily basis so your new beliefs take hold.
  • 6 simple daily practises for expanding abundance from the inside out.
  • 300 money affirmations for prosperity mindset – transcript of written statements and an affirmations audio download.
  • Lifetime access to the course in our online private Members Area.
  • Discussion forum to engage with like-minded people on a similar journey – connect with other course participants in our community in the private forum for the Money & Me Online Course. Share your ideas and experiences, questions and challenges. Network and connect with peers, to get support and give support.
  • On-demand access to the entire course as soon as you register.
  • Complete flexibility to enjoy the course at your own pace and to revisit it any time you wish.

2 Main Reasons “Money & Me” Was Created For You

  • When it comes to creating mindset changes, it’s so important to be methodical and consistent, following a step by step process that provides a structure for success. The Money & Me Online Course has been designed to provide that experience for you, allowing you to show up and follow along with the guidance provided. This way you feel supported and know you ARE transforming your money mindset effectively.

    Otherwise, trying to change your beliefs without knowing WHAT you need to change and HOW to change it is confusing, frustrating and it feels like you never have the full picture.
  • From experience, randomly identifying 1-2 limiting beliefs about money, and focusing on changing them as you happen to stumble upon them, is NOT the most effective approach. It takes more time, effort and energy. Not only that, but it simply doesn’t yield the same results as a thorough mindset transformation exercise.

    Changing a few limiting beliefs and leaving the rest unseen or unchanged leads to two issues…

    First, you don’t fully transform your relationship with money because you haven’t taken care of your full money mindset by leaving other limiting beliefs unseen and unaddressed. When you then continue to have challenges in your relationship with money, it feels defeating and frustrating. This knocks your confidence and sets you back.

    Second, sometimes beliefs are like glue! They “stick” to each other. Trying to resolve one limiting belief when it’s closely related to (glued to!) another that you’re not aware of or not addressing, makes it harder to create transformation.

    So, instead… by diving deep into your money mindset transformation and doing a full stocktake of your limiting beliefs (like we do in the Money & Me Online Course) and creating a new money mindset that fully addresses a positive new relationship with money, you overcome the 2 issues above that many people struggle with.

The 4-Sections
Here’s What You Receive…

To get the lasting change we really want, we have to shift both our way of being (our paradigm – how we see ourselves, other people and life) and we also have to shift our way of doing (our practical action).

So in Sections 1-3 it’s all about changing your paradigm of beliefs. Section 4 is going to support you to take action with ingraining those positive beliefs, protecting your new money mindset, and engaging in daily Prosperity Practices to support the expansion of abundance in your mind, your energy and your life.


Seeing Money Differently

The first section of the course is all about taking a fresh new viewpoint regarding what money is, how money operates and your relationship to it. We want to shake up your perspectives and challenge what you believe about money right now, opening up space for seeing money differently. You will receive a mind training audio of money/prosperity affirmations to listen to daily as you go through Section 1 and beyond, to reorient your mindset to a healthy, accurate, abundant view of money. You also receive a PDF transcript of the audio, including over 300 statements that help you to see money differently.


Identifying Your Limiting Money Beliefs

This section focuses entirely on identifying all your limiting beliefs about money, so that we know WHAT in your mindset needs to change in order to create an abundant mindset and an abundant life. We talk about the ways to identify those limitings beliefs, with a step by step process which is supported by 2 x PDF exercise sheets. The first exercise includes assessing your own beliefs about money against a checklist of over 250 money limiting beliefs – to pinpoint where your blocks exist. The second exercise is a “wash up” process, where you read and respond to 50+ trigger statements designed to prompt you into seeing any other additional limiting beliefs about money. At the end of these exercises you will have a stocktake of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from abundance. This section finishes with an reflection exercise to challenge the validity of your limiting beliefs, weakening them, and preparing space for something new to be planted in your mind!


Creating Your New Money Mindset

Section 3 is all about creating your new money mindset to replace the old limiting beliefs you’ve previously been living from. We focus on scripting a new set of accurate, helpful and positive beliefs about money and abundance. These new beliefs are specific to what your mind uniquely needs, countering your limiting beliefs. This section comes with a PDF Action Guide which summarizes the key steps for how to create your new money mindset, including tips for how to write your new positive belief statements and how to feed these into your mind in a highly effective and personalized way that your mind will respond to.


Ongoing Mind Training & Abundance Expansion

In Section 4 we focus on how to manage the ongoing training of your mind, in order to ingrain your new money mindset. We cover what to do on a daily basis to protect and fertilize your new mindset, and how to stay on track and follow through. We also cover ways to expand abundance in your mindset and in your life, through the use of your focus and energy. You receive 6 simple Prosperity Practices to begin applying, further supporting your new money mindset and bringing it to life. A PDF Action Guide accompanies Section 4, outlining all the keys to remember.

The Power of an Abundance Mindset!

Types of Flow On Effects When You Transform Your Money Mindset

  • Liberation, possibilities and personal power when it comes to money in your life, and your future goals and aspirations.
  • Increased self-awareness and self-mastery in relation to money.
  • Ability to naturally think and feel more positively in relation to money.
  • Calm awareness of other people’s false and negative money stories, and the ability to detach and remain focused on truth.
  • Significantly decreased likelihood of picking up new limiting beliefs about money in future.
  • Greater calm and composure when it comes to spending, managing and making money in your life.
  • More effective and balanced choices, behavior and action when dealing with money.
  • Stronger positive, abundant energy vibration that you broadcast to the Universe and therefore highly likelihood of attracting positive experiences, opportunities and resources.
  • Overall a better foundation for personal wellbeing (physical, mental and emotional) as a result of feeling calm and positive about money.
  • More vitality as a result of not being drained by negative thoughts and difficult feelings.
  • Greater connection to your true limitless nature as a soul, and your highest potential, as a result of clearing away belief baggage picked up over your lifetime.
  • Less fighting against “what is” in your circumstances, and more empowerment for creating changes.
  • Overall personal growth which beneficially impacts how present and positive you are within all areas of your life. E.g. your relationships, your career/workplace.
  • Ability to share positive, truthful, accurate money perspectives with people you care about, in turn helping them.
  • Greater self-confidence as a result of feeling more in control of how you believe, think, feel, act and attract.
  • An ease and faith that comes from being connected to truth and higher perspectives, reclaiming your power as a creator of your reality.

Expertise and Proven Results

Life Coach Bernadette Logue

Bernadette Logue

Transformation Life Coach

This course is based on my expertise built up over a 20 year diverse career and path – combining professional experience in supporting people to master themselves and reach their full potential, along with personal first-hand experiential learning in mind power, personal growth, conscious living, and spirituality.

Aside from the above expertise, I fully believe in walking your own talk, and teaching from first-hand experience. I successfully transformed my own inner state and my outer life. I identified and resolved limiting beliefs across all areas of my life, including relating to money and abundance. From a powerful inner state, I now create outer results with so much more ease and enjoyment, and my life has gone to a whole other level of limitless flow, feeling expansive, and enjoying adventure, experiences and success. 

I know exactly what it’s like to go from feeling stuck and not knowing what’s going on in your mindset that’s blocking you, through to clearly identifying and resolving mindset limitations, and reaping the flow on benefits – including what it takes, the keys, the challenges, what’s possible, and what it feels like to achieve it. Now I’m deeply committed to showing others how to do the same. All my courses, programs, products and services are built upon my exclusive Unleash Your Life transformation coaching method – helping you to shift your paradigm (your way of being) and bring it to life with practical action (your way of doing).

A 180 degree turn from a mindset of previous lack


Be ready to take a deep dive and a very honest look into your age old limiting beliefs about financial abundance and money; guided by B’s wise and always uplifting hand and voice. The way the course is structured, has you doing a 180 degree turn from a mindset of previous lack, stress, fear and more negativity when you think about money and prosperity, into a beaming light of positivity and ease, allowing the flow of energy we are all a part of when it comes to not just money but abundance of all the good things in life, the Universe and God have to offer us. A course that is very worth the price and that will most assuredly pay for itself, once you put your shiny new money beliefs into action. Thank you B for another amazing course and please, keep up the great work because we are all here to learn and grow with your teachings and beautiful energy.” – Santiago, Money & Me participant

Join Money & Me Risk Free

Money Back Guarantee

This program comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. We are completely committed to providing you with high quality resources. While you are responsible for how you use this program and the resources, and for your choices and actions, we pride ourselves on exceptional client service, on providing relevant and targeted content to support you with real life day-to-day challenges, and if for any reason you are not satisfied in this first 30 days, we wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us: [email protected]

* Please note our good-faith guarantee is based on your active participation in the course in the first 30 days and does not cover change of mind or change of circumstance.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Please participate fully in all aspects of the course.

What is Having an Abundant Mindset Worth to You?

  • Imagine what it would be like to be free of your limiting beliefs about money, no longer held back by them.
  • How great would it feel to be in alignment with the abundance you actually want?
  • Imagine what daily life would be like filled with genuinely positive thoughts about money and your future.
  • How much easier would your relationship with money flow?
  • How emotionally liberating would it be to feel calm and at ease about money?
  • If you could take action to create changes financially with genuine confidence and great energy, how much more successful would you be?

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The Money & Me Online Course will guide you through a step-by-step process to uncover and replace your limiting beliefs about money, allowing you to live the abundant life you deserve. #thedailypositive #thedailypositiveshop #money #finances #beliefs #mindset #abundance

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