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How You Can Be Making the World a Better Place

Humanity can't afford to have masses of people that DON'T care about making the world a better place.

Would you agree?

While we might not be able to change the masses, we can consciously choose to take a personal role in making the world a better place.

You Know Exactly Why Humanity Needs You to Care

If you turn on the TV news you should feel deeply concerned or even sick at what you see.

Yet the news media has shoved devastation, horror and fear mongering down our throats for so long that many people have become immune to what they see happening in our world.

Picture it…

A person sitting in their comfy living room chair. Unflinching as the TV news flashes up images of war stricken countries, bombs, children crying and dying, scandals, people being shot en masse, politicians behaving badly, banks pillaging, and corporations choosing profit over common sense.

This is all so “normal” that there are people who don't even react to it any more.

How the Heck Did Humanity End up Here?

Society is clearly suffering the consequences of many issues that have been slowly boiling over a very long time (decades, probably centuries!)

This has given rise to the types of challenges we see – from problems with our politic, economic and financial “systems”, to social issues, disparity, poverty, war, violence, and environmental degradation.

Humanity has always had problems.

There have always been those who took and took, and those who gave and gave.

There have always been those who controlled, and those who were subjected to treatment unfairly.

There have always been issues.

But let's be honest, the problem with humanity now is that we have become so advanced in our ability to use our education, understanding, resources, finances, research and development, technology, control and power, that we have started to destroy the one thing that matters… ourselves!

Yes humanity has become too smart for it's own good.

When you place highly valuable information and resources in the hands of enough people that are primarily driven by individualism and ego, the result is … imbalance and eventual implosion.

A Related Challenge, Which Needs Your Attention

Aside from all the imbalance and breaking down that we see going on, one of the greatest challenges is actually something else…

Widespread fear, grievance and misunderstanding that gets heaped on top of the issues.

  • Where there is terrorism, comes fear, grievance and misunderstanding.
  • Where there is violence and death, comes fear, grievance and misunderstanding.
  • Where there is war, comes fear, grievance and misunderstanding.
  • Where there is injustice, comes fear, grievance and misunderstanding.
  • Where there is political or economic/financial corruption, comes fear, grievance and misunderstanding.
  • Where there is poverty or social inequality, comes fear, grievance and misunderstanding.
  • Where there is racism, sexism, ageism or any other prejudice, comes fear, grievance and misunderstanding.

The secondary problem we have is that with all the unconsciousness going on that creates the issues humanity faces…

Many deeply good people with the power to help heal the world are so burdened by fear, grievance and misunderstanding that their love and consciousness can't shine out.

The Great News for Making the World a Better Place

We (you and I, and any one else who cares about the world!), don't have to know how to fix the issues, or stop more of those issues arising.

We don't need to know how to stop the spread of fear, grievance or misunderstanding.

We don't even need to know how to lift other people out of those fearful, aggrieved and confused states.

The one thing we need to do, as our role in making the world a better place, is to…


Let's propose that if every human being consciously chose to look for the heart in every person they met, then humanity would not be facing these issues to the same extent.

Do you agree?

The reason is this – when you look another person in the eye and seek to see the heart of humanity in them, you don't want to hurt them.

You don't want to take from them for your gain and their detriment.

You don't want to ignore their voice and needs.

This doesn't mean you like them.

It doesn't mean you give them what they want.

But you SEE THEM WITH EYES OF LOVE, and seek to find a healthy way forward that works best in the situation for everyone involved.

It doesn't matter if we're talking about:

  • big picture issues like politics and corporations in terms of how they “see” the people they serve (seeing them as the heart of humanity, or seeing them as a re-election ballot number, or a $ on the bottom line), or
  • one person walking down the street passing their neighbour, the postman or a stranger, and seeking to look at that person like the “heart of humanity” just walked past them.


Humanity is one big interconnected web.

It's a moving, breathing, dynamic field of energy, and every person is a part of it.

We are all absolutely connected.

Every one of us was born one day, many years ago, exactly the same. We were all little babies arriving here with our brand new hearts beating, eyes opening to this world for the first time, and filled with potential.

We were all seeking something very simple – to be loved, accepted and cared for.

This is true for every adult walking this planet right now – the ones who don't care at all about the world, and the ones who care deeply.

  • We had no fear in us.
  • We had no hate in us.
  • We had no prejudice in us.
  • We had no intent to harm others.
  • We had no beliefs that drove us to behave in ways that lifted ourselves at the expense of others.
  • We were all just impressionable and beautiful babies. Babies in every country, of every race, born into different communities with different rules and systems, and different religions and resources.

And from that time onward, our hearts (one with humanity) began to get a little lost in the noise of this world…

Mind Conditioning

Our minds became conditioned into the “system” of living:

  • to survive
  • to get by
  • to listen to what we were told by authority figures
  • to fear what we were taught to fear
  • to see ourselves as separate from others…

and disconnection happened.


Disconnection happens when WE LOSE TOUCH WITH OUR OWN HEART OF HUMANITY, inside of ourselves.

And as a result, WE LOSE TOUCH WITH THE HEART OF HUMANITY in every other person.

1. Reconnect with the Heart of Humanity in Yourself

Reconnect yourself with the pure heart of humanity inside yourself.

Know who you were born as.

Know that everything your mind has picked up along the way during your lifetime that doesn't work for you (all your limiting beliefs, expectations, fears, alignment with societal norms, grievance, misunderstanding…) doesn't belong to your pure heart.

You are one with everyone and everything. You were born that way. You are still that way.

And being conscious to this fact is enough to free yourself of the conditioning.

Awareness is EVERYTHING.

Once reconnected to yourself, you really want other people to see who you really are, right?

  • You want other people to see the heart of humanity in you.
  • You want other people to treat you as the heart of humanity – as the good, pure, and amazing person you are at your core.
  • You want people to relate to your heart – irrespective of your challenges, faults, mistakes and the past.

That is what we all want. For other people to see us this way.

And guess what? If you want other people to see you that way, it starts with YOU FIRST SEEING THIS IN OTHER PEOPLE.

2. See the Heart in Every Person, Not Just “Good People”

Those of us awake and willing can be making the world a place better by CHOOSING to see the heart in every person.

And you know what… it's really easy to see the heart in good people (the people we like, people that are like minded, people that we can easily relate to).

But that is NOT THE POINT.

In order to:

  • make the world a better place
  • bridge the divides
  • heal the energetic friction going on
  • turn fear to love
  • turn hate to peace and understanding…

We have to be willing to see the heart in people we don't like.

We are called to see the heart of humanity in people who are doing things in our world that are causing issues. To see the heart in people we don't relate to and people that we might prefer didn't exist at all!


Look BEYOND what people are saying and doing, and seek to see the child they were born as.

Whenever you see words and behavior that contradict the world you want to see, you know it's time to go to work! It's time to play your role in making the world a better place. In that moment you remind yourself…

“This person was a little baby once, born just like me. Pure, filled with potential, wanting to be loved, cared for, accepted and supported.

And somewhere along the way, something went amiss and they ended up behaving like ___________ (insert whatever they are doing or saying that is driving you nuts!)

They've accidentally become disconnected from their own heart and thus from the heart of humanity to which they belong.

This person is my brother/sister in the one collective we are part of. They might not know that, but I do.

I choose to LOOK BEYOND what they are doing, and remember WHO THEY ARE.”

The Work Involved in Making the World a Better Place

Yep, it's work! Making the world a better place is work.

It's a calling. It's a mission. It's a soul-driven agenda. It's something you accept to do.

We are all called. But who will answer?

This work has no job description. There are no set hours of work. There is no defined way in which you must carry out the work.

But you do get paid! HOORAH!

You get paid by the energetic healing in yourself and others that comes from you being love, seeing with loving intent, and behaving with love.

And an added bonus… you get to know your soul is doing something extremely important on this life journey.

  • You are not here on this planet by mistake.
  • Your life is not random.
  • We are all here for our growth, learning and to MAKE A CONTRIBUTION.

Our contribution is what gives our lives a sense of purpose, and our contribution is ALWAYS about something bigger than ourselves.

How to Help Heal the World in the Small Moments of Each Day

Wake each morning with the intent to see the heart in each person you meet. This is one simple, but highly effective way, that you help in making the world a better place.

This might be as small as seeing it in one person you interact with at home, work or at school that day, or in a stranger that you pass on the street.

It doesn't have to be with every person all the time, 24 x 7. It's not an elaborate undertaking.

It's just a chosen way of being that you integrate into your normal every day life.

By doing this you are fulfilling such a vital role in making our world a better place. It's a collective effort, and each person counts!

Final Tips if You Feel Triggered by Humanity's Challenges

If you see specific individuals suffering due to the challenges humanity has created, and you feel pain on their behalf – please transform your pain for them into power to them.


  • Elevate that person or people in your mind.
  • Imagine them rising up.
  • Remind yourself they have the same heart of humanity in them as you do. The same power you have.
  • And know your energy supporting them makes a difference.

In any moment you have a choice – you can share your pain for them (which means to jump into the hole with them), or you can send power to them (which is energetically like reaching out your hand to help them up).

To share your thoughts, experiences or questions, please scroll down to leave a comment and I'll reply back.

With love, Bernadette

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10 Responses

  1. Loved this piece, it gave me great sense of peace and calm. Keep posting Bernie, your articles always give me understanding, hope and encouragment x

  2. funnily this is something I’ve been doing recently more and more. You’re right on target as per usual B! Did my Reiki 1 on the weekend and reading some Brian Weiss books – along with your good work helps me make some sense of all of this! xx

    1. Oh hope you had an awesome time with the Reiki. I love Brian Weiss too… Many Lives Many Masters is a great read! Bx

  3. Love this article B.Got moved by this quote “Many deeply good people with the power to help heal the world are so burdened by fear, grievance and misunderstanding that their love and consciousness can’t shine out.”

    1. Thanks Chandra, I am glad this resonated with you too! Thanks for being a part of the community. Have a wonderful day. Let’s allow the love to shine out!! B 🙂

  4. Beautiful and again confirms how we’re all connected. Everyday I send love and light to the world so it can be a better place. Raise the vibration to love and above. Help people discover their self love and worth as the matrix dissolves for them. Sending out calm, compassion, abundance and peace.
    I’d saved your email but had a little cry in the shower this morning about how the world has got to this place. So timing to read this – perfect ??

    1. Hey Julie, glad this was a timely message! Love your intention and contribution of positive energy for the world to be a better place! Blessings to you, B

  5. Hi Bernadette . I subscribed to your newsletter a long time ago after buying your book but it’s only been today that I read your newsletter . I was going through my mail box unsubscribing from all these things people are promoting about themselves and how to improve one’s,life and make the world a better place . I have unsubscribed from all of them except YOURS . They all have a” fortune 500 ” undercurrent to them ..though I’m not sure if you will understand why I use this term . Intention really matters and is at the heart of everything we do in the energy field that connects all of us together . I love what you are writing about , I sense your integrity and truth and will like to read more as this will.inspire me work to remind me of what matters the most in.the face of ignorance and resistance and fear as I work here environmental campaign to bring greater public awareness to what’s really happening and how it’s affecting our health now and the future health of our children and animals . There will be a lot of resistance due to ” corporatisation “.
    Which country are you living in.Bernadette ?
    I’m in the Waikato region of New Zealand . for your good work on this planet and I look forward to hearing and learning more .
    Heartfelt regards

    1. Hi Macushla, thank you for your message. I look forward to sharing more with you too. I love the sound of what you are doing with your campaign and send you best wishes and great vibes for that! You’re in the Waikato… how wonderful. A beautiful spot. I am currently in Spain, left NZ in 2013 and have been moving around various locations/countries. Hope to get home to visit again soon. No place like home!! With love, Bernadette

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