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Live Your Values or Fall Into the Gap!

1) What are your personal values?

2) Are you living consistently from your values at present?

Be REALLY honest with yourself when you answer these questions.

The Gap

When we choose to say “My values are XYZ”, and then we behave/think/feel and express outwardly in ways that deviate from those values, we create a GAP. Here's what you need to know about the gap…

  • That gap shows up as some form of pain/suffering.
  • Pain/suffering can only exist when we deviate from who we truly are and know ourselves to be deep down.
  • Deep down we are all LOVE and we are called to live from love, that is to be love and behave from love in all we do.
  • Deviations from the love we are is what causes pain – pain to other people perhaps, but ultimately pain to ourselves.

Actions speak louder than words

When writing this blog, a parenting tip I've read about comes to mind, which goes something like… your children won't always hear what you tell them to do, but they will mimic what they SEE you doing. In the same way, it seems to me that perhaps the world does not care so much for what you SAY your values are, the world cares only for you to EMBODY those values. When I say ‘the world', I'm really saying divinity and all-that-is.

Actions speak louder than words in all respects. I feel acutely aware at this time of living from love based values. There are enough people out there behaving in crazy, chaotic ways based on hate and fear, that the least we can each do right now to ‘be the change' is to share a little love! That means in every moment when fear wants to express (aka you behave from fear or speak words based on fear), when the mind wants to make a judgement, there exists a choice. The choice is:

  • to live from your values; OR
  • to have those values yet go on ahead and behave completely out of alignment with them

Make it a daily practise

I feel this is a daily practise and calling, for everyone. For some it may be easy, for others it may be a struggle. The more we practise, the easier it becomes. The more we tune into what is MOST important to us in life, the easier it is to behave from your values. Because really… why would you do otherwise?

To have awareness and to have commitment to living from love-based values is a tremendous contribution to  the world. That doesn't mean it is easy or consistent to start off with, but I do believe it's a commitment worth making, that has flow on effects beyond what we can imagine. You can seriously change lives, literally, when you live from your values.

Be the love

There is a heart-led stirring within me that I touched upon in Going Out On A Limb, regarding living from a space of love.  This isn't fluffy spiritual talk, this is a practical ‘living as your awesome self' message. Live it in your family, in your business/career, in your social life… be the LOVE!  The piece in the book which relates to compassion (which at its essence is love) goes like this…

“I don’t think anyone would volunteer to admit they live outside of compassion, but the truth is a significant number of people do live partially, if not fully, outside of compassion. Living outside of compassion is a direct result of living disconnected. When you know that you are inherently connected to everything and everyone, your compassion for everything and everyone is equivalent to having compassion for yourself, because you are one and the same.

Compassion is not about loving those you love. Loving those you love is easy. Compassion is loving all. It is allowing your soul-level self to recognise and acknowledge the soul-level self in every other person, animal, tree, flower, anything that you encounter. Compassion doesn’t mean you have to love what they do, it is loving the soul that they are for the journey they are on, being compassionate for the lessons they are learning and the evolution that is occurring.

Most of all, compassion is loving self and embracing self without judgement and with full acceptance.”

Notice whatever this blog might stir up within you. Whatever arises from within… listen to it! Your values want to be lived and expressed every day. You've just got to make the choice.

Warmest wishes, Bernadette

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