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Life is an Adventure IF You Choose to Make it One

The saying “life is an adventure” never meant that much to me for most of my life. I thought it was a catchy phrase. It was kinda inspiring. But it didn't really apply to me.

My life didn't feel like an adventure. I couldn't see how going to work each day and doing the same thing year in and year out was really very adventurous. Sure, I travelled once a year, had fun, socialized on the weekends, did well in my career, and all that jazz! But adventure? Nope.

I never had that “thrill” of feeling like life was filled with possibility.

I got excited just before vacation time, and then lost that adventure feeling the second it was time to go home. If I saw other people living like life was an adventure, I reasoned with myself that they were born that way. And I was just not one of those adventurous people.

And all of that was total BS.

Hilarious in retrospect. Because life IS an adventure. But only when you choose to make it one.

Here's the thinking that used to trap me. Maybe you resonate with this…

“Life is an adventure only if…

  • You're doing really adventurous stuff all the time
  • You're a real risk-taker, dare devil or crazy “out there” person who makes amazing things happen all the time
  • You have plenty of free time and money in order to make life an adventure”

That thinking led me nowhere. Until…

Through a series of wake-up calls and signs from the Universe, I started to realise that your life really is an adventure – no matter what you're doing, regardless of where you are, irrespective of your personality type, or your goals and dreams.

And the key is this… while life absolutely, factually, is an adventure for all of us (a crazy ride from the day we're born until the day we depart this place!), it will absolutely NOT feel like one unless you choose the “life is an adventure” ATTITUDE!

The day you decide to live from that attitude, is that day that everything changes. Possibilities open up. Life glows with a sweetness you didn't see before. You start to live INTO your goals and dreams. And soon your goals and dreams can become your reality.

It happened for me, and it will happen for you. You just have to choose the adventure attitude…

Awaken the Adventure Attitude Within You!

With love, and best wishes for your life adventure, Bernadette

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