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6 Reminders for Staying Strong During Life Challenges

If life challenges are knocking on your door, or they've already moved on in and seem to be making themselves at home (!!), I've got 6 empowering reminders for you.

Tune in, because it's time for you to rise up strong…

How to Stay Strong During Life Challenges – 6 Reminders

Reminder #1

You have A 100% track record for getting through everything in your life.

You're doing pretty darn awesome!

You're still breathing, heart beating, and you have what it takes to walk ahead powerfully.

Remind yourself every day – “I will be okay. Everything will be okay. I always get through somehow. I trust this.”

Reminder #2

This too shall pass.

Challenges are like storms that arrive in your life, like a weather pattern. Storms have a life span. And your life span is longer than its!

The storm will come and it will go, and you will outlive it.

Remember, this is a season. Like everything in life, it will eventually pass. Thoughts pass. Feelings pass. Challenges pass.

Be patient and trust.

Reminder #3

Diamonds are made under pressure, and so are you. Your challenges will be the making of you.

Life challenges pressuring you are softening your rough edges, calling you to evolve, buffering you to expose the power and beauty you have.

On the other side of this challenge, you will shine again, brighter than before.

Reminder #4

All challenges morph into wisdom.

This is the gift that challenges bring. They come to offer you something.

Whatever you get out of a challenge in the form of greater understanding, skills and life wisdom, you will not only use in future (as a handy side benefit) but you will NEED in future.

There is Divine Order in your life. Maybe you don't know yet what this life challenge is gifting you, or maybe you do. Maybe you don't know yet what this wisdom is for, but you will find out soon enough!

Perhaps the wisdom is to support something you will DO in the future. Perhaps it is to help you SHARE that wisdom with someone else in your life, to uplift them on their journey. You needn't be concerned about why you're being given this wisdom, only that it is has purpose.

The Universe/Divinity (whatever word you use to describe a higher power at play in your life)… it moves us across each others life paths, in right time and right order. We end up learning through challenges and then being called forth into work, career, vocations, relationships, situations and places in order that we can contribute through the wisdom we have gained.

There is purpose to what you are going through. Trust the universe supports you.

Reminder #5

Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together

That's actually a Marilyn Monroe quote!

Remember that when it feels like life is falling apart, sometimes it's actually life's way of spring cleaning you (and your circumstances) to prepare you for the coming summer season of your life.

So even though it's tempting to think that life is beating down on you, pause to consider if maybe the slate is being wiped clean in order that something better can form.

Reminder #6

What we resist persists. So, it's vital TO let go and flow.

Use this mantra on a daily basis… “This is happening, and I choose peace.”

Your attitude is EVERYTHING when it comes to staying strong. You will either become a victim to what is happening or you will rise up and be a victor.

The choice is yours, and it all starts in your mindset.

I hope these reminders are helpful for whatever life challenges you might be going through now, or that you may face on your forward journey.

BernadetteLogue.com is all about supporting each other, so do reach out and leave me a message in the comments section below. Let me know what's going on for you, how you're doing, and any questions you might have.

Plus, if you have any pearls of wisdom you want to share with the community, things that have helped you stay strong during life challenges, please share!

With love, Bernadette

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29 Responses

  1. So timely, as always. I will be sharing these reminders with my children during lunch today! I really resonated with the reminder that challenges bring us gifts. What a playful perspective to bring to hard times – that of anticipating the gift that will come! I will definitely use this paradigm from now on.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration on challenges it’s comes at a time when one needs to get through differences in people which surfaces at the most peculiar time and when you get to see peoples true colours. Some of which is not pleasant and has an instant anti-climax on a relationship. I’m relating a girl I’m dating who is fantastic when alone but in a room, public places or restaurant she is always scanning other men. It’s not easy to overlook. any suggestions?

    I guess one does have to be cautious and not make rational decision and half live a decision before committing.

    1. You’re welcome, glad to share the inspirations with you. Relationship challenges are one of the most common and tough areas of life to deal with, so many emotions involved, and relationships prove to be a wonderful vehicle for our personal growth as a result! Overall, suggestion… trust your intuition, it is always right, and if you need to communicate in a relationship about a difficult situation, do so while calm and speak from the heart 🙂 Best wishes! Bernadette

  3. I’ve been a teacher for 42 years, and this is my 43rd of service. Yesterday, I spent a long day at my school.
    I went to work at 7:30 and when I came home it was 7:30 pm.  I thought it was odd that a door in the store room was standing ajar when I opened the garage door, but I figured that it just came loose and opened by itself.
    Then I saw the back door to my house wide open.  Someone had kicked open the front door, home invasion style, ruining the door frame in the process so that the deadbolt no longer works.  They went through every room, opened every closet and every drawer and basically through all my clothes, shoes, purses, everything on the floor; knocked over the furniture and deliberately broke and destroyed as much as they could.  They stole most of my jewelry that was worth anything as well as a lot of it that was just sentimental in value.  They took a gallon jar of about $300 in change that I’d saved for a long time that was in my closet.  They took my Galaxy tablet but they left my computer and my tv.  I noticed some checks for a bank account were missing as well as some loose cash I had ready to pay the lawn guy when he came by to get it.  They left the stereo and the speakers, but it will take weeks or even longer for me to get this house back in order.  The police were here but said I needed to go by the station within the next five days to speak to a detective.  I think I am still in shock from the violation.  I cleared away some of the debris and broken glass and other items and washed the covers on the sofa.   That’s where I’ll try to sleep tonight.  In seventeen years, nothing like this has ever happened to me here.  In fact, nothing like this has ever happened on this street that I know of, but I do know that there have been more and more odd-looking people hanging around the park, and the police don’t patrol the way they used to.  When I made the police report tonight, the policeman said they’d be patrolling. I hope they do. So many of the things that were needlessly destroyed were gifts from departed friends and family. Precious and irreplaceable.
      Mimi and Winston. my dogs. must have been barking up a storm because I found three full water bottles that had obviously been lobbed at them.  I don’t see that they’re hurt, thankfully.  What a terrible Monday.  But thank you for the wisdom. I don’t know why people do such terrible things to other people. But it’s done. Maybe these words can help me live with it. Love, Patricia
    Please keep me in your prayers today

    1. Patricia! So sorry to hear this happened to you. I send my love to you. You are strong and will get through this. And while the things they have taken and destroyed and irreplaceable and deeply precious to you… remember that the value of those things exists in your heart – the memories, the love, the joy… and no one can take that from you. This is your empowerment. Holding you in my thoughts! Bernadette 🙂

  4. This is an awesome post! I love how you put things. “This too shall pass” has been my mantra thru hard times. And it really is true. Whatever you are going thru remember that it will pass. And you will be left with life lessons that make you stronger. I always tell myself when something that I wanted doesn’t happen, it just means that something better is on its way to me! Thank you so much for such an awesome article. Sharing!!

    1. Thanks for sharing Amy, I love your attitude! Thanks for being a part of our community! Love, B

  5. Thanks for these emails. I feel defeated always. Sorry for the negativity, I haven’t given up yet. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    1. Hi Stephen, I hear you, and it’s important that you are free to express how you feel. Life is about being positive all the time, to say you feel defeated isn’t negative, it’s being honest. Positivity in my view is simply to be EMPOWERED in the face of whatever life brings us, and we can feel defeated while also simultaneously choosing to not give up, to keep looking for ways forward and being open and ready. Blessings to you! B 🙂

  6. This email couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I’m facing the challenge of finding a new job and feel defeated many days. I thank you for your inspiring words and will try my best to live them each day.

  7. Thank you for giving me beautiful positive affirmations. , from that I took positive changes in my life.., thank you so much for your mails

  8. Thank you so much for these posts. They are so helpful and I will be sharing today’s with my son. Blessings to you for what you do!

  9. I am thkful I Came across this website. There is really so much positivity here, apart from the regular posts about personal development, what stands out for me is the honest sharing of each person’s true stories, we are strangers here in cyberspace but it is so good to know how we Pple here are practtcing very basic kindness and just making an effort to reach out and touch another person’s heart.

    After reading the reminders, then about what happened to Patricia, my heart does feel weary because It’s really sad to know that people can still be so cruel. I do not know who you are Patricia. But I wish all the love for you during this tough time. Most importantly I wish hope and peace for you. Take care

  10. B,
    My heart aches for you at this profoundly sad time…It’s such an incredibly really sharp pain right now, that will only very slowly dull as you begin to have so many joyful memories of all sorts of things you had forgotten about your many many special moments.. I know this too well because I lost my standard poodle about a year and a half ago. I hope that my big Ben gives your sweet boy lots of love and welcomes him to the happy place our beloved babies go after they leave their time with us. Thinking of you and hugging you in my thoughts..

    1. Dearest Vicki, thank you for your beautiful message. It truly warmed my heart right now. I am grateful. Our boys will be racing around together, free and joyous. Big love and hugs to you. Thanks again. You are so sweet. Blessings, Bx

  11. God bless you for your articles and message that brings me up and motivated me never to give up but to trust God more. Am also a motivational blogger but am exposed to learning more from a professional like you. Have also been reposting some of your articles on my platform.

    Thanks again and more grease to your elbow.


  12. i love what you are doing to me right now and i would always want to have more every day. i will be strong again definitely cos the sun is shinning again, i feel great.
    may GOD richly bless you. Thanks very much.

  13. Dear Bernadette.
    Finally I am writing to you. I just want to tell you that you have helped me a lot in these 5 – 6 month. This year is been the toughest for me since my mom past away 8 years ago. Seperated from my ex partner of almost 6 years. Had an anxiety panic attack and developed mild anxiety disorder. Been listening to your positive affirmation audio. It has helped me a lot. I have been reading everything that I receive in my e mails from you. Deep inside I still feel lost and anxious about everything. I am working with myself to find the happiness and peace within me. You definitely have helped me tremendously through this emotionally and mentally hard time. I will forever be thankful to you Bernadette.

    Kindest regards

    1. Dearest Diana, thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your own situation. I send so much love your way, through this difficult time please know you are not alone. You can reach out anytime. A side thought… have you ever used EFT (tapping), for things like anxiety and other difficult emotions. It is such a useful tool, easy to do, you can learn it and do it at home yourself. I’ve put a link below to a free guide in case it interests you. Much love and peace your way. So glad to be connected and to have you with us in this community. Bx

  14. Thank you… such wise words! I really needed these reminders just now during this challenging time in my life. I can now see this as a gift, and an opportunity, not something to be mourned or feared.

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