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Inspiring Stories from our Community

People just like you have made powerful changes in their lives – transforming their minds, deepening their relationships, healing their bodies, elevating theirs careers, and much more. Here are two stories, kindly shared by members of our community, to inspire you into your own possibilities.

What I particularly love about these stories is together they helpfully demonstrate profound paradigm shifts (changes in their inner way of being) as well as awesome practical action (changes in their way of doing).

Interestingly, the way these two people went about creating their changes was quite different, and yet both have created incredible results. One person came on retreat with me after reading my first book, and the other person soaked up every online free resource available and actioned everything diligently. It just goes to show – it doesn't matter what your issue is, where you live, what your circumstances are… there are many forms of support to help you, and there are many paths available that lead to the same place – the place of inner peace, personal sense of freedom, and meaningful success.

Ruth's Life-Wide Action & Changes

Here is the inspiring story of Ruth in New Zealand, who has made awesome life-wide changes (inner paradigm shifts as well as outer career and health shifts) after taking on board what she learnt and getting in committed action to breakthrough…

What was the situation you were in BEFORE your breakthrough?

I had been feeling out of kilter for a long time: in a job I didn't love, working really long hours and feeling like I didn't know what I wanted to do “when I grew up”. I was also still reeling from a sudden bereavement that I was having difficulty coming to terms with. I also wasn't really looking after my wellbeing in terms of nutrition, exercise and self-development.

How did you FEEL then?

Ugh…I'm trying not to remember it! Generally tired, frustrated, confused, grief-stricken, unsure and stressed. And I was running a pretty good line in negative self-talk.

Which of our resources did you apply that were of greatest help to you?

I spent a week with B on her transformational coaching retreat in Bali.

What did you DO to support your own breakthrough?

Going on the retreat exposed me to a lot of things, and after a year I am still maintaining some of them and still have work to do on others. I am still listening most days to a personalised affirmation audio, which is a fantastic tool to get me fired up at the start of the day, and also to keep me on track. I'm practicing hard to choose my focus and make conscious, moment-by-moment choices. I think one of the biggest realizations was to get some perspective on the way I talked to myself, and to realise that I wouldn't accept that kind of dialogue from anyone else! Being conscious about the story I tell myself and what I choose to believe is a big change for me.

So many other things have had an impact as well. I'm practicing mindfulness and yoga, both of which really support my emotional and mental wellbeing, and nearly every night my partner and I tell each other what we're grateful for today. I'm a lot more conscious about connecting with nature and getting out and about, and reminding myself of the energetic connection I have to everything around me. I'm also much more aware of my thoughts about other people and I make a real effort not to be judgmental. I say “I'm going to choose to be generous and assume they are doing (whatever it is) for these reasons…” and find alternative perspectives from mine. This helps me not to make assumptions and to break the habit of being judgmental.

There are so many things I got from B that are supporting me and have helped me become much more aware of myself and the world around me.

What were the main REALIZATIONS you had as part of this breakthrough?

I had a big realization that I could control my own destiny. This came from a really simple discussion about my then job and the long hours I worked. B asked me the simple question, “Who tells you to work those hours?” and I suddenly realized that I was playing a part in my situation. Another massive shift for me was realizing what my values and purpose are – and I had been trying to figure out my purpose for ages. A lot of the discussions we had on the retreat about energy and the spiritual side of things were really compelling for me as I had already started exploring soul lives having read B's first book, Pinch Me. I learned some things about myself that I didn't really like and felt very supported to explore them and face up to them, which was pretty confronting but empowering.

What is your situation NOW after the breakthrough?

I have made a lot of changes, some of which I mentioned above. Work-wise, I left a stressful role that I didn't love and I'm now doing a role that I really enjoy and working only 4 days a week! I realized that I'd wanted to reduce my hours for years, and simply decided to make it happen! I have much more clarity around what I want to do long-term, and have been studying in an area that really aligns to my passion (as B would say, it really lights me up).

Health-wise, I have lost 10kg in weight by overhauling my eating habits and educating myself on nutrition, as well as introducing much more exercise into my routine. I've found myself increasingly interested in nutrition and this may become part of my future career path as well. I have a lot more balance in my life and generally feel a lot more energized, calm, and connected, which I love.

Having created this breakthrough, how has this changed your overall approach to yourself and life in general going forward?

I feel a lot more excited about what I have to offer, a lot more accepting of things that happen outside of my control, and a lot more grounded and generous in my thoughts.

I also know that this is something that I will continue to work on and learn about for my whole life, and I feel that I embrace the approach of continuous learning and growth.

What other resources outside of B's did you draw upon in creating your breakthrough?

A nutritionist, a variety of books and websites about nutrition, a really lovely yoga app (Yoga Studio) which means I can fit in short yoga workouts at home, a gym membership, and various books and websites. I have a huge reading list! But really the biggest resource has been B and her materials – thank you so much! I feel really energized. It's a good feeling to acknowledge the progress I've made.

Sree's Transformational Mind Rewiring & Inner Healing

Sree from India has opened his heart to share this amazing story of courage to overcome inner blocks and create peace from within…

What was the situation you were in BEFORE your breakthrough?

I was not able to sustain goodness in anything. I felt forever a failure professionally despite great work. And there was nothing great going on personally either. I was away from family due to financial reasons, with zero real friends. I felt a sense of failure to look after my family well.

How did you FEEL then?

Low and suicidal every passing day. My life looked closed from all sides and ending the life looked like the only reasonable option. Meeting a psychiatrist and going through medications made it worse, and it was an astronomical effort to rise up and move forward every single moment for years!

Which of our resources did you apply that were of greatest help to you?

  • The 4 free videos that are part of the “Live with Inner Peace” online course. I am referring to the specific video where you suggested how we could transform our BTFA (beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions) by analyzing the existing ones. I made a workbook of my own, identified the changes and created my own custom affirmations from this.
  • How to Clear Negative Energy Away – Guided Meditation. This is the ultimate resource a person can possess! I could get rid of so many low energy thoughts and experiences. I use it almost on a daily basis and now can perform this exercise in my mind to clear negatives instantly, without the assistance of the video.
  • Group Energy Clearing Sessions (during the time when it was offered free)
  • I used almost all the the early video lessons that exist in the Bs YouTube channel and got an entire large sized note book dedicated to notes and action from your free video sessions. Some of the videos and areas specifically that I focused on are:
    • 3 steps for unleashing your life method (Your BTFA concept – seeing the truth, clearing the fog, create and blossom) – powerful concept, especially when life has hit rock bottom and you feel that there may be still an abyss below the bottom.
    • Creating a new blossoming garden in my mind; saying yes to what we want, answering why do we specifically want what we want, and to create that in the garden
    • An action plan for utilising precious limited energy (emotional, physical and mental) each day effectively
    • Guided meditation to connect to my soul – helped me connect to the infiniteness and radiance within myself
    • Purpose – getting a degree of clarity on life purpose (still not sure though, LOL!)
    • Communication during distress
    • Better handling reaction (Inside Out response by rising above the circumstances)
    • How to deal with someone's words hurting you – the concept of people “fishing” on you was a great eye opener! Now I do not let myself get fished at all and this saves so much of my mental and emotional energy resources
    • 4 sneaky things that block progress! I am a bit better on facing uncertainty – though this is one area that I need to work upon next

What did you DO to support your own breakthrough?

I accepted responsibility that only I am the cause of my situation and no one else is. I applied most of B's lessons with rigour – I did this for a year. Sometimes I would spent days or weeks absorbed only in these thoughts and nothing else. I did not feel like working, and instead of suicidal thoughts I would redirect my mind in building up my BTFA equation in a way that worked better for me (belief, thought, feeling, action).

What were the main REALIZATIONS you had as part of this breakthrough?

I realised I am an infinite self, I am filled with love, serenity and radiance. I am already healthy, rich, radiant, awesome, and as a result there is nothing I need to do to chase these things.

What is your situation NOW after the breakthrough?

A huge baggage has gone off my shoulders and that's makes a world of difference.

The way I look at life is so different and peaceful. This in turn created positive circumstances and life has started getting back on track.

External situations do not matter so much now, other than having a loving and enriching environment around me. What matters today is my own life journey, and the cause of supporting the journey of others who are around me.

Even professionally, it's now easier to seek business, win opportunities and so on. And, I'm sure it's bound to grow.

9) Having created this breakthrough, how has this changed your overall approach to yourself and life in general going forward?

Today, I can achieve anything if I choose to seek it. This comes from beliefs that lie deep in my serene mind. Also, today I am naturally constructively occupied. However, there exists an element of inconsistency in these aspects that I need to work on.

10) What other resources outside of B's did you draw upon in creating your breakthrough?

Books/CDs – Paul McKenna (Destiny CD and the book), Self Talk by Dr. Shad Helmstetter (writing my own affirmations), and particularly the first chapter of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (helped in being non-suicidal)

Healing – A spiritual healer (dowsing specialist), locally in Bangalore; to get rid of haunting energies and their frequent presence. Spirits communicate to me often, thankfully they have moved on now.

Others – Yoga, Pranayama (breathing – I have always done this in my life), OM Meditation, prayers, physical exercises, gaining physical strength and being fit, sleeping well, always saying yes to spending time with family. Building a deepest sense of love to all the people of the world. Also, I have been fortunate to get blessings, vision and guidance from divine Guru's in my dreams and I follow their suggestions.

Also importantly is what I stopped doing. I chose to stop visiting psychiatrists and taking medications, and to not meet people who give low vibration energy. I chose to say no to business opportunities from low vibration people even during my most trying financial circumstances (and I am glad I did that).

You are God sent B, and it's awesome that I could come off my life situation merely with your free resources! I would certainly join your in-person workshops the day I can afford, and let's hope the day is nearby. Thanks a million.

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4 Responses

  1. It so exciting to hear people changing there lives. I am truely HAPPY for them. For me though it seems the harder I try the worse things get and the sadder I get. Time to live and let live.

    Keep up the great work B

    1. Hi Bub, well there is A LOT of wisdom in “live and let live” and trusting your own intuition is the right thing to do always. Some people have the deep gut instinct that change is required and they feel the empowerment rise as they forge ahead, knowing it is right for them in some way. Others feel the deep gut instinct that the change is not about forging ahead and making shifts happen, but the soul lesson for them is to let go and “just be”. There is a very delicate balance we all learn in life and that is the path of both creating/changing/dreaming/aspiring/making things happen and that of simply being present/accepting/allowing. A happy and healthy life is a balance of both. At certain points in life we may be more outward and actively creating change, and at other points in life we may be more conscious of just letting go, releasing, accepting, allowing and focusing on presence. One of the best things I’ve learnt along the journey is to lean towards that which feels good and right for you. THANK YOU for your comment. Thank you for being here and openly sharing your situation. Much love, B.

  2. I am glad to know that Ruth and Sree could bring in transformation in their lives with the resources of pinch me living. I am sure it would have been a breakthrough experience for you both. Thanks for sharing the same with us.

    Good job B. Stay blessed.

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