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I Once Dreamed This Would Happen & It Did. What Do You Dream Of?

It seems inappropriate to share a shower story with you (yes… me in a shower), but I don't care.

So here goes…

Dreams Come True

Friday night and it's pouring with rain. But because we live in Bali, it's also a lovely warm temperature, one of those tropical downpours.

I LOVE tropical downpours. It's one of my weird little joys in life.

I'm standing in the shower, facing the lush green jungle in the garden. Yes… it's an outdoor bathroom with a rock walled outdoor shower. This is life in Bali.

It occurred to me as I was standing there, after a busy day running my online business, that I used to dream of doing this (standing in a hot shower, looking at a tropical garden, in the middle of a monsoon rain).

Strange thing to dream of, some might say. But stay with me, I'll explain more.

Sometimes life changes so dramatically that you forget what life used to be like, and you forget to pause and recognize the massive shifts in your reality that have actually taken place.

Specifically, I can recall with absolute crystal clear clarity the moment I was dreaming of living my life like this. It was on our honeymoon. I had a busy job in New Zealand and we had saved up to go on our honeymoon to Koh Samui in Thailand. We booked this lovely hotel to stay in. Funnily enough, strange coincidence… it was a Balinese style hotel. All the rooms, bathrooms and décor was Balinese style. Back then we had no dream or plan whatsoever to go to Bali. I confess that back then I didn't even know where Bali was!

But as we sat on the patio at the front of our room on that first night of our honeymoon, the monsoon rain was pouring down. I was fresh and cosy in a bathrobe after a hot shower, and the hotel had gifted us a bottle of wine to celebrate our marriage. So drink in hand, legs tucked up under me as I snuggled on the chair watching the rain, Aaron sitting by my side, I said something to the effect of…. “This is the life uh?! Lush garden, refreshing rain but still so warm, beautiful Balinese style room, outdoor shower, I wonder how on earth you could design your life to live this way. Wouldn't it be awesome?!”

Back then, I had a fixed career working for someone else, in a fixed location. The idea of living somewhere else, let alone a South East Asian country was far from my realm of possibility, not least of all because how on earth could I create a living while doing so? It was FAR from conceivable for my risk-averse, conservative mind.

I didn't think anything further of that really. That was 2009. Through a series of incremental shifts in awareness and shifts in circumstance over the coming 4 years, we would end up living in Bali of all places! Living the life I once dreamed of.

And tonight as I had my shower, I realized for the first time that linkage! Crazy!

While I never started out intending we would move overseas or that I would be doing the work I now do, this is what can happen. It happened to me. It can happen for you (not necessarily Bali, but whatever YOUR dream is!).

Now, let's be clearer… these “incremental shifts in awareness and shifts in circumstance” I mention above, is really my gentle way of saying I had a kick ass spiritual awakening (aka. My ass got kicked!) and it felt like someone had taken a blindfold off me that I'd been wearing my whole life.

I suddenly saw life with new eyes. I tuned into the fact that the Universe/life is literally serving up signs to each of us, to help guide us to see our purpose, to achieve our goals and to learn lessons for our evolution, and our job is to tune into them (both inside ourselves, through our intuition/inner voice, and outside of ourselves in the synchronicities and coincidences we witness, along with many other mind-blowing signs).

What I could never have imagined back then, was that… it was possible for me to have the life I wanted, but I had to be willing to let go of the life I had.

WILLING is the key word.

Letting Go of the Old Life to Usher in a New Life

Over a period of 4 years, I did literally let go of many of the aspects of my life as I knew it… my location, then my career, then my home, then all my possessions…. and always willingly.

Sometimes I gave them away fearfully, but deep down I knew something greater was possible for me if I was able to release my grip on what I didn't need or want, in order to create space to discover what I did need and want. I had to drop all excuses, work hard and be committed, but with all that… the changes happened.

I'm NOT for a second saying you need to quit a job or sell what you own to follow some adventure in order to achieve a dream, far from it! Sometimes when I share my story of how I ended up doing what I'm doing, I worry that people will think that I think everyone should do that. I most definitely DON'T. That happened to me because that was my path, and part of what my intuition told me to do (I think my soul chose to learn some big lessons in this life about attachment/detachment and the notions of value/security, in order to end up doing the work I do now). Your path is your path. What you need to do is unique to you…

Questions to Consider

What I most want you to consider is the overall tone of this blog from what I've shared above, and see what parts resonate with you.

  • Does it make you want to rekindle a dream?
  • Does it trigger you about a decision you've been avoiding?
  • Does it make you want to create a change you desire and need?
  • Does it make you braver to step up and go after the growth, expansion, learning or possibility that exists in your current situation?
  • Does it make you wonder what signs are being given to you in your life and how the Universe is speaking to you?
  • Or, does it make you recall how your intuition has spoken to you, and you have or haven't listened to it?

The Life You Desire is Possible but First You Must Be Willing to Let Go of the Life You Have

To finish off today's blog, here is a relevant excerpt from my book Unleash Your Life, which speaks directly to the overall theme of this blog, so I felt drawn to include it here.

The book is a self-help guide, sharing 166 age-old truths to unlock your inner peace, freedom and success (all of which are inherent within you)…

“The access point to all that you desire is your willingness to let go of what no longer serves you, this includes your limiting ways of being (beliefs, thoughts and feelings) and your limiting ways of doing (actions). It may also include letting go of external circumstances, arrangements, people and things that you no longer wish to have in your life.

If you desire a different type of life experience, that means you don’t desire the totality of the life experience you are having right now, therefore there is no point in clinging onto it.

You cannot walk into the new aspects of life that you know are possible while dragging behind you the old aspects of life you no longer want or need. You will not have space within your life or yourself physically, mentally or emotionally to do so. You will not have time, energy or attention free to give to what you desire, if you are fully immersed in a mind-set, actions, situations, people or things that are not reflective of the possibilities you want to create.

Simply, you can’t live two different life experiences at once. You either have your experience now, or you recreate your experience. The act of willingly releasing your inner attachment to what you no longer want and need is energetically what shifts you forward.

When I say, “willing to let go of the life you have”, there are three important distinctions to understand about this statement.

Firstly, you must be willing. Willingness is not an action, it is an attitude. Willingness is an inner release. It does not necessarily mean you must literally let go of anything. Rather, it is allowing your life to flow and unfold naturally without you holding it back, funnelling and restricting it. Willingness allows energy to move as energy wishes to move, like a river that wishes to follow its curves and gravity, to move as nature intended. So too your life can flow and unfold as your soul intends, working in unison with your conscious desire and free will to create. But you have to get out of your own way. Your grip on what is familiar and what you have, even if it is not what you want, is what stops the flow. Any desire to create a vision, met with your unwillingness to actually allow that vision to become a reality, means you enter a stalemate. You want it, but deny it the chance to come into existence.

Secondly, the life you desire can be both a perspective of life and an actual physical external experience of life. Often the life people desire, which is not their current experience of life, is both a desire for inner peace, sense of freedom and happiness, as well as some type of change in their external life circumstances. The new inner perspective of life is available to you right now, if you willingly let go of your old paradigm, actively and consciously choosing to clear the fog. Your reality literally transforms from the inside out, in the sense that while your physical, external life experience may remain exactly the same (the same environment, same people, same circumstances, same day to day routine and the same resources), your paradigm has changed so you interpret everything with new eyes. Remarkably, the “sameness” can start occurring to you in a completely different light.

Thirdly, new external circumstances, be it where you are, what you do, who you are with or what you have, only become available to you when you are willing to exchange your energy out there in the world in new ways. To be in a new location, you must be willing to leave your current location. To have a new job you must be willing to leave your current job. To have a new intimate relationship you must be willing to either leave your current relationship or leave your situation of being single. To have new health and well-being you must be willing to say goodbye to the unhealthy habits you have. To experience greater financial freedom you must be willing to function in ways (inwardly and outwardly) that generate greater flow of income or perhaps less expenses or both. There is always an energy exchange going on, which carries you forward, and that exchange requires your willingness in order for it to take place.”

Excerpt from Unleash Your Life – Available in eBook andd paperback.

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8 Responses

  1. Wow, B! Waiting eagerly to read your third book! I wonder if you remember me – Niri- I had written to you earlier too. Life is good now – though I am alone now, I feel strong, and connected to my soul/higher self. Your books were a great help to me when I was going through a really tough phase. Thank you!

    1. Hi Niri, yes of course I remember you very well my friend! So lovely to read your message and great to hear you are doing well, feeling strong and connected 🙂 Sending you love and blessings, Bernadette

  2. I look forward to getting the book. if i want to purchase it in hard copy….where will i find it? Thank you!

    1. Hi Nick, yes the book will also be available in paperback for purchase online with Amazon, Book Depository and Barnes & Noble. Thanks Nick, warmest wishes, B

  3. As always, B, you are spot on with what I need to know right now. Your words create a practical, be-honest-with-yourself guide that lays out everything in such a way that one can’t help but understand and acknowledge the wisdom in those words. Your words give help to give us the courage and strength to to what we have to do to go from Point A to Point B without whitewashing the fact that it does take intention, determination, effort, and action. More importantly than your words, your actions have served as a model for those of us who want to live our dreams in more meaningful lives. Thank you so much, B. You are the bomb!!!

    1. Ahhhh, spot on Melanie… it’s the “be honest with yourself” piece that makes all the difference. This is a tough one, as many times we do have the answers to our own questions and we just need to stop, listen, trust, have faith and act even without knowing exactly what is going to happen. Uncertainty is the spice of life, and it is definitely the breeding ground of all great possibilities! With love, Bx

  4. I loved this book so much that I literally took my kindle to the nearest park and read it all day. I have to tell you this book changed the course of my life. Every time I read this book, I felt very lighter as if all my problems are going to dissolve away soon. Eventually they did. 🙂

    To date my soul does not know anyone incredible than you B. Thank you!

    1. So glad you loved the book! Makes me happy to share it with you 🙂 Thanks for being a part of our community. Much love to you, B

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