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How to Trust That The Universe Supports You

Ahhhh, don't you just love those moments of synchronicity and flow where it feels like you're being supported by life and things are just falling into place perfectly?

I so vividly remember all the times in the past when things have just effortlessly unfolded for me as if the Universe* had lined everything up. Seeing signs, following them, feeling like I was on a magic carpet ride.

And then… I clearly remember all the other times when it wasn't like that! The times when you wonder why things aren't working, when it looks like life is totally random, and that the Universe is not supporting you!

I often get emails from people telling me about their own experiences of these seeming “highs and lows”. Witnessing how the difficult times, when it feels like the “signs have all dried up”, cause people to yo-yo in their trust in the Universe or their Higher Power. They lose faith, get frustrated, despair, and perhaps wonder if maybe they were just imagining the earlier flow and support from the Universe. Maybe it's not real.

So this week, we're talking about HOW to trust the Universe / your Higher Power is supporting you no matter whether you see that support or not. To trust in good times and in tough times.

* Note – I use the word “Universe”, but you might have different terminology, such as Higher Power, Source, Creator, Spirit, Life, God, or any other term for what you hold dear as the divine aspect of your life. Read and listen from your unique and beautiful own perspective. ?

I encourage you to tune in, do the exercise in the video, and make a decision today that will have a profound effect on the rest of your life. Because in the words of a wise man…

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe. – Albert Einstein

To share your own experiences, insights or questions, please scroll down to leave a comment below and I'll reply back as soon as possible.

With love, Bernadette

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  1. Hi Bernadette-
    I just started watching your videos through what seems to be some sort of natural flow of spiritual education. It began with a girl I met at my job. I was so intrigued by her presence that I had to found out more.Long story short she held my hand to push me onto my journey. She soon disappeared and while I didn’t understand why at first, I believe that was her contribution to my path to awakening. From there I was led to You Tube to other spiritual teachers like Ralph Smart, Victor Oddo and now you. I am still at the beginning stages but have progressed. I am not nearly as emotional to the highs and lows of daily life. I am currently stepping forward into make certain changes in my life that haven’t resonated with me but never knew until now. I am not fond of my full time job bc I feel it wastes my creative energy. I do it bc I have too but I have also moved myself to try different things. I have a long way to go for sure and am glad you are my newest teacher. Of the things I told you and even though I will accept the flow, is there something I should expect now? Is there something upcoming I shouldn’t fight or ignore so that my life continues on smoothly. I am in my early 40′ s and I’ve learned that time is irrelevant but by nature I tend to get stuck sometimes ( not in a bad way necessarily). I want to avoid any sort of impedement if I can help. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Best wishes!!


  2. Hi Vinni, thanks for your message. Wishing you well with your journey and look forward to sharing more resources with you. As far as your question…
    – Is there something I should expect now?
    * No… everyone’s path is different, there is nothing to “expect” as such in terms of what you will experience, nothing you “should” experience. Just allowing yourself to be open to the journey, open mind, open heart, and acceptance vs expectation goes a long way to making the journey more enjoyable and peaceful 🙂
    – Is there something upcoming I shouldn’t fight or ignore so that my life continues on smoothly – the main tip I would give you is to not resist/fight “what is”. As Eckhart Tolle says… accept the present moment as if you chose it. As soon as we resist and fight against the facts of where we are and what we are experiencing, we have guaranteed suffering. Instead accept, and from acceptance you can choose what you prefer, what you want to change and be in inspired action to progress forward.
    Best wishes

  3. This is amazing Bernadette. I lost my connection because life to me was going in the ‘wrong ‘ direction, which of course is my perception, but I developed a lot of health problems, fear and anxiety because I felt truly out of control. What I couldn’t work out is that I’d had a vision a few years ago, and the universe was not aligning with that vision. I started to get problems with my spine, and fears about money, because I felt unsupported in every way. Your video has helped me so much. Just because I don’t see the bigger picture, doesn’t mean I have been abandoned or took a wrong turning. You’ve really helped me strengthen my faith, thank you! Xx

    1. Totally. You are NEVER abandoned. What looks like no support is often when we are being asked to recognize the inherent power we have been gifted inside of us (that the love and support we need is embedded in every cell of us, and it’s time to own it and use it). Plus, there is something miraculous that happens to us as spiritual beings and human beings where we are pushed to our limits… we grow immensely in those moments. Sending much love to you. B

  4. Thanks Bernadette. I really needed to hear this today. The desire to understand why things are happening the way they are is very strong and difficult to resist. I too have discovered that the understanding often comes in hindsight but it’s easy to forget that when you’re in the midst of an “unpleasant” situation. Thanks for the reminder.

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