Have you been feeling fear, anxiety or worry?

Right now, let's do this calming mantra breathing exercise below.

Sit comfortably, relax your belly and with slow, rhythmic, deep breaths, repeat inside your mind…

Breathe in:
Even though I feel this fear,

Breathe out:
I am safe.

Breathe in:
Even though I have this anxiety,

Breathe out:
I am safe.

Breathe in:
Even though I've been worried,

Breathe out:
I am safe.

Breathe in:
Even though I have no control over this situation,

Breathe out:
I am safe.

Breathe in:
Even though I've been feeling this way,

Breathe out:
Somehow, some way, everything will be okay.

Breathe in:
I completely release now,

Breathe out:
I'm in sync with divine/Universal intelligence unfolding.

Here's what I invite you to consider:

These feelings of anxiety, panic, fear, stress and worry often arise when we sense a threat.

This is amplified when we don't have control over what's happening.

If you had control, you'd just take action and do something to resolve the threat.

Control makes you feel safe. Like you're in charge of the situation.

Remove your ability to control a situation (or acknowledge you never had control in the first place!) and you're left feeling vulnerable and exposed.

So how can we ever possibly feel safe if we have no control?

Feeling safe in this world has NOTHING to do with having control over situations.

Your TRUE SAFETY lies in the fact that your life has divine order, and is supported by Universal/divine intelligence which is ever present and unfolding.

You are living, breathing evidence of that intelligence.

The very fact you are here, alive, in your body, experiencing this journey, is a miracle. It is NOT random.

You are never alone.

What beats your heart?

What has you be here?

Why do you think that you are creating your life alone?

You are never alone in any situation you face.

And when you have no control over something that's happening, it's because you don't need to have control in that situation.

Let Universal/divine intelligence flow and unfold the situation. Your job is to remain calm and centered.

Will you trust in that? Will you allow?

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