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How to Motivate Yourself – 5 Steps to Turn Your Power On!

I'm about to fire at you 5 steps for how to motivate yourself.

Buckle your seatbelt!

Because you're definitely in the right place if you're in need of…

  • Practical tips you can follow step-by-step to turn your power on
  • Something to get you emotionally charged up about your life
  • A kick in the butt to start making things happen!

1. Your Reality Stocktake

Grab a pen and paper. You're about to get real with yourself!

Answer these questions:

  • What price are you paying for doing nothing and staying where you are? There are costs involved! The clearer you are on that, the more uncomfortable you will be about it. The more uncomfortable you are, the more motivated you will be to do something to change it!
  • What are you missing out on by not taking action and creating the outcomes you want? There is something great available to you if only you would go for it. The clearer you are about that, the more disappointed you will feel if you don't get up and get after it. The more disappointed you are, the more motivated you will be to get in action!

The point is this – you want to feel a little pain here.

Pain is motivating.

There is NO VALUE in pretending that there is no price you're paying and there is nothing you're missing out on.

Getting real with yourself is a powerful starting point for powering up.

2. Time to Raise Your Standards

If you're not motivated, chances are you are TOO comfortable where you stand.

If that is true, it means you are too accepting of your current situation and the price you're paying. And, you're okay to some extent with missing out on what else is available in your life.

This means your standards are too low. You unconsciously (or consciously!) expect less for yourself than you really deserve.

To have what you want, you need to raise your standards and get emotionally convicted about the fact you DON'T DESERVE to stay stuck and pay these prices. And, that you DO DESERVE better for yourself.

3. Draw a Line in the Sand

Getting motivated and staying motivated requires that you say, “Enough is enough.”

I like to call this – putting a line in the sand.

You draw a line, you step over it, and you say, “I'm never going back.”

One big problem people face with motivation is that it ebbs and flows, and they yo-yo in and out of it. This means you never really get lasting change or the results you want.

To get lasting change means being consistent. Consistently motivated. Consistently clear. Consistently in action.

If you don't put a line in the sand and step over it permanently, then it means that in your mindset you are allowing yourself permission to yo-yo.

If you start out on a path of action or change with the intention that it's okay to stop whenever you want, then guess what . . . you will!

Instead, create a mindset that says, “I'm not turning back. I'm motivated and I'm sticking with this. I'm never going back. I don't deserve back there. I do deserve what's ahead.”

Master your mind with the right belief and thoughts, the right self-talk and attitude, and you'll notice that motivation naturally follows!

No one can inject you with the sustainable motivation you need. They can amp you up for a short period of time. But hyped up energy taken from someone else never lasts!

The way to get lasting motivation, and motivation on the things that count, is to create it for yourself through a shift in your mind.

Learn how to use your mind and emotional system to your advantage, and you'll finally feel like the master of your own destiny.

4. Your Mortality Reminder

You are not going to live forever. Fact.

You've used up some of your days already! Fact.

How many do you have left?

We don't know. No one does.

This hopefully is a motivating factor for you!

When you remember that everyone ends up 6 feet under at some point, and you really dwell on the fact YOU will end up there too, it's like having the electric shock paddles zapped on your heart. It jolts you to life!

The fact you're reading this and thinking thoughts, and breathing, and working, and going about your daily life, DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE ALIVE.

Being truly alive is when you are consciously in control of yourself and owning your life.

5. Set the Structure

Most people struggle with motivation because they don't have structure in place to help them STAY motivated.

Anyone can hype you up given the right insights and approach.

You can hype yourself up given the right tips and tools.

But hype is NOT genuine motivation.

Hype is what feels great and then fizzles out like a firework on a rainy night.

I want you to have lasting motivation, which means…

You need structure in place to not only lift up your motivation levels but to KEEP THEM UP.

The problem is – life is busy, demanding and noisy. There are always things to distract you. You might forget.

If your mindset isn't finely tuned already, then you likely have your own inner blocks that will get in the way too (excuses, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and so forth).

To counter all of this, we put structure in place at the start. Follow these 6 points to get started:

  • (A) Decide WHAT you want to achieve – write it down and be specific
  • (B) Define how achieving this would improve your life – write down all the ways your life would be better and be specific
  • (C) Write down HOW you want to achieve it (at a minimum, list the initial steps you know you would have to take)
  • (D) KEY – Put visual, written and audio reminders EVERYWHERE about your goal and your required action, so that you can't escape them (e.g. diary, calendar, phone, around the house, in your workplace, in the bathroom, in your car… EVERYWHERE)
  • (E) Start a morning ritual every day that will help you to stay energised, excited, connected to and focused on those goals (e.g. morning visualization, affirmations). Literally create an appointment with yourself for the same time each morning (in your calendar), and if possible set an automated alarm / reminder alert.
  • (F) Schedule time into your calendar for the necessary actions to actually make your goals happen.

Structure like this will set you up for success. Without it, you leave things to chance.

Feeling motivated? I'd love to hear from you so please do head to the comments section below. Let me know what's happening in your life right now!

  • What do you want to change/achieve?
  • What action are you going to take right now in light of these 5 motivation steps?

With love! Bernadette

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15 Responses

  1. This caught my eye and as I read it seems that doing the things you recommend can really help me to make changes that I really need. I currently have flu but plan to begin with writing a plan. Thanks for your encouragement.

    1. Hey Betty, that’s awesome to hear it resonates with you, and I wish you a speedy recovery from the flu, and a motivating path ahead!! B

  2. This sounds motivating. I’ve been thinking about doing smth with my life once i finish highschool…but until then (one more year) my depression is getting even worse..your words helped me. I’ve never thought about life like it will end…i forgot i must die some day :))) so,i must do smth productive. thank you again. 😀

    1. Hi Monica, thanks for being here and for your message. I send love and best wishes to you! Bernadette

  3. Hi Bernadette, I’ve just read all your advices for making lasting changes in life!!! Really helpful! Now I’m going to write a motivating plan to make a positive structure in my life!
    I know I deserve more from my life, in terms of work, I’m an Italian designer and I’m stuck in a negative working condition and now I’ve had enough! It’s time for a real change! Sometimes you have to pass through pain before getting in a move on… 😉
    Thanks again


    1. Hey James, thank you for your message. I hear the motivation and positive energy in your words… exciting times! Sending best wishes for the plan you’re writing and the action ahead. You DO definitely deserve to experience all the good that life has to offer. And yes you’re so right – sometimes we do indeed experience pain and it is a passing experience that teaches us a lot, and gifts us wisdom (and motivation) to move in a better direction. Have a wonderful day James! (I’m in Italy at the moment, enjoying experiencing this beautiful country for a visit, and it’s magnificent!). Best wishes, Bernadette

  4. Really don’t know why to say I just want to feel better not very smart when I start something I can’t finished it my are is mess up blust upi raealy not how to explain everything I just can’t stop crying I don’t sleep but my husdand is my soul mate he is there through it all

  5. re: 4. Your Mortality Reminder:
    To help me visualize this I looked up the average lifespan of a male in North Carolina. I subtracted the time I had already lived to come up with my estimated life remaining. I use a countdown twidget on my iPhone, desktop, laptops and tablets to indicate how many days remain until my “potential end”, which is how I reference my reminders. Daily I am reminded of my mortality visually.

  6. Bernadette this tips is beautiful, i really enjoy reading it and will keep on reading it untill it become part of me. Thanks for the advices

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