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How to Make Positive Changes in Your Current Life Situation

I’m going to share with you 2 real life examples of how to have pivotal breakthrough insights which can directly help you to make positive changes happen in your current life situation.

But first, before we see how easy that can happen, and how inspiring it is (!) a quick question for you…

Are YOU ready to enjoy some positive life changes?

I’m asking because this entire article is all about how to make positive changes happen in your own unique life situation right now.

Below you're going to get inspiration, guidance and practical tools from me, to help you make whatever positive changes you want, no matter how small or big.

Let’s go!

3 Obvious Steps for Making Positive Changes

To keep things REALLY simple, we could say that making positive changes comes down to 3 main things…

  • Deciding WHAT you want
  • Setting your MINDSET & ENERGY for success
  • Taking ACTION!

Most people can name at least ONE thing they want to change, achieve or create.

Most people can also name at least ONE small action they could take that would help them move in that general direction.

So why don’t people rapidly and regularly experience awesome positive life changes as their norm?

The answer – we get in our own way!

It’s very natural and very human to have “stuff” going on inside of us that limits us (mindset blocks and low vibe energy), and often we have no idea what those inner limitations are.

What is also very natural and very human, is to awaken to those blocks, breakthrough and have the positive changes we want. We are designed to evolve in this way.

It would be fair to say that I’m absolutely PASSIONATELY OBSESSED about pinpointing and releasing those very blocks, because I know the types of joyous and inspiring positive changes that happen when you do! I’ve experienced it many times for myself and so have clients in my coaching and programs.

Identifying & Releasing Subconscious Blocks that Prevent Positive Changes

Here are 2 great examples of this…

[I’m sharing this in order to demonstrate for you that if YOU want positive life changes and you’re stuck, not taking action, or you are taking action but nothing is happening… you can have this same type of breakthrough!]

Breakthrough Insight Example #1

One of my coaching clients wanted to make positive changes in their health. They were clear on what they wanted, and were taking a lot of action to try to make changes, nevertheless nothing was changing.

“I have pain, ill health and there are no answers anywhere. No one seems to be able to help me and I can’t figure out how to get out of this never ending loop of poor health. Nothing I do makes any difference. It’s been going on for years and I’m exhausted!”

Then… they had a pivotal breakthrough insight that without a doubt was the door swinging wide open for positive new life changes to start happening!

After digging a little deeper (using prompt questions), we identified an important root cause block preventing this person from moving forward into true healing. A block that would certainly keep this person stuck in a loop if it wasn’t seen and addressed…

“I’m afraid of healing and being healthy, because I don’t know who I would be without this struggle. It’s all I know, and I spend so much time and energy on trying to figure this out. If I was well, I’d have to figure out what my life is about and face new goals, and that feels uncertain and scares me.

  • Notice this mindset and fear naturally leads to avoidance of the goal.
  • Notice that there is what I call “safety payback” by staying in the problem.
  • Notice this block directly prevents positive life changes.

Important – This is not at all to say that there aren’t very real physical health challenges that need to be treated appropriately in order for healing to occur. But one thing is for sure… while there are many beautiful healing solutions available all over the planet for all types of health problems we may face, if we enter into any path of healing with fears and beliefs that prevent us from accepting that healing, then we’re likely to stay stuck.

That goes for anything we want in life – whether you want better health, love, intimacy, adventure, success, confidence, money, career, business, relationships, anything!


What becomes possible when it feels safe to achieve our goal (in this case healing) and we know exactly who we’ll be once we’ve achieved that goal (in this case being a healthy, safe, happy person), and we feel excited to have time and energy to do new things in our life, and we feel SAFE in the uncertain/unfamiliar new exciting frontiers ahead?


Positive change becomes possible (in this case HEALING becomes possible).

This person went from feeling no hope for healing, confused and overwhelmed, to feeling calmer and empowered, knowing what needs to change within in order to support her positive life changes. And perhaps most powerfully… knowing that what needs to change is something she entirely has the power to do for herself (shift her mindset and her energy).

Breakthrough Insight Example #2

Now it’s time to get personal. This example is about me!

For years I resisted doing what I needed to do to grow my business. I had convinced myself it was because I lacked certain skills (technology and marketing), and because some of the tasks required to grow my business were “not my passion/interest”. So I just ignored the strategic elements of owning and operating a business. Imagine the ostrich who buries her head in the sand!

Instead, I would visualize and manifest that I was able to reach and help more people in need, and make the type of difference in the world my soul came here to make. Yet, no amount of visualizing or manifesting effort seemed to make any difference.

When I “got real” with myself, digging down to look at what I really believed, I realized that bubbling below the surface was this limiting mindset and associated fear…

“If my business grows too much, it’ll mean too much responsibility, longer hours, stress and burden that I don’t want, and won’t be able to cope with”.

So here I was wildly manifesting for making a bigger difference in the world while simultaneously subconsciously believing it would be a bad experience and thus rejecting that very outcome!

  • Notice there was avoidance of my goal.
  • Notice there was “safety payback” in the problem.
  • Notice this prevented me from having positive changes.


What becomes possible when you feel SAFE to receive the results you want, and you believe and feel capable of managing those results on a day to day basis, and you believe your life will be more relaxed and enjoyable when you live those results…


Positive change becomes possible (in this case business growth became possible).

I realized I had to change my beliefs and let go of fear in order to feel good about taking the right actions and opening up to opportunities to grow my business. Since then my online community and client base has organically expanded over the years to what it is now, which is a big difference to where I started out. Goes to show!

You Making Positive Changes in YOUR Life

Releasing mindset limitations and low vibe energy that prevent positive life changes is… well…. LIFE CHANGING!

I’ve seen so many examples of these exact types of breakthrough insights over the years that led people to finally change their mindset and energy, making it possible to enjoy positive life changes that follow.

Stay with me… as I’m going to help YOU this month have these same types of super powerful breakthrough insights for yourself.


If YOU didn’t fear your goals, and you didn’t fear success, and you didn’t fear failure, and you didn’t fear letting go of what isn’t working in your life, and you BELIEVED it was SAFE to have what you want in your life, what would happen?


You’d be unstoppable!

What Positive Change Do You Want?

Grab a pen and paper, and write down one positive change you want in your current life situation.

It doesn’t matter how small or big.

There might be many changes you want (write them all down, but prioritize the most important one and circle it).

Keep that one change in mind as we go through the steps below, as I'm going to show you exactly how to identify mindset and energy limitations that may be preventing you from making that positive change – starting with the coaching video and Q&A guide below…

How to Identify Inner Limitations That Prevent You Making Positive Changes

Be sure to download your Free Q&A Journalling Guide using the button above. The PDF contains all the prompt questions we cover in the coaching video, and gives you a tool to take away and use in your own time, to dig below the surface and see any inner limitations that may be preventing you from experiencing the positive changes you want in your life. 

This Q&A exercise can support you to have the same type of breakthrough insights that I've had, and my clients have, which open the door for positive change to happen!

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      1. This is the most wonderful and generous gift that you have given me and I pretty sure hundreds of people will tell the same!
        My situation is delicate and now my age is limiting the change I would like to see and do in my life.
        Now, it is necessary to schedule the time to do it.
        Thank you very much!

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