If you're feeling unsupported by life, and not feeling loved/seen/helped by life, this coaching audio will take you through 4 foundation reminders (including practical exercises you can do), to see and realize the support and love that exists for you RIGHT NOW.

Let's dive in!

Feel Supported – 4 Reminders

  1. You are alive, breathing and have a beating heart.
  2. Look for evidence and build a dossier of proof that at times you have directly been, seen or felt supported by life or loved by life. Ask questions like, “What might I be taking for granted? How have I been schooled by life? How has life positively challenged me? How has life mirrored to me what I need to see, realize, learn, know or do?”
  3. Having struggles does not mean you are not supported or loved by life.
  4. Give what you want to receive (this is not what you might think! Be sure to listen to the above coaching audio!).

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2 Responses

  1. Dear Bernadette,
    Thank you for your inspiring and comforting words, and your charming presentation. You touch my heart with all your meaningful expression and caring. I feel so blessed by knowing you and your Daily Planet Program.
    God bless you dear friend,
    Ester Akersloot

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